The Alien connection with India

After the Indian King Ashoka (257 B.C) had converted to Buddhism, he gave nine unknown men the mission to collect Ancient Science from Aryan and Pre-Aryan sources.

The nine unknown men wrote nine Top Secret books because King Ashoka feared the knowledge could be used for the purpose of war.

Book six was entitled "The Secret of Gravitation" the book contains information of how to build "Astras" or "Vimanas".

Early types of "Astras" used a yellowish-white liquid, the wellknown "Milk and Honey" as a fuel. Later they turned to Solar Energy or Prana Energy and Inverse Gravity Field Flight.

"and he has brought us into this place, and has given us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey." (Deuteronomy 26:9 Hebrew version)

"He made him ride on the high places of the eretz, He ate the increase of the field; He made him to suck honey out of the rock, Oil out of the flinty rock;" (Deuteronomy 32:13 Hebrew version).

Some of the "Astras" was "saucershaped" or like "long cylinders".

According to Ramayana. The Rama Empire of Northern India and Pakistan around the Indus Valley got involved with a disastrous war with the Enemy on both Earth and Moon.

Reference is made to a battle betwen a "Vimana" and an "Asvin" on the moon.

There is a reference to Aliens in Himalaya when Lahiri Mahasaya had a meeting with Mahavatar Babaji. Mahavatar Babaji is founder of Kriya-Yoga and apparently a leader of some yogis and aliens in the Himalaya Mountains.

I want to tell you about two strange meetings in my life this year: First I saw a hindutype woman (looking 30-35) with wonderful eyes in my hometown. I wanted to speak to her, because I though she was a saint, maybe. But when I got close to her I saw that she weared a golden chain around her neck. I begun to think - a saint with gold and fine clothes, could it be possible? - No! So I didn't talk to her and I saw that she was disappointed that I didn't spoke to her.

Later I read a book at the library written by a Sihk. Their holy persons use whatever dress they want. They could come to you as a beggar or a millionaire. Because of this I regret that I didn't spoke to her. But hopefully I will see her again in my life!

Another woman I saw this year only 50 meters from living quarter was WHITE as Snow! Her face and her hands had the snowwhite colour, but her hair and eyes where black! And guess what? The eyes was not really human! The Iris was different! She said Hello.. to me.

As I have notice that sometimes I read or write about people. They have tendency to come in their bodies. Of course I have never seen Jesus Christ or Mahavatar Babaji. I want to say that all brown people you meet are not from India/Sri lanka and not all white people are Aliens, they are more likely to be from England or have ancestors from England.

I want to take the opportunity to give an invitation to the people where the ladies (looking like 20-30) use to dress in one part dress made by some silk material and use no shoes or sockings. Please come and visit me sometime. You known where I live. They are an ancient race who had a link with earth long ago in the misty past. They are some kind of saintly spacetravellers. Our DNA has someting in common with them. It will probably be impossible to see the difference by apperance. You need a special kind of understanding to see the difference between these and humans.

New Aeronautik av Maharashi Bharawaja (Swedish)

OM (A-U-M)

More radiant than the sun

Purer white than snow

Untouched, unsullied by anything

In the murder, in the saint, same you are in everything.

I am thee; I adore thee more than my life, my breath,

My being, my God, my all. I am in thee and

You in me; in thy love I rest for evermore.

O pure life of my immortal soul,

I open my heart and mind to you - power of thy

Love, thy joy, thy peace and thy purity.

Thy peace enfolds me,

Thy love gives me gentleness,

Thy joy gives me the light, life power,

And eternal youth;

Thy peace fills me with contentment,

Thou art my all and everywhere,

Thou art the source of all to me

Om, Om ,Om

Great Masters of The Himalayas - Their Lives and Temple Teaching by Rishi Singh Gherwal.

The Girl

I love you so when I see you smile
and look upon me with your divine eyes.

You wear your skyblue dress
and your life is such a success.

"When you live the divine life, you are like a lotusflower, afloat upon the water that touches you not.
You will find the reflection in all, be possessed by all and possess all in God..."
- Master Bhagavan Puruji in
Great Masters of The Himalayas - Their Lives and Temple Teaching by Rishi Singh Gherwal.

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