The Aliens?

The Extraterrestrials?

Alien inside UFO

The Contactees?



Buck Nelson's trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus (2018-07-21) Updated

Buck Nelson 1895-1982

Apolinar (Paul) Villa 1916-1981 by Timothy Good

Foo Fighters

Eduard "Billy" Meier

Billy Meier

Eduard Meier

Alena with Laser Gun Meier UFO movie the DAL-Universe

Ufo och demontro av Håkan Blomqvist

The death of Ashtar Sheran

Carlos Diaz

UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity - Enrique Castillo Rincon

The Invitation - Sixto Paz Wells

Venusians? (2017-12-01) Updated

Den mystiske Mr Wheeler av Håkan Blomqvist

George Adamski and the Flying Saucers from Venus (2008-05-29)

The Adamski Flying Saucers are REAL! - Interview with Glenn Steckling (2010-10-20)

Interview With Glenn Steckling by Håkan Blomqvist

Scout Ships : Sightings Of Adamski-Type Craft Between World War Two And 1954

Are Adamski Type Saucers Physical or not Physical? by C. A. Honey
(UFO-investigator for more than 50 years!)

George Adamski - The New Evidence by Håkan Blomqvist

Rene Erik Olsen - Painter, Photographer and Researcher

Lou Zinsstag & Timothy Good: George Adamski - the untold story by Håkan Blomqvist

Extraterrestrials Among Us Michael E. Salla, PhD

C. A. Honey's answers to some question.. (2008-05-03)

Carol A Honey om George Adamski 1960

The enigmatic Carol Honey by Håkan Blomqvist

False Adamski Foundation claims by C. A. Honey
(UFO-investigator for more than 50 years!)

The Enigma of Sonja Lyubicin by Håkan Blomqvist

Facts or Fiction about George Adamski? (2008-07-20)

A Critical Appraisal Of George Adamski The Man Who Spoke To The Space Brothers by Marc Hallet

The Adamski Foundation

Biography of George Adamski

George Adamski 1891-1965 (2018-10-25) Uppdaterad

Boken George Adamski - Ombord på rymdskepp

Ombord på rymdskepp

Two Nights to Remember by Carl Anderson (2013-04-14)

Mercury: UFO Messenger of the Gods - W.D. Clendenon

Why are they here? by Fred Steckling

Alien Bases on the Moon II by Fred and Glenn Steckling

Luciano Galli

Edith Nicolaisen 1911-1986 av Håkan Blomqvist

Vi är redan här. Den esoteriska interventionsteorin av Håkan Blomqvist

Higher Intelligence Agency av Håkan Blomqvist

Orfeo Angelucci - Lockheed Star 1953

The Venusians by Lee Crandall

Cedric Allingham - Flying Saucer from Mars

How to keep UFO secrets from the public by C. A. Honey
(UFO-investigator for more than 50 years!)

Howard Menger and other contactees..

Communication with Flying Saucers by Riley Crabb

Howard Menger av Håkan Blomqvist Uppdaterad

The High Bridge Incident by Connie and Howard Menger (2005-01-03)

The High Bridge Incident av Connie och Howard Menger

Truman Bethurum

The Valiant Thor Landing by Harley Andrew Byrd

Stranger at the Pentagon

Dr. Frank E. Stranges answer some questions... (2003-09-18)

Venusians Space Science (2006-02-18)

The Two Venusian Prayer! (2007-10-12)

The Landing of the Venusian Spaceship by Arthur H. Matthews

Elizabeth Klarer

Encounters with Star People by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Sky People by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

More Encounters with Star People by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Omnec Onec

Antonio Villas-Boas

Budskapet från Rymden - Daniel W. Fry

Utvecklingens Kurva - Daniel W. Fry

Alan's Message - To the People of the Earth by Daniel W. Fry

The curve of Development by Daniel W. Fry

Daniel W. Fry

Daniel Fry

UFO contact from the planet Koldas

Fallet Edwin av Håkan Blomkvist

Betty and Barney Hill

John Keel - The Aliens Among Us and The Contactee Key

Conspiracy Journal

The Black Vault

UFO evidence

Berömda UFO-fotografier, Famous UFO-photographs (2005-06-02)

Famous Photographs of Extraterrestrials, Famous Photographs of Aliens,
Berömda Fotografier av Utomjordingar

Is this an alien skull? Mystery of giant-headed mummy found in Peru

What Is The Starchild Skull?

Gösta Carlssons utomjordingars lära om långlevnad och karma (2003-10-27)

Henrys resa (2004-03-09)

The moon and beyond.. (2008-09-22)

New Here's Your Proof That We Landed On The Moon, Steph Curry


NASA and the Moon

Lunar Laser Ranging experiment

Is Our Moon a Hollow Spaceship?

NASA, Astronauts and UFOs

Project Apollo Archive

Forskare: Beboeliga planeter nära jorden

NASA sees distant planets seem ideal life

Scientists discover one of the most Earthlike planets yet

2000 Exoplaneter (2016-01-06) Uppdaterad

James Oberg's Pioneering Space

UFO History and Folklore

Interstellar object 1I/2017 U1 ‘Oumuamua

The Moon Files

The Mars Files

Photos from Mars

Pictures from Mars

Andy Lloyd on Nibiru

Planet X, Nibiru, Mars

UFO's In Earth's History

Scientists Speechless At What They Find Beneath Egypt! One of the Most Controversial Mysteries Ever–Solved! (On-Site Video Footage and Photos)

Kanadas regering ändrade uppfattning om UFOs 1952

Donald E. Keyhoe - Flygande Tefat - Observatörer från världsrymden 1955

Starchild - ViVenus, Flying Saucer Relevations - Michael X

Wilbert Smith - Top Secret (2015-07-30) Updated

Albert Rosales

Rune Överby

Beyond Top Secret - Timothy Good

Alien Base - Timothy Good

Earth - An Alien Enterprise by Timothy Good

Timothy Good - UFO Authority

Jacques Vallee

Richard Dolan

The Alien connection with India (2000-12-21)

Blue Aliens (2006-06-05)

French Cometa

Brazil Releases Classified Data - Recognizes UFO Research

J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

About UFOs and Nuclear Weapons


Close encounters with silent ultrasonic Flying Triangles in the Indian side of Himalayas?

Extraterristials in Himalaya and Ladakh region


CSICOP Turns its Eye on Hoagland -- And Gets it Blackened in The Attempt

Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence

Out of the Blue-Best UFO Video Footage In Free Sci-Fi Channel Documentary

Allt om Flygande Tefat av Hermes Atar Trismegistus - online bok i *.htm (2006-06-05)

Lögner om UFOn i Vetenskapens Värld 15/11-1997

De lärda? i Lund

Avtal med utomjordingarna (2017-06-01) Uppdaterad

Fakta om UFO (2017-06-02) Uppdaterad

Ante Jonsson YouTube 1

Ante Jonsson YouTube 2

Ante Jonsson tredje världskrig profetia

Ante Jonsson - Besök hos utomjordiska civilisationer

Ante Jonsson - Visit to extraterrestrial civilizations

Dag Warghausen har fått svar på brev från utomjordingarna, som han skickat via Ante Jonsson.

Utomjordingen Len från Loom brev till jordens befolkning.

The extraterrestrial Len from Loom message to mankind.

Närkontakt i Norrtälje av Håkan Blomqvist

Plåtburkar eller andar av Håkan Blomqvist

Änglar viska enbart falskhet av Håkan Blomqvist

The Anomaly Archives



E-books in PDF format, rare, censored, banned and unknown

Skandinavisk UFO Information - SUFOI

UFO Norge


Granskning grunden för UFO-Sverige

Han ledde USA:s hemliga ufo-utredningar av Clas Svahn

Många länder har undersökt uforapporter av Clas Svahn

AFU-Archives For the Unexplained


Här möter piloterna misstänkt ufo

Hemlig jakt på UFON

Clas Svahns blogg

Håkan Blomqvists blogg

Mats Nilssons blogg

Anders Berglunds blogg

David Clarke

Close encounter of the first degree (2018-10-07) Updated

Närkontakt av första graden (2018-10-07) Uppdaterad

Hejsan övervakande utomjordingar (2018-07-15) Uppdaterad

ovanliga människor (2018-12-10) Uppdaterad

Drömmar (2018-09-13) Uppdaterad

Friendship with the Extraterrestrials in 2018 (2017-12-31) Uppdaterad 2018-April-07

Manmade Flying Saucers

Victor Schauberger

Geoff Hatton

Thomas Townsend Brown

David Hamel

Otis T. Carr

Blue Star Enterprises - Ralph Ring

John Searl

Control gravity with present technology

Hermann Oberth

Oberth writes on the blackboard

professor, rymderans fader:

"Då det finns mer än 70.000 vittnesbörd om flygande tefat - enligt Lord Dowding mer än 100.000 - är det inte lätt att motbevisa att det rör sig om farkoster som kommer från andra solsystem. I 11% fall, ca. 8000 observationer, kan humbug, fantasi och hallucinationer helt uteslutas, ty det rör sig om gamla flygofficerare och radarbilder och fotografier från personer av högsta integritet."

- 4. Internationella UFO/IFO - kongressen i Wiesbaden, 22-24 oktober 1960.


Feb. 4, 1996 (AP)-

Meeting today at Geneva, Switzerland, over 100 of the top Nobel Prize Winners in science got together for some serious discussions. Among the matters discussed was the planet's weather changes relating to global warming, the condition of the Earth's oceans and "the last remaining UFO skeptics" who are "desperately covering up the alien presence."

These top prizewinners in physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine held closed-door meetings and other ones that were open to the public. Leading scientists from the United States, Japan, England and Germany made a special appeal today for "the last few UFO debunkers" to, "come out of the closet" in regards to the truth about the extraterrestrials.

"The gig is up, the whole world knows they are here," a chemistry Nobel Prize winner announced. Continuing, he said "These die hard fools are holding back science for their own self-promoting, and self-serving goals. They should be taken to the barn and horsewhipped."

Citing "evidence" that includes millions upon millions of UFO sightings from around the world, tens of thousands of animal mutilations, thousands of crop-pictograms stamped in wheat fields, thousands of radioactive landing trace-cases and millions of alien abductions of humans, these scientists declared they have had enough of UFO debunkers.

"These "useful idiots" may have served a purpose back in the 1950s, but that was almost fifth years ago. They should quit living in the past, pick up their last checks and go fishing." The UFO community and the honest researchers totally agreed with that assessment!


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