World War III, begins on June 16, 1999?

Ante Jonsson - the famous Swedish Contactee of the 80's

Ante Jonsson, the famous UFO-contactee and Swedens first unofficial man in Space. The first official will be Christer Fugelsaung.

Ante Jonsson had his first meeting with the extraterrestial personal and craft in February 1984. The case is well documented, because he crashed with his car when he was trying to turn away from the Alien Craft, later he was captured by the policeforce and moved to a hospital for investigation.

Later after he returned home, he begun to make new claims in 1989 and none of these claims (including the Spaceflight) has been seen by any other person.

The most important claims are:

The extraterrestial has chosen one night, when they will be know to the whole world. This night they expect, many people will be outdoor and they will see a five minute long lightshow, made by the extraterrestial. They will not land that time.

The possibility for that World War III, will happen was in 1988 - 60% and it is increasing with 1-2% each year if nothing is done about it!

Ante johnsson had a dream in 1985, where he and his family were older. They were inside a UFO, a few hundreds meters above the ground. They saw a big flash at the horizont and heard many explosions. A few hours later, everything was quiet and they had moved to a commersial sign, that showed 16 June 97 07:13 Nothing happened in 1997, but will it happen in 1999 or 2007 or 2009 or 2017 or 2019?

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