Stranger at the Pentagon


Dr. Frank E. Stranges

Jill, Donn, Valiant Thor
Jill, Donn, Valiant

April, 1957

UFO on the water

Then I saw it. An actual, saucer-shaped vehicle was sitting on the water. I noticed a strange phenomena. The waves were gently rocking a power boat tied to the rough mooring, causing the boat to rise and fall. However, I noticed that the space craft DID NOT MOVE. I was informed later that the ship was equipped with a pencil-fine beam that when fixed on any solid object kept the ship from moving even one degree from that fixed position. As we neared the ship, it glistened in the light of the sun that was beautifullly setting, rapidly. We sailed close to the craft with the motor cut off. Then an aperture opened, revealing two smiling faces. One man and one woman greeted me by name, took my hand, lifted me into the ship and then reached down for Val. A short time later, the small power-craft was also raised aboard and stowed in a compartment where a much larger power craft was also seen.

My first impression was one of great exhilartion mingled with joy and excitement. I had read from time to time true accounts that had changed the lives of other UFO researchers and investigators. I had read many books that carefully outlined the experiences of those who had experienced actual space contact. But now it was different. It was happening to me. I remembered how my colleagues in the Christian ministry looked with disdain upon anyone who would dare relate incidents about "space people", "space vechiles" and such. But now I found myself caring less what anyone would possible think of me because of my own experiences. I was there!!!

Purifing Sensation

I was ushered by these wonderful people to a room where I was requested to completely disrobe. I did so without question. I then walked through a compartment that resembled a shower...only without the water. I felt a purifying sensation all over my body. I no longer required my eyeglasses to see. This is another phenomena on board the ship that was quite "unscientific". I felt extremely good in body, soul and spirit. After walking through the "shower compartment", I was issued a white outfit that resembled what we would call "overalls". The fabric was lightweight just as Val's garment had been when he showed it to me at the Pentagon. However it was a different fabric than his. Their "boots" were thight fitting while mine were lose.

I was then directed toward the door and was accompanied by a lovely woman called "Teel" to Val's quarters. During my several hours aboard the craft, I was to encounter many wonders that were so scientifically simple that I could hardly believe it.

There were a series of buttons on the wall and Val pushed one of them. Suddenly one section of the wall became transparent and the scene outside was in full view. This occurrence would happen many times again, even when we would be traveling in one of his small craft. This was quite unnerving at first because your mind simply does not have any point of reference for this type of experience. It took a long time for me to get used to this. In fact, it still amazes me to such an extent that I don't think I will ever be used to it.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges June 5, 1968.

Half of the book is about Valiant Thor's 3 years stay at the Pentagon between March 16, 1957 to March 16, 1960. The rest is about Dr. Frank E. Stranges life and his continued contacts with Valiant Thor from 1961 to 1985.

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