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four dancers
For greater information she punctures in the photography of the American dancers
Investigator Pedro P. Canto has facilitated us photographies whose interest for the ufológica community seems to us extremely excellent.

As all the students of the contact groups remember UFO, in the middle of 70 years the Swiss Eduard "Billy" Meier monopolized the great protagonism in the international panorama of cultured ET, when facilitating to the investigating dozens of photographies and shootings of the supposed extraterrestrial ships with which it affirmed to communicate. After the foundation of his group Semjase Silver Star Center, it began to even commercialize these photographies, adding images of some of the pleyadianos foreign assumptions with which it affirmed to contact.

Two of those photographies, that have given the return to the world, show, always according to Meier, to two of the pleyadianas that have transmitted him their lessons, calls Asket and Nera. These images, that present/display a series of irregularities detected by the photographic analysts, were taken, again according to Meier, within one of the spaceships, being altered the photographic emulsion by the "magnetic field of the ship".

Nevertheless, the investigators suspect the fact that in both images "there was no an approach to the approach but that all the image presented/displayed the same defocusing, as if they were bidimensional images"; that is to say, a photography of another photography... of the television.


The supposed Asket photographed by Meier compared with two images of the dancer 

Then, so and as us Pedro P. Canto has informed, recently two investigators, the German Kal Koff and the Swiss Light Buergin, has located in the American televising archives extremely interesting images. Martin is the Dean Show, a program of years 70, presented/displayed by the famous singer, in whom two actresses similar to Asket and Nera acted suspiciously. Presumably Meier took the photos from the supposed foreign pleyadianas directly of the screen of the television set.

The past month of May, the own Billy Meier admitted that the photos taken (and commercialized) by him do not show "really" extraterrestrial the Asket (the blonde) and Nera, "but its North American exact doubles", affirming that it is an operation of confusion "elaborated by the Men of malicious Black and their and deceptive one to come". In spite of it, both photographies, including in their commercial catalogue with numbers 110 and 111, will not be retired of the sale of the Semjase Silver Star Center.

Four Dancers
Asket and Nera
Asket and Nera


The Critical Eye and Forteano World we thank for the information facilitated by Pedro P. Canto, and make available of the investigators these revealing photographies, that we considered of great importance to evaluate the Meier case.