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Ghostwriters Claims



(All sections reviewed by the Science Publications Janitor, who hereby certifies he has read them carefully)

The GAF (George Adamski Foundation) has embarked upon a new series of misrepresentations, innuendos, and the like, all apparently aimed at me, C.A. Honey. After discussing Adamski's history of books, and materials coming from him since the late 1920s, they go on to discussing his material printed approximately 40 or so years ago, then make the absurd claim that I am trying to claim authorship of all of Adamski's material.

They devote 15 pages on their Internet site to these ridiculous assumptions. While no one had the intestinal fortitude to claim authorship of the 15 pages, I can only assume it was a Mr. Steckling who probably was either a small child 40 years ago, or wasn't even born yet. He has no first hand knowledge, and only hearsay and misrepresentations or statements from others, as to the events from 40 years ago.

The former Adamski co-workers who still support me can verify all my statements.

Since I didn't even meet George Adamski until late 1957, I don't understand how the GAF can say I claim to have originated the material he printed in the 30s and 40s.

I don't disagree with the statement made by the GAF that Adamski composed numerous writings over those years, but they seem to not understand what a ghostwriter does, or for that matter, what a ghostwriter really is. None of the material Adamski published was actually in the form he originally submitted. It was all either written by someone else, following his dictation, or his notes written in his own handwriting. The person correcting his poor English and faulty grammar is performing the function known as "ghostwriting." That doesn't take anything away from Adamski or his contributions to literature.

I quote the statement on page 2 of the article in question, GHOSTWRITER CLAIMS, and I can only assume, based on the remaining pages of the article, that they are referring to me. Quote: Suddenly, after nearly four decades, like the proverbial phoenix, "one" former Adamski associate has recently chosen to arise from the celebrated ashes. In conjunction with this impromptu resurrection, claims and allegations against Mr. Adamski, the Foundation that remains dedicated to the authenticity of Adamski's work, and the program entrusted, have surfaced as well. I am assuming once again that the GAF meant to say that the Foundation's claim, and the program entrusted, has surfaced as well. Maybe GAF's unknown writer should have used a ghostwriter also to correct his English.

On page 3 of the GAF report, we find a brief mention of the Adamski Saturn Report but then it is ignored completely although it was the direct cause of C.A. Honey and other Adamski coworkers terminating their association with Adamski. The complete Saturn Report exactly as printed on C.A. Honey's printing press, is reproduced in Publication #221, and in conjunction with Publication #237 entitled ANSWERS TO FALSE STATEMENTS of THE ADAMSKI FOUNDATION. Both are offered FREE for the asking to anyone wanting to know the true facts about the separation of Adamski coworkers and C.A. Honey. Complete documentation was printed and distributed many years ago and has not suddenly been resurrected as claimed by the GAF.

The GAF says that, Quote: Concerning Mr. C.A. Honey's proclamations especially his extravagant assertion to ALL of Adamski's compositions let the following record show exactly what represents facts. Only TWO publications were composed and copyrighted by George Adamski during the period which Mr. Honey makes his allegations. Telepathy was already being composed throughout 1957 prior to Mr. Honey's arrival in October of that year and copyrighted in "sole ownership" by George Adamski in 1958. Cosmic Philosophy and Adamski's third official but not final book Flying Saucers Farewell was copyrighted in "sole ownership" in 1961. And the Science of Life course was entirely composed and copyrighted in "sole ownership" in 1964 AFTER Mr. Adamski initiated the split with Mr. Honey in September of 1963.

I have never disputed the fact that George Adamski copyrighted a lot of his publications, as mentioned above, in "sole ownership." It is a fact that Adamski had a lot of publications that I printed in my S.P. Newsletter that the GAF doesn't mention at all. I also have never claimed any ownership at all to any of his publications. The statement by the GAF that I claim ownership to Adamski publications dating back many years is an outright lie and no basis exists for even hinting that such was a fact. I have never claimed any ownership for any portion of the book FLYING SAUCERS FAREWELL. The ghost writing I did on portions of it is not a claim that I own it. The chapters I wrote completely, I donated to him and never disputed his right to complete ownership. I will cover this further at the end of this article.

I have never claimed any ownership of any portion of his first two books as implied by the GAF. I don't know who was the ghostwriter for the first book, but Adamski himself acknowledges the ghostwriter of Inside The Spaceships. It is on the page preceding the CONTENTS page and says, Quote: "I wish to express my deep appreciation to Charlotte Blodget for framing my experiences in the written words of this book. George Adamski"

George Adamski was a very intelligent man but his grammar was very bad, and his accent very thick, and he had to have every publication he ever originated flow through someone to put it in readable English and proper grammar. There's nothing wrong with that and I don't fault him on that score.

One criticism of C.A. Honey is correct in the GAF publication. They quote from my website as follows: He (C.A. Honey) also originated Adamski's book Flying Saucers Farewell, except for three ghost written chapters using Mr. Adamski's notes. He was with Adamski on one of Adamski's claimed contacts.

Here are the facts: Flying Saucers Farewell was divided into three portions, BOOK ONE, BOOK TWO The World Tour, and BOOK THREE. In book one I originated all chapters except 1, 6, and 9. This was because the notes submitted by Adamski, comprising the three listed chapters, were much to short to be published by a major publisher. The three listed are the ones I was ghostwriting for Adamski. The other 8 chapters of BOOK ONE I originated 100%. Book two in entirety, was ghostwritten by me from Adamski's notes, and BOOK THREE, and his prior publication in 1937 of Satan, Man of the Hour, was reproduced essentially unchanged. I only had to make minor changes to update this third portion for publication. Even after all this, the book as released was small in word count. It was, however, long enough to be accepted for publication. All the manuscript proof-reading from the publisher was done by me.

Note that another statement they dispute is this: He (C.A. Honey) was with Adamski on one of Adamski's claimed contacts. Note that I said "claimed," as all I ever had was circumstantial evidence and Adamski's own statements to me at the time. This happened in early 1958 and was written and published in the Flying Saucer Review at that time. If it was a false claim that the GAF denies happened, why did Adamski maintain silence on it until after I exposed his claim of going to Saturn, years later?

The GAF also disputes the fact that it was C.A. Honey who ended the association with Adamski. Their statement that Adamski initiated the severance is an outright fabrication. I printed a notice in the S.P. Newsletter of the separation. It might be worthwhile to note that the September 1963 issue of the S.P Newsletter carried an article from George Adamski entitled simply George Adamski Page. In that article he stated that he was working on his SCIENCE OF LIFE School, and I never laid any claim to the material he was working on.

In my S.P. Newsletter for October 1963, George Adamski made the following statement: I have been given a new assignment by the "brothers" and their approval of C.A. Honey taking over the first part of my work.....I hope all who desire to help this work along will cooperate to the best of their ability with Mr. Honey. I find him reliable and I'm sure you will too. You will always be able to contact me through him. Signed, George Adamski (Complete statement on page 14)

The same October 1963 issue carried a notice that effective immediately no more articles by George Adamski would be published in the newsletter. I further stated at that time that Mr. Adamski needed his time to fulfill his obligations with his new line of work (see the new assignment in the preceding paragraph published on the same page of the same issue) and not have his time taken up by answering mail, writing for my newsletter and in general, doing the same things as those from which he retired.

When the GAF says that I claimed to be involved with Adamski beyond September 1963 and also involved during the last few months of Adamski's life; the statement once again is a lie. My involvement, as stated above, ended in September 1963 and the October issue continued by stating the non-involvement as quoted above.

The GAF then reproduces what is purported to be a document sent out by Adamski and dated September 23, 1963. It says, Quote: "Now I want to inform you, if you have not already been informed, that Mr. Honey and I are no longer operating together. The program was really mine, but he pushed me out, so I will have to work and get a bulletin out on my own."

Then after several paragraphs he states, "I do not trust him anymore as I did before. He was on probation working with me to prove his sincerity, which he did very well now, by pushing me out of the program and getting all the names of my correspondents."

What should we believe? Is it as Adamski stated in his statement of August 24, 1961 and published in my newsletter of January 1962, or is he saying the "brothers meaning spacepeople," were liars when they approved C.A. Honey taking over the first part of his work. Or was Adamski lying when he said the "brothers" had given him a new assignment. Or was Adamski lying when he wrote that he was going into another field of service teaching Cosmic Philosophy and Abstract Science, and having turned his previous work over to C.A. Honey.

Here is a reproduction of Adamski's statement published in the January, 1962, S.P. Newsletter:

I, George Adamski, going into another field of service teaching Cosmic Philosophy and Abstract Science, have turned my previous work over to C.A. Honey. Mr. Honey will be my representative in the United States. Should I settle in some other part of the world, I will give him information from time-to-time so he can keep interested people posted on the events of the time. I have been given a new assignment by the "brothers" and their approval of C.A. Honey taking over the first part of my work. This will give me the freedom necessary in these crucial days to be on the alert for any eventuality. I can work in close contact with Cosmic Principles, which I can then convey to those who desire such information for study. Many people may be needed in days to come to guide those who wish to fulfill their cosmic destiny. I hope all who desire to help this work along will cooperate to the best of their ability with Mr. Honey. I find him reliable and I'm sure you will too. You will always be able to contact me through him. (August 24, 1961) Signed G. ADAMSKI

Please take notice of certain statements in Mr. Adamski's letter. He states that he "has been given a new assignment by the "brothers" and their approval of C.A. Honey taking over the first part" of his work. He further states, in referring to me, that, "I find him reliable and I'm sure you will too."

I might point out that this statement of Adamski was printed in the very first issue of the S.P. NEWSLETTER that was issued for January 1962. In the paragraphs above please note that Adamski voluntarily turned his previous work over to me, the "spacepeople approved of the transfer" and that people could always contact him through me. How then can Adamski state that I "pushed him out of the program?"

Also, how can he state that I started the Newsletter with his help, implying that without him I could never have had a newsletter in the first place? Quite frankly, I doubt that it was Adamski that made a lot of those false statements about me. Whoever wrote the letters to the coworkers had to correct the English and grammar before mailing them out. I think a lot of those statements were unknown to Adamski until it was too late to change them.

How could he say, "he (referring to C.A. Honey) was on probation working with me to prove his sincerity" when earlier he said that the "spacepeople" gave their "approval of C.A. Honey taking over the first part of my work ?" I thought he always stated that the "brothers" were more highly involved than that and with their greater mental abilities would have discerned the truth before any of the difficulties had started. Could it be that both Adamski and his "brothers" were either lying about all this, or was it fiction coming from Adamski a few months later? It is obvious now that it was more fiction from Adamski.

On a statement to Adamski followers that was dated October 3, 1963, Adamski states: "He never had a contact I could support, and the space people I work with never turned the job over to him." Which one is the lie? That statement of October 3, 1963 or the one he made in the January 1962 newsletter as reproduced above? It backs up what I have always said, if you never tell a lie you never have to remember what you said before. Adamski got himself into trouble many times over because he apparently could not remember what he had said previously.

In GAF Exhibit #3 Mr. Honey's article: Are Adamski Type Saucers Physical or Not Physical? The following comment is made: Paragraph four, "During that time, I was with him (Adamski) when he met 'little people' on one of his claimed contacts." The GAF comments further, referring to the statement above made on October 3rd, 1963, where Adamski is quoted as saying "He never had a contact that I could support, and the space people I work with never turned the job over to him." The second part of the sentence has already been refuted earlier. Now to the rest of it.

The GAF says: "Note: The complete disagreement between Mr. Honey's claim... And Adamski's statement ... He (Honey) never had a contact that I could support...." The answer is simple.

Adamski supported the contact for about four or five years then all of a sudden reversed himself, as he had done over and over again on many statements referred to in the article posted by the GAF.

I have stated earlier in this article that the incident involving "little people" was published in the Flying Saucer Review in 1958 and Adamski backed it up among his associates on Mount Palomar. Other than their size, probably in the area of 60 inches tall or so, I only had Adamski's word that they were "space people." In those days I believed Adamski and didn't realize he might not always be entirely truthful. Even at that, a few things that occurred on that day make me believe they could have been "space people," whether Adamski endorsed the contact or not. No one needs Adamski endorsement on anything.

Earlier pages quotes Adamski as reversing all his other statements that I was chosen by both he (Adamski) and his "Space people the brothers," and says again that I am operating on my own to displace him and take over his work. Which statement from Adamski was the lie? The previous one where I was chosen to take over his work, or the later one where I am accused of stealing it?

The GAF continues with the following quote from Adamski; "Now Mr. Honey is in the saddle, hoping to accomplish what others have failed in doing. And he has already warned me that if I do not keep silent he will turn out a lot of propaganda against me. In this case I don't even know what he is talking about. I went out of my way to not publicize Adamski's lies or fraudulent activities since I wanted to preserve the good accomplishments we had done in regard to the "work." I only published my articles, referenced above, after being accused falsely by Adamski, and having letters come in from all over the world wanting an explanation of my activities.

Throughout the entire article placed on the GAF Website, the actual reasons why I (C.A. Honey), and the other coworkers withdrew from working with Adamski, are carefully avoided. Instead, it is falsely stated that it was Adamski who dissolved the association because of incidents described above. This is clearly shown now to be Adamski lying about what happened, or inventing complete incidents that actually may never have happened at all.

I overlooked a lot of things at the time because I thought it was better not to make public some of the things Adamski had become involved in. Things like using a crystal ball and telling fortunes like any common psychic working a circus. These activities disturbed me a lot. Complete details are available FREE OF CHARGE in my Publications listed in this article.

At the same time I want to re-state the final "straw that broke the camel's back," so you the reader of this article, can make a judgment as to the validity of the decision by myself and some coworkers, to disassociate ourselves from working with Adamski any further. We were at that time, and are yet; still very sincere in promoting only what we believe is truthful about the spacepeople and the work being performed daily here on this planet. We are the first to admit that many of Adamski's coworkers didn't consider Adamski's lies as of any significance at all and continue to this day supporting the GAF.

When Adamski asked me to publish his claim of going to the Planet Saturn, I agreed to do it. It had to be put in proper English and fairly good grammar to make it publishable. As I had been his ghostwriter for many months, he expected me to do this document also. This I did, publishing it on my own printing press, and literally agonizing over his ridiculous claim that he had gone to Saturn. When Part Two of the Saturn Report was finally distributed, I had come to the decision that I could no longer support Adamski and his claims. That was when I disassociated myself from him and this gave all our coworkers in the various countries the chance to stay with him or make the decision to split from him also. A few did.

I thought I had done a fairly good job of keeping all the details of the actual reason for separating secret from the public, but lo and behold, various statements against me accusing me of all sorts of things were issued over Adamski's signature. I was left with no choice but to write the complete report (Publication #237) giving complete documented details of the various schemes Adamski had attempted, that brought about my notifying him of our separation. After the separation, and only then, did Adamski attempt to turn things around and say he dismissed me, and accused me of stealing from him. The GAF is now trying to continue the claim.

Notice they are trying to keep from drawing too much attention to the Saturn Report, as it completely demolishes Adamski's claim. With that claim publicized, most people will disbelieve all of his other claims. What do I think? I agree with that conclusion, and it does throw doubt on all of his claims, especially those who were not born yet at the time and have only various written statements from both sides of the controversy.

Earlier in the GAF portion of this article, Adamski says, referring to me again, that I assert he is under hypnotic control, and he apparently denied this. Here is Adamski's published statement as found in the GAF report. Quote: He now insinuates that I am under a hypnotic spell (more on this at the end of this article) and not capable of handling my own affairs. So he appointed himself to save me and the program. I would say the reverse to wreck it if he can." Let me reproduce Adamski's own published statement appearing in his SATURN REPORT::

On the 30th, three hours in the morning and three in the evening were spent in enlightening us about the Cosmic Plan or purpose, about which I may be allowed to speak later, for during these sessions an instrument was placed on the heads of the representatives from Mars and myself. They knew we could not remember everything that was said and in this way they impressed the information upon our brain cells. When the time comes for its revelation we will be able to recall what was said for the impressions will be activated and as fresh as when they were given. In other words, I am now a tape recorder and the impressions will stay there indefinitely, as they do on a tape.

The instrument gave me a very odd feeling like so many needles piercing each cell of my brain. The use of the instrument and making the trip as fast as we did, upset my equilibrium as my body was not used to it. I was given a treatment that made me feel much more normal. The treatment was composed of a frequency machine that balanced the cells as well as the energy of my body. If that doesn't describe hypnotic effects, I don't know what does.

In the beginning of my association with Adamski I had only my faith in his integrity that his contact claims were true. As far as his photographs were concerned, I had proof independent of Adamski that at least some were genuine, and that his first claim at Desert Center was genuine. On others I had only Adamski's word for their authenticity. The independent proof I had, established that the original domed saucer photographs were genuine. These photos are still disputed by many and considered fraudulent. Because I have published an article backing their authenticity (Publication #205), the GAF criticizes me for that also. They fail to see that my proof of their authenticity came about entirely independent of Adamski, and also seem to feel that no one except Adamski could possibly have independent verification or contact with the spacepeople. Adamski himself seemed to be afraid anyone else might have genuine experiences.

Now let's go to the GAF Exhibit #6. Its title: Excerpts from the Legal filing by Mr. Adamski's attorney notifying Mr. C.A. Honey of copyright and plagiarism violations Dated 1963. They claim in the document that at least 15 paragraphs, sentences or pages were duplicated or plagiarized.

I don't know if a legal filing was ever made, as I never received a copy if such was actually the case. A letter notified me that such action would be instituted against me if I didn't cease my correspondence course entitled TELEPATHY AND UNIVERSAL LAWS. The letter also stated that I was forbidden to teach Universal Knowledge, specifically all teachings in regard to Telepathy.

I replied as follows: Quote: I do not recognize Mr. Adamski as the originator of these teachings, since they have been taught for centuries as Universal Laws supposed to be given to the people of this planet. I intend to keep teaching and promoting this study of Universal Knowledge, including Telepathy, until such time as a jury decision in an established court of law forbids me to do so.

If such a decision was to support Mr. Adamski's claim to sole rights to Universal Wisdom, the correspondence course as well as this newsletter will discontinue. All operations would cease immediately. Signed C.A. Honey

Then the GAF says, "Also, regardless of the statement made, the fact should be noted that Mr. Honey DID DESIST, without a court or juries intervention. THAT STATEMENT IS ANOTHER FABRICATION FROM WHOMEVER IS PUTTING OUT ALL THIS ERRONEOUS INFORMATION FROM THE GAF. Not only did I plainly state that I didn't recognize Mr. Adamski's claim as originating teachings of Universal Law or Telepathy, I continued on for over four years without a word about it from Adamski or his attorney, assuming of course he actually had one. While the correspondence course was terminated by January 1968, I still to this day teach essentially the same things as back in the 1960s.

The GAF continues on page 13 of their diatribe: The conclusions are a matter of record... Regardless of whatever else may be claimed, the bottom line is that Mr. Adamski was the sole owner of the copyrights to his materials, and as such, based upon the principles and legal statutes, was allowed to exercise his legal rights however he pleased.

I have no comment on that except to ask, "Who ever said he didn't have that right?" I certainly haven't. The fact that I was Adamski's ghostwriter for several years has never enabled anyone to claim that Adamski didn't own his own copyrights on his books. The GAF implies that I tried to claim ownership because of my publishing the statement that I "originated portions of Adamski's last book and was the ghostwriter for the rest of it."

That is another outright prevarication, as details I have given earlier in this article, plainly show that the GAF statement is false and gives details on how Adamski's book was actually compiled by myself.

The GAF continues with false statements, inferring that I claimed to be involved with Adamski beyond September 1963 and also with incidents and developments during the closing years of Adamski's life. That is another deliberate falsification. After I initiated the separation between Adamski and myself, I had no further communication at any time with either him or his other continuing coworkers. I was much to busy continuing on with the work turned over to me by Adamski and his "spacepeople."

I mentioned in my Publication #205 which endorsed Adamski's original saucer photos, that Adamski was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, not too far from the graves of some of our former presidents. Why the GAF objects to that comment is a mystery. The GAF says, "Again this implies something that is completely false and irresponsibly suggestive. Embellishment of facts is not only counterproductive but contributes directly towards greater confusion for the unknowing public. It also provides further ammunition for the critics and skeptics, which this current episode certainly appears indicative of....

Excuse me, but I have photos of Adamski's grave, and it is "not to far" from graves of former presidents. I fail to see why this comment in my publication could be considered objectionable at all. The statement is true and can be verified by anyone going to the cemetery and looking at the site. The GAF says Adamski was buried there against his wishes, and only at the request of his housekeeper of many years, Alice K. Wells. That has been a well-known fact for years and has no bearing on my statement that was certainly not derogatory in any manner, shape, or form.

Let me close this commentary with the same statement that appeared at the end of the GAF article:


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