Ante Jonsson - Visit to extraterrestrial civilizations

Translated from Swedish to English by Google Translation

Ante Jonsson

The first meeting (84-02-03)

On the night of Friday, February 3, 1984, I was on my way home in the car from my friends in Ingelstad to my home in Tingsryd, about 20 km further south, in southern Småland. It was snowing heavily, the temperature was zero degrees and it was quite slippery. I was probably a speed of 70 km / h, but slowed down to 60 km / h near a wild street, which happened some accidents involving crossing moose and deer. I was then not far from Uråsa airfield.

At the beginning of a meadow on the left side of the road may suddenly I saw a dark, fairly small figure. My first thought is that there is someone on their way home to Uråsa or Väckelsång. In the middle of the meadow I see as a large black object that appears to hang in the air about ten feet above the ground! I slow down further and get an idea of the object is 70 - 80 meters long and between 5 and 10 meters high.

The dark person that I have just passed is suddenly gone. I crank down the window to listen, but not the slightest sound. A thought pops up: the camera! I depress the accelerator to hurry home and get it. On the way, I'm wondering what kind of object it could have been. A helicopter or an airplane, it can hardly have been, for neither the size or appearance fit.

At home in Tingsryd the light is off in the house, but my wife is awake and tells me to lock the garage. I tell her that I simply must have my camera and go to Väckelsång to photograph a flying saucer or something similar. While I was heading against Väckelsång in fairly high speed, I think of the chance that I can get my life's picture.

Arriving at the meadow, I find to my great disappointment, that the object disappeared. But when I drive up against the road to Urasa to turn, I see something I never thought possible. I slammed on the brakes so hard that I spun around a full turn in the slippery and stood with the light directly at the object, which stood still in the middle of the road with what I saw as the nose straight towards me!

Since I could not get past, so I tried to swing to the left to turn. I got another cord so that I was about to collide with the object. How it was so I came up in a snow bank, continued across Urasa-road and got stuck in a snow bank on its second page. Unable to back, so I opened the car door to go out and look how much I was stuck.

Första mötet

Afraid and scared easily, I have never been, but what I saw when I opened the car door scared me to the point that it took a long time before I could utter a sound. But then I yelled as I believe no one has screamed. I saw a creature that grabbed me and more or less lifted me out of the car! I kicked and screamed all I could, and somehow I managed to escape and ran to a house some distance toward Uråsa-road.

Then suddenly the next creature in front of me, and same thing happened again. It grabbed me, while the first took me in the back. I tried to get loose again, I hit wildly around me and saw one of them in what I presumed was the head. But they were just as black as the craft, so I saw no face on one of them. How it was so I tore myself away again and ran towards the house.

Then came a third creature in front of me, and the next moment I saw the craft again, hanging about ten feet in the air! Now all three were on me and we rolled around on the road. As I understood it, so they wanted me into the craft. Only now I saw that it seemed as if they had any legs, they sort of hovered a few inches above the ground! I was paralyzed and with no resistance on my part, we were heading for the craft.

What happened I do not remember, maybe I had fainted. When they finally released me, we were only very still and looked at each other. Then I saw the lights of a truck which was heading in our direction. I started running towards the road, but my legs carried me not, but I crawled out. When the truck drove by, I saw how the creatures disappeared obliquely backwards and upwards, and I crawled over to my own car.

I noticed that I was cold and wet on one foot and discovered I had no slippers at me. Then I began to shake and get some strange tingling in hands and something unpleasant in the throat. Then I do not remember much, until it was someone outside the car. Later I learned that it was the police. I have a faint recollection that they talked to me. Then I lost my memory until I wake up in the St. Sigfrid's Hospital in Växjö.

When I had this after pondering on what had happened, so I regret a little that I did not go with them voluntarily into the craft (if I have not already been in it), but I acted well as everyone else would have done in my the situation. And another thing I can not understand is why it was so quiet. The only sound was a barking dog.

I've read to them this so-called UFOs emit both light and sound, this was as I said quietly, not the least light was seen, not even a tinge of all the black. Actually, I should tell you a little about what happened at St. Sigfrid's Hospital the time I was there. But it was all so horribly ridiculous, that I hope no one ever should have to experience something similar, so humiliating it was. I and the other patients were treated as if we were not more than 3-4 years old! It is clearly much that needs to be amended as in the great Swedish healthcare system!

Released from the hospital, I am called to the Criminal Investigation Department in Växjö where I am in any kind of questioning will tell you what happened. In the end, I now on the "crime scene", that's all. Then I wonder why they do not do any investigation of the places where everything was played out, I get a strange statement to say the least. I have not been through this as I told you, but have been there in quite different matters!

What other issues do I get out of my wife. At home with her, the police have been with the preposterous idea that I would be a spy, hired by someone else to go and shoot Uråsa airfield, which is the military! I know they took my camera, when they found it in the car. They had been hearing with my wife about what I was doing out there in the middle of the night, and if she thought it was strange that I was not home at night. She had not liked, because I quite often photographed night scene.

But the police had stood fast to his idea that I was spying on military installations. But as I said to them afterwards, if I wanted to spy on military defense installations, so I know a lot more items than Uråsa airfield! I thought the police were there to help people in situations like this and not go after other members of the family with a lot of incorrect and rude statements!

One month later (84-03-06)

The first time I met one of these strange objects was about a month ago, I was thoroughly frightened and worried. But ever since this happened, I had a strange feeling that I would meet them again. Several times when I laid down to sleep, it was as if someone had called on me, and it has been going around a couple times a week. I have become restless and unable to sleep. I then got up and walked into the kitchen and lit a cigarette to calm me down. Has there been too difficult, so I've gone out and gone for a ride.

In recent weeks I have felt that someone wants me something just before we go to bed. Then I told my wife that I should just take a walk around the block before I lgo to bed. I have not talked about why I go out, because she would probably laugh at me. After the first meeting with them as I now call my friends from elsewhere, then both the police and doctors contacted her about my so-called ideas, so she does not believe much of what has happened. I blame her, nor does it, because it is so I can hardly believe it myself, it's like a dream!

On the night of March 6, I woke up to someone and grabbed me. I thought it was my wife, but she was asleep, so I turned me on to sleep on. But again, someone grabbed my left shoulder. I set myself up in bed, and then came back to say the least this strange feeling that someone was calling me. I went into the kitchen so many times before, but the feeling that someone wanted me anything became even stronger.

I dressed myself and went out into the street. Under the streetlamp I stood and smoked, when I saw a person on the street a bit further away. He was bareheaded and wearing a long black coat or cloak. It was as if he called on me, but not with any visible sign. I do not know why I went against him, but it felt as if he wanted me anything.

When I moved a bit, he's gone. I think that I have imagined myself the whole thing and turn to the right, when he shows up again a bit further away. I walk towards him, but he moves even further away, but not longer than that I see him. But, my God, he can not, he more or less floats up, below the edge of his cloak, I see no feet!

When he is under a street lamp, I see that his face is almost pure white and terribly narrow and long. I do not know why I follow him, but finally he stops at a meadow which is a 600-700 meters from my house. He turns inward meadow, and when I come to the meadow I see for the second time in my life a big black craft that hangs out there, and beside it is another, quite short in stature man!

Lång smal ET

I do not know why, but I feel now quite calm. I stand for a moment and look out towards the object. Then I caught sight of the tall again, just in front of the craft. It looks the same as last time, though much smaller, maybe 10-15 feet long and 3 to 3.5 meters high. You can not see any legs or wheels on it, just something like pontoons on a seaplane. I appreciate the height above ground to 2-3 meters. No movement is visible. It is dark and somber in color, no light or window appears.

I hear a faint rustling sound, and so is the man had disappeared-tion, then it's as quiet again. But the craft lift slowly straight up, and then come to me and stay 15-20 feet above me. Suddenly the light craft with a faint blue-green light, and in the midst of it all white. So turn off the lights.

Now something happens that more or less makes me breathless, I find myself suddenly 25-30 feet in the air in a standing position, without being able to touch me or yell! I see everything clearly. I can not keep up in any wires or the like, and there's no holding me. I feel like I was standing on firm ground, but it shows nothing under me more than the trees!

How I came up, I have no idea. The voice inside me says I do not need to worry, but try not to get it, when freely suspended high up in the air without having anything to stay in and not a soul around to shout at! It went well-no more than 10-15 seconds until I suddenly cuts thesis slow down and placed between a rock and a floral-off in my own garden!

Only now I saw the craft again, it hung just over a birch tree away from my garden. At the same time I saw four bright spots in the size of tennis balls approaching from above down to the craft, and then come around it. Now they were significantly higher, perhaps closer to three feet in circumference, with the craft in the middle it looked like fifth grade on a die. When the balls approached the craft so shone the bright white, to finally get a yellow-red color, but still with white crosses in the center.

The craft did not stop many seconds without set off down towards the lake, which lies 600-700 meters to the south. Strangely enough, did not follow the globes after but sank slowly down towards the ground, where they disbanded. I went in and stripped me and wondered what had happened, but I did not say anything to my wife.

Travel to unknown planet (84-04-26)

Now it has happened again: I wake up at night by someone calling to me. I go out, find the same shape that I have met before, following him to the same place where I last saw the craft. It is the same calm and nice feeling, but with one important difference. When I discover the craft at this time, I see the windows or the like. They are two meters long and 25-30 cm wide, and inside the craft lit it with a blue-green with some shades of brown. But there is nothing solid, and it is moving in waves. Suddenly I see a bright glow as well as grab me and pull me into the craft!

What then happens is so wonderful and amazing that I hesitate to write it down. I find myself in a place that most resembles a large glass ball with one half opaque and a quarter of the second half with a dull but transparent glass. After a while I feel that one more is in the room, though I do not see any. At the same time I feel it vibrate under my feet. When I look out the window, I see to my horror, that we no longer are at the ground but a few kilometers into the air!

I'm trying to say something but could not. In a strange way it feels as if someone asks me to be quiet and sit down. I see me around for a chair or similar, but finds nothing but a bench similar story in the strange window, so I put myself down on it. But imagine my surprise when I have set myself to correct it, as well as surrounding it myself and like suck me.

Now, the vibrations become stronger and the window is no longer translucent, but still the same soft light in the room. I appreciate that it's been about two hours since I came into the craft. Suddenly he stands in front of me, this short figure that I have seen before. Now I see him for the first time in the face, yes, all of him.

He is 150-160 cm long, have normal stature but longer arms than me. His hair is more or less colorless, and it grows all over your face, for it shows no ears and no chin. Two large eyes that are almost black, a flat nose with no visible nostrils and a sharp and large mouth. There appears no teeth, the whole head is globular in a slightly comical way. He looks almost a bit sad, but calm and gentle.

He stretches out an arm to me, and in his hand, he has something that resembles a cup with some liquid in. It looks like heavily diluted milk, a little greyish. His hand looks like mine except that it does not show any fingers. He wants me to drink. I hesitate, but he insists, so I do as he wants. It was not very good, a little insipid taste, but still sweet. I ask what it is for something, but get no response.

150-160 cm ET

Instead, he turns against a wall, and suddenly a bright picture visible on the wall. Imagine my surprise when I can read quite common words in Swedish: that, and, then, now!

In some strange way I also get a kind of information transmitted to me by a Swedish-speaking male voice, it sounds as if I heard the voice from within rather than outside. While it is on the board reaches a strange map image with circular symbols of different sizes in the green and blue box voice says that there are other planets in our solar system where there is life similar to ours, but with higher intelligence and knowledge. Among other things, has an ability to travel or move himself in space that we are not around. We could take us forward much faster if we used "loops in space", whatever that may mean. We should also give up nuclear weapons and the like, before it happens a disaster.

Utomjordiska symboler

This was the last I heard, since the man was gone, the room got dark and I could see again. I thought that I was down in the meadow again, but I was not. Admittedly, I saw a forest, some rock and something that looked like a city. Though it was not like our cities with their houses, streets and cars, it consisted of a bunch of box-like buildings of different sizes inside a circular high and wide wall. In the center stood a sort of tower, shiny as chrome, and in an open area at one side of the city stood two similar vehicles like the one I found myself in..

Utomjordisk byggnad

We moved slowly over the city and then over a kind of desert, on a forested mountain range. I saw only two kinds of trees in the forest, one reminiscent of larch and the other on some sort of palm trees with large brown bunches of branches. When we had passed through the woods and mountains as we came to a big water with tongues of land that went straight across from one side to the other, and on every tongue of land, it was a lot of towers with a box in the middle.

It was the last I saw of it all, then we step right up, and the window you could not see out more. The vibration was back and even the man I had met before. I had to put me on that strange bed again. Probably, I had fallen asleep, because I thought it had gone long before I again stood in my garden and saw how he gave himself away down the lake. But I got the feeling that we would meet again.

Utomjordiskt träd

The second space travel (84-08-14)

It's been nearly four months since I last met him, so I thought it was over now. Maybe the whole thing was just my imagination? But now the same thing happened again, the same inner voice that calls on me. Me and my smallest daughter has been sleeping for a while, when I wake up because he wants me anything. I hesitate to leave my daughter alone, but the voice says to me she will sleep all the time. I would not leave her, but do it anyway. Same road, same meadow.

This time I go into the craft itself, through a circular opening up some stairs, into the same room as last time. But when I enter the room, then sit there four figures. Three of them are like the short statured man I met last time, and the fourth is probably the same person that I saw once before in the street. He is longer than the others, has a white face that is reminiscent of our firm, it is a bit narrower and longer with white hair. He asks me to sit down on this self-exemplary bench that nearly sucks me in place.

As I sat me then a fifth figure into the room and gives me a mug with that drink that I had before. I wonder what it is, but says nothing. I still get answers out of the pale man. He says I have to drink out of it, because otherwise I do not trip we should do. I wonder where we, he, and why. He explains that we must travel to the same level as last time, but I'll be back before morning. He wants to show me some things that we here on earth quite distorted.

I ask why me and not others who might be more appropriate. He answers that there are others who have experienced the same things as me and that it will be more. "You are one of the many who have different beliefs than us on what you call Christianity and history." I answer that there are thousands who do not believe in God. He says that deep down, think most of you in God, though you dare not show it. He wants to show me what is the truth about our God and Jesus as we read and preach. He would also show what will happen if we insist on producing and using nuclear weapons. "How is it done?" I ask, while I feel that we have lift and is on its way from Earth.

"You will see evidence of self-destruction. There were people on an almost identical level as those who began to manufacture nuclear weapons to fight each other. It started as the earth in a war between different groups of individuals and ended with almost all life wiped out. what's there today is only the vegetation and a few stations that we have built to try to build a new civilization. This is what we will show you so you can understand what you are doing to yourselves and your planet. Others have already seen it, and now it's your turn. We have studied you, since thousands of years and the same pattern is formed in you as it did in deleferna.

"It you call God was a delef who put his son to tell you that you are barking up the wrong way. He was not the only one of deleferna which were placed on earth. They were in many other places but was not as acclaimed as Jesus because he did some forbidden things to heal the sick. It was not surprising because his father was a doctor on his home planet. When this happened, it was the planet already way ahead of you in all areas. Incas ancestor was a delef, in India and in Southern Europe, there were also several delefer. They taught not only in righteousness, but also in a building that today you have forgotten.

He asks me if we someday could use the stone in the same way as happened in the Inca Empire and Egypt in ancient times, if we could blow up room in the mountain that is as smooth as glass. "You have not learned to cut stone in the discs, but would you find what you call Atlantis, then your whole civilization will change in a few years, I will reveal to you that both the Incas and other ancient cultures used the machines to most of their work. They had their machines of deleferna. You did not find any traces of them, but these can be found in Atlantis, and also of the Incas and the few other places. "

I ask him if there is evidence all over the world to their existence and delefernas. "Yes, but you just have not learned to read and interpret all the signs and things that deleferna left behind." I also ask about Atlantis, how it was and where it is now, but may be a more than strange answer. "Start looking in your history, but interpreting it right this time, so you can find it! Locate not only the country but also outside Faro, so you get a point!"

I feel that it has ceased to vibrate, and it has become bright in the window on the wall. I recognize the place from last time and wonder what will happen now. He says that we must change the vehicle, for it to be reloaded. I wonder if I can go out, but it is apparently not a problem. Once out, it feels like summer at home, comfortably warm but much drier air. We go through a tunnel and find themselves out on a street with them this strange houses on both sides. I can not help but feel on a wall, for they are so strangely smooth. He says it's rock and metal. "We have the same metals and stones as you use for your buildings, but we use a different alloy in our metal."

We have arrived at a different vehicle and go inside. "Now I will show you a destroyed planet, something that also could be your fate!" This time, I do not sit up, but must lie down on a similar story that I was in before. I think I slept for a while, because I do not remember anything from the moment we drove away until I was asked to sit up and look out. What I now see is a terrible thing, especially given that we can do the same for ourselves on earth. Cities that are almost buried in stone and sand, buildings and forests that are soaked in water, broken and burned and molten metal!

The nasty in all of this is that what is reasonably quite so similar to that found on our own soil. He says: "It is no wonder if it is similar to earthly things, for it is deleferna who have learned to build up what you have and who gave you the technology and science. The only thing that they did not have with him are animals that you can see at us.

At one point, I see that they are building some houses of stone, which they cut out of a mountain and then put on a metal construction. A large boulder taken from the mountain to the site with something like a barge. But it hovers in the air and was then lifted as by an invisible hand down on a platform where the rock is placed between two large machines that are similar to tanks. It flashes from both of them, and so are block divided into several flat pieces. They then lower one by one in a basin with water, and it smokes when they are down in the pool. The ground can I find out. "We will build a new city here," he says. I wonder when it will be ready for the move would of course a big city to be ready in a week. "About a month," he replies.

We continue to the other side of the mountain, where he shows me the place where this whole holocaust started, now just a big hole with sand and gravel. There had been a facility as large as Skåne with energy at half the planet. "So now you know maybe what would happen if you do not stop in time." I ask him what I can do about it and who would believe me if I talk about this as I have seen and heard. "There are so many on earth who are against your experiments with nuclear weapons and the like, so you can manage to get your leaders to listen and understand that they are planning for their own destruction. We can not do anything to help you, because if we would show us - as we have done several times - we would be forced to defend ourselves. Your leaders are taking us for an enemy, but officially we do not exist for them! On numerous occasions we have been chased and shot at, but we have rather fled than have a fight. If we wanted to fight with you, so we could do it, but it would be pointless, for it would not be anything left of you. I'll show you what I mean. '"

We continue a bit further away, and he shows me an almost ruined building. So he asks me to look at the painting on the wall. We fly until we no longer see any of the place we were just on, except on the board. He says that the distance is nearly a hundred mil away. "Now look!" A flash and a cloud of dust, then it's over. We go back to the scene, only to find that the building is only a smoking heap. Following up this view we will go further than this enormous rubbish heap of remains from a civilization that long ago ceased to exist. We are heading back to the last planet.

While we are on the way we reason about deleferna, how they made their way to Earth and how long they stayed. "They made it to the earth with their own craft for centuries before the birth of Jesus. This same Jesus which you call the Saviour was a delef, and he was not killed by you, but he anesthetized the bottom of the second delefer and later fixed and taken to a another location. His disciples were taught to take care of people in other places. " I asked if all the wonders that can be read about in the Bible, water sharing himself, locusts in Egypt and more. "It was the work of deleferna, who tried to help the oppressed population."

I ask him why we can not get this help today. "Day", he says, "there are none of them left, but only character and things that they left behind her." "Where did they?" I ask. "They lived in the mountains and the sea. I've always said that if you can find Atlantis and the big caves, so you get answers to all your questions. If you find it and suggest the right signs, you have nothing to be concerned about . " We begin to talk about the destruction of delefernas plane, but there is not much to say, for he has shown me what happened. He says simply, once again, that we must stop before it's too late.

So we are there. He asks if I'm hungry, because there is little time left. We are entering a building inside almost looks like a regular restaurant. All the walls are yellow, ceilings and floors are red, the small interior space is available as chrome, seat comprises a seat and a pipe and tables look pretty similar to this. We are fed directly onto a plate, mug is the same as the one I seen before, but this time it's something completely colorless in it, that tastes good, almost like lemonade. The food is reminiscent of a great steak, but it is very porous to consistency. I have also some vegatable. While we eat, it will produce a different man and looks at me and wonder if he can get one of those firekeeper that I have. I do not know what he means, but my host says that it is my cigarette lighter, he says, so he gets it then I lit a cigarette. He takes it and goes and sits down at a table and try to light it but I can not, but I can show him.

We leave the house to re-enter the vehicle and return home to Earth. Then I ask about the animals that I would see. "We'll show them on the road from here." We raise and give us away, but only a 20-30 meters above the ground. We arrive at the forest that I had seen before, and he asks me to look down. I've seen many animals before, but this beats all records.

The first thing that I catch sight of a great lizard of any kind, 80-10 feet long with all the colors of the rainbow. The stand and eat on a tree, and there are also other lizards of various sizes. A little further away, I catch sight of something that looks like a cross between an elephant and a musk ox, also a very large animal. I also see a few birds, but they look quite ordinary print, much like our Eagles, but with different colors.

I ask if there are fish in the water. He asks me to wait a while, says something about one of the others, which goes into another room. Then he asks me to look down into the water, and down there I see a behemoth that looks like a whale but much more slender, and so some other fish resembling sharks. I wonder if there are small animals as well. That makes it, he says, but it is seldom they turns out, it's only the big who are not afraid. He also says that some of them these animals have lived on earth again, and there are still some left. They stay away, but sooner or later find you even them. Now we are on the way to the words again, I ask what can happen so fast. He answers: "These are not as far as you think, but you still can not bring you here. You will be able to travel to other places that are further away, when you have left the earth. But you do not fixate on the moon, for you will discover that it is doomed to fail, but take you beyond to Mars instead! There are conditions much more to build stations, and then travel further and further. To us you can not come, but well to others. And yet Once again, start looking in your own history, so you will find the answers! "

Now we are there. I wonder if we meet again? "It is possible," he says. "But if I want to contact you and ask for advice, what do I do?" "Use the light and thought the star of the triangle, but do not use it unnecessarily, may I answer." It was the last thing he said, since I was released and submerged in my garden, to see them give himself off. The same thing happened again, four glowing orbs leaving the vehicle and hit the ground, where they disappear. I go in, my girl is asleep as he said. I look at the clock, it's half past five.

Meeting at spring with space man (85-03-29)

I thought that last time would be the last of my meetings with these strangers, but now it has happened again and the same night calling as before. On the meetingplace the craft is waiting, It suddenly beamed around the intense flash of light and I find me there the next moment. I do not really recognize. The room looks like a big bubble, and the gangway forks in two directions up. The light changes from blue to green, for the next second be colorless. They are hilarious small-sized creatures himself, however, equally, and I recognize the man as I like to talk to. I asked to sit down on the surprisingly comfortable bench. I get a mug with some kind of beverage, the same procedure as before is repeated. It's dark and I feel vibrations. Apparently we are going.

After a while it becomes light in the room and the man enters. He sits down, and for the first time I see something resembling a smile on his face. I had intended to ask about some things, but before I do that, he says that he knows what I want to ask about. I learn that since we met last, he and his family have studied me from a distance, without showing himself. His family, I think, it surely can not be justice in the small-sized? I get a response right away. They are their equivalent of our servants, and they come from a world that is many light years from us. They have suffered the same misfortune as deleferna and that can happen on earth if we do not stop in time.

He tells of explosions on other planets caused by what we call nuclear weapons, but because some people are far ahead of us in space so they can move to other planets before they are annihilated. Some of them have moved here, and to other places. Since I do not like either himself rasha starters or immigrant oppression, so I have to ask him if these beings considered as a form of slavery or similar? But he answered me that they are what we call the servants of him to do a job as any job. It acts as the earth, except that they get most of their labor from other planets. There are also people from Earth who is working on his plane, some of them are merchants. But he denies that anyone would not be there voluntarily.

I ask him how a man who lived on earth for many years would choose to move to a place he did not know and leave family and friends behind him, and perhaps never to return. "You write contracts with each of the most varied kind," he says. "We also write contracts with our so-called immigrants, but with the difference that they can be broken at any time. Let me say this: We are making an agreement with you sure you want to come to us for a year or so, and you accept the terms. You stay with us a few years but would then return to earth. You are sent back and get a new identity, but you've forgotten all of what you experienced and been through. " I ask him how it works, how can I get back to friends and relatives after having been gone perhaps for years?

"I'll tell you what to do," he says, "but first I have some questions I want you to answer as truthfully as possible. I already know your innermost thoughts, but I would still like to see if I'm right. "So he puts some questions about my personal circumstances, which I answer as best I can. He was grateful for what I have told him, and says that of those who voluntarily come to his planet so no one wanted to go back to Earth.

I wonder why I have not seen anyone other than his people, and these small-sized creatures, when I was on his plane before. "You've never been to our home planet. You have only seen a spaceport and a ruined planet. But you will see our planet, but it is far away. It takes six days to get there, and we do not know if you can it until we made an inspection of your physique. "Six days," said I, " it is impossible. As long as I can not be gone without talking about it, and who would believe it? " For the second time I see him smile." Our and your times are not the same. According to your time and you're not gone more than 13 hours. "It is hard enough," I say. "I understand that you think it's hard, but your wife and children will be asleep and not notice anything." They do not sleep so long, " I say." They can sleep longer if we want it. "You mean you could anesthetize them but that they would suspect something? Is that what you have done before, when I was away for short periods? "I can get them to sleep the time it takes for you to visit my home. When you return, you will sleep well. Your wife will wake up first, so there is no one to notice anything. "

"To cope with the journey you have to drink about one and a half liters of a drink you will find in your room. It will make you both heavier and stronger. But make sure that no one sees you when you drink it. You might get a little uncomfortable by it after some hours, but there will be no more than a little stomach ache and dizziness that goes over in minutes. "One and a half liters, that I never get down." You should drink it with a time intervals, one pint at a time. A few days after you drink it, you will notice that you breathe a lot calmer and you are more stable. "

"On the fourth day after you have emptied all, if you then think that it does not feel uncomfortable in any way, you will find a small box with a knob on. Take it and turn it clockwise until it stops! Sen place it somewhere out of sight, but with the black side up. Now I'll leave to you, but we will meet again soon. My family is waiting anxiously to I get home and tell of our meeting. They look forward to to meet you! "

A moment later I stand in my garden, to return to see him give himself away to the dark sky. I'm thinking a while about what happened. Can this be real, or is it a dream? I go in to bed, but can not sleep, so I get up again and put on some tea. I find it strange that I never asked what his name! Should I accept his offer to travel through space to his home planet? Or should I let him down and ignore it all? No, I do not think I can do it. He has shown me their confidence, and he apparently relies on me.

Preparing for the long trip (85-04-27)

Now, apparently soon be done, what I have been waiting for weeks! One evening when I get out of the store (my hobby, which he called the office) and open the cabinet under my desk so is there a mug and a bottle. I know it is not me who took the cup, because that is one of my own. Beside is a juice bottle made of plastic. In the mug a paper is placed that I take up and read. It is as it were an instruction manual on how to pay me for. I will fill the cup with liquid in the bottle, and then I will drink out of a quarter of the contents, then wait ten minutes, drinking from a quarter to, and then the remaining quarters of ten minutes. When I emptied everything so I do not eat anything for two hours. The same procedure is then repeated two more nights.

It must be said, that there was just no flavor to the drink. The recalled water that had to stand outside in the sun a few hours. He had at least not quite right, because I had neither a pain in the stomach or dizziness. But I was breathing slower and felt myself terribly strong and heavy. When all was drunk so I took the cup and put it in the dishwasher. The bottle I tried to burn up, but it turned out quite difficult. It was just a lump of it that I put in the trash along with other debris. When the four days had gone so I put out the box, which had also been in the cabinet. I turned the knob as far as it went and hid it under a tree in the garden.

Next day and the following day, I was so excited about what would happen, that I did not get myself to do something. I even notified me sick at work and had to come up with some reason that I was at home to explain to my wife. I went out and looked at the box, which remained, but it was so hot that I got a burn blister in his hand.

A few days later to wake me at three o'clock in the morning. I get up and take on me, and go out on the main road. During a street lamp some distance away, he stands and waits for me. He asks if I regretted it me or if I want to join. I declare that I can not right now for my wife and daughter. I need not say more until he replies that he knows about our procedures related to work and school. We agree to meet on the field at nine o'clock the following morning. Then we distinguish different.

In the morning when I drove my wife to work and was on his way home so I can see a person standing and want to lift. To my surprise, I see that it is he whom I met in the craft in the past, so I stay. He walks around and opens the car door on the right side and walk in and sit down. I continue to my home, but he tells us to go past until he says the theory that we shall stay. After a while, we stop, gets out and goes out on a meadow. He is talking about when I will be picked up and gives me a little box that I will have on me a few days. It's not bigger than a matchbox, so I can easily have it in your pocket.

Then he asks if I want to bring me some pictures of my family that he can keep. It may well be fine, I say, and ask if I can get something as a souvenir from his home planet. But you can not, for he does not want there to be any direct evidence for their existence. Not yet, he adds, so one day we obviously know that we here on earth is not alone.

After ten minutes, he says that I should go to the car, because he will be picked up now. When I have put myself in the car so I can see a large, almost oval ball that stops a few feet above the ground. The next second he is gone, and the ball rises rapidly vertically upwards. Then it stops and makes a turn so that it is himself almost in front of and above me, to then slowly drift away. I start the car and drive home. When I passed the woods, I see it again. When lit a candle on the underside of the craft, and it flashes a few times. I understand that it is a greeting, so I flash back to my light. It flashes once again from the craft, then turn it off towards the east to disappear behind some clouds. I drive home. During the day I am looking forward some photos of my children and my wife as I promised him, and put in an envelope.

When the big day has come and my wife and my kids come off to work and school early in the morning, I feel myself as a child to be out on their first school trip. I take a quick lunch, shave me and dress me clean clothes. I drink a cup of tea and takes a couple of buns. Then I go another round in the house. I'll stay a while in my daughter's room. I look at her toys, and wonder if I might see her again. Same thing in my son's CCH my wife's and my bedroom. I can hardly keep the tears back. Now something strange happens, I get stiff and start sweating. Meanwhile, I hear a voice far away that I had to rush me. I look at the clock, it's almost a quarter to nine. I go out, take the car and drive towards the meeting place.

When I arrive will get back his voice, and it asks me to go down to a lower end of the meadow. There are now two people, one is the one I met before. The second is new to me, has a hood over his head, so I do not see your face. My friend - I call him so - says that this man should stay in my place until I return. "Why?" I ask. You may not get scared, but he is an exact replica of yourself, both in appearance and manner! "

The man takes off his hood, and I shrink a little. HE IS AN EXACT COPY OF myself! Height, build, appearance, EVERYTHING IS THE SAME But how is he going to play me, without anyone noticing? With my own voice, he asks me question about family, work, well, everything. I ask him if he has been in the Azores, and if so, what he was doing there and when it was. I ask him about my kids and everything imaginable. He is responding correctly to all questions! He says that everything that I can do, he can do exactly the same. In the end, I believe.

He has a kind of overalls for himself, and I will take with me. Yes, we should simply change their clothes, even my underwear, I get to keep. When we changed clothes, put his hand into my coat pocket and take up the tobacco and rolling apparatus. He rolls a cigarette, lights it and goes against the car. I shout at him that I want to have my incense with me, but then answer my friend that I have in my pocket. And indeed, it is there. The last I see of my copy is that he got into his car and drive away.

Well, what will happen now? I wonder. "We wait until the bus has gone past, then we will start!" Shortly afterward there is indeed a bus on the road, and it is soon gone. "Come!" he says. Then I see where the oval ball again, it is a few feet above us. The next moment we are in it. There is one room with two chairs and a lot of instruments, everything is completely white. He asks me to sit down and lean me back. For the first time I feel that we are moving on us, it is like to ride in an airplane. There are no windows, so you can not see out. I have no idea how high we are, but we have stayed. So he presses a button and point to some kind of TV screen. I can see my car when it turns up in the driveway! My copy gets out and goes into the house. He goes out again and into the garage, where he retrieves a ladder. It puts him up against the back of the house and go up on the roof of the TV aerial, as he sat there a little box. Then he goes down and up again. Now both hear and see us inside the house, just as clearly as if we were there! He says that everything is clear. To my surprise, he takes a pot from the cabinet and turn on the water. He opens a cupboard where we have bread, spreads himself a couple of sandwiches and start eating. Then turn off the TV screen, and we are moving again.

After a while the screen lights up again, but it's just a dark bar with a brighter spot in the middle. But as I look at the screen goes dot bigger and bigger, and I see that it begins to resemble a giant craft!

The visit to the home planet (85-05-03)

The big craft is several hundred meters long. In the end, I see only a big black wall with an opening that we pass in review. Suddenly, becoming pale, it looks like a large hangar, and there are already dozens of these bubbles as myself sitting in. After a while it opened a door behind us. We go out and up against a door that opens before we have arrived at it. We are entering a long corridor and through another door. . . We enter a large hall with a podium at one wall and above it a lot of chairs and people. I'm being asked by my friend to sit down.

After a while it will enter a man and sits down at the podium. He greet us and talk about why we are here, says my friend. We advised that we are fifteen from the earth to be shown around on their planet, and then go back and think about what we've seen and if we want to come back again. Then he asks us to remain on our site until we get there. It takes about two hours, during the time we get some refreshments.

Now it into fifteen men, each with a tray in his hands. One of them comes up to me and puts the tray on a table. I get a mug of tea, two slices of bread with some kind of meat and something resembling our cucumbers. They are fabulous, reminds a little of the flavor of kiwifruit. The woman in question is sitting on a chair at the status page if and only stares at me. When she notices that I get a little annoyed, she just looks the other way. I ask her if it's OK to smoke in here, and it goes well she says. Naturally she says she does not know what to do. She has only seen people smoking in movies. She says that they often show movies that are taken on Earth, otherwise they would not have been able to learn how to our customs and our language.

I learn that we Earthlings fifteen representing fifteen different languages, and that each of us has a hostess who had learned their language and studied the country. This seems pretty as mere tourist trip, I think. She says it is more a study trip, and possibly later to return and become resident. I ask her where the man who brought me here has gone. "He has gone over to another ship, but you get to meet him again."

But this by becoming resident, how can this be accomplished? "I can not answer, but this time you should stay with us. I am part of your family, my father, you have already met and my mother, you will see when we get there, and my sister, you will see later. We start talking about her home and how it looks, and their habits. She disappears for a while but comes right back with a bundle of newspapers. It looks like magazines, but they are very unusual.

Before she shows me they'll tell her that they also have schools, but a bit more advanced than ours. She says they are probably five or six hundred years before us in time. "We have a topic that corresponds to your 'free choice', and where we choose what we want to do. As I have seen so many movies from your planet so I chose to study a human being, and I will tell you that I you have studied for over 30 years! " "Thirty years", I say, how did it happen? You can see not seem to be more than about 30 years! I am surprised when she says she is 53 years. Her parents are over 90 years. "But anyway, I'm young in comparison with others. The average age of the school is 58 years, and I stop when I'm 62."

I wonder how she could choose just me of all? "We had to choose where their land on a map. I stayed in your country, because that where the snow seemed interesting, and a child would be, because I was supposed to follow it for 35 years. But that was you is actually a by chance. I had to study a film that was taken in your lowlands, the weather was bad, so there were not many children out there. The film started down in Skane and Blekinge went up over and into the province of Småland. When it passed a while so did I see a lake, and on the lake a few characters, so I asked them to stay there. You were three and had some kind of sailing that you went with the wind. You went up on land and fell and hit you in your left leg. I thought it looked so funny, I said: I chooses him! So now you know how it all started: A few days after this had happened, remember that there came a girl to you and asked to talk a moment with you? It was me, since I have followed your life up until now and will make it slightly more years. For once, it is as you say a degree!


Now we just arrived, she says. "You must not be too disappointed by what you see, but you've seen that we are basically like you on earth. In the town I live in, there are no tall buildings, but only small units that correspond to your own live in. Nature and the atmosphere is almost identical. The climate is perpetual summer, but with some storms. We have no cars as you, we go around on small sheets of metal, when we do not or are going long distances. We have lakes and sea, sand and stone, well, you get yourself to see that there is no significant difference on our planet. The main difference is enough that you'll see a sun and three other planets that match your moon. "

"Now it's time for us to go to the smaller ships, for this will stop here. On the way there, I will show you how our planet looks from here." We will enter a room with bare walls, she presses a button, a window will appear in the wall, and there outside, I see a giant ball wrapped in mist, except in places where there is an unobstructed view. "Yes, but it's the earth," I say. "No, but I told you it looked almost the same." After ten minutes, we landed on something that looks like one of our airfields, though it is surrounded by contiguous buildings on all four sides.

We go out, it feels nice and warm, but much more humid than at home. She points to a small platform with two seats and says let's go further on this. It is a grayish metal disc, about two meters in diameter, 30 cm thick and with a ridge in the middle. We sit on the seats and she sticks a small tray that looks like our credit cards in a run on some kind of machine on a pole at the side of the mound. After a second so we lift approximately one meter from the ground and starts to slide forward at a speed that I can compare with a car in city traffic. We are approaching a building that is long and low, and she brings out a new card when we get to a pole just before the house.

Flygande skiva

This opens a door and we go through. Outside, it looks like a wonderland, bright green hills, bushes and trees, but not yet seen any buildings or roads. Before us lies a mountain range, but it is overgrown with grass and trees. It seems to be several mil long and a mile high. The speed increases slightly and we are soon on the crest. The vision I see on the other side can hardly describe, I have probably ended up in paradise! Far down below is a collection of houses similar as in a valley in the Alps. A river runs straight through the entire valley, with houses on both sides. On the slope down there are almost every tree in the colors of the rainbow, and on the hillside opposite, it looks like great vineyards. She stops the disc, we get off and she asks what I think.

I'm dumb and can not produce a single sound. What I feel can not be described, I shudder with pleasure at what I see, but in the end I answer her that it can not be true. We sit down in the grass, it really shimmers of each hair. "Do you think you could stop here and leave everything behind you? I know you'd like, but can you?" Probably, if I had with me a friend, "I reply." We shall go up here when we were down and introduced you to my family. We shall also have something to eat and drink, for we have not so many hours on us until you return to your home. "I look at my watch, and it is a few minutes past twelve.

This, over time, sorts, I never give out, I can not have gone so far in a few hours! "Would you have traveled with your craft, so it would have taken over 110 years!" We sit on the disc again and slides down into the valley. We go across the river to the house at one end of the valley, apparently she lives here. We stop and go inside. I must say it surprised me a bit that everything seems so much like our earth. The house is made of wood and stone, furniture of wood and metal, there are some yellow and white flowers on a table, I see a rock that probably is a fireplace.

I will be shown into a room that is almost entirely in pink and blue, at a table sits an older woman, it must be her mother. I salute and told to sit down. The old lady goes out, and my hostess wipes out plates and glasses, but only to us both. When we sat for a while so there will be two small-sized set, they look so funny that I laugh. She asks me not to do so, they become sad, they have feelings just like us.

In all cases, so we eat a piece of meat and lots of vegetables and drink a beverage that tastes divine. When we finished eating, they'll enter with a whole pile of different fruits and more of the fine beverage. As we sat and talked for a while so it's time to go out and look at the surroundings, with all its clean and nice colors. We sit on the disc and go over the next hill.

Down there is what I think is a great city, but it was obviously wrong, it is their industrial park. In some of the same, I do not get in, that is where they manufacture components to their ships and other machines. Elsewhere manufactured furniture, fabrics and such that are used daily. I can see that there are craftsmen who work with their hands, but most are produced in large machines, of a type in which one puts in a tree at one end and get a ready-made cabinets in the other.

As we have seen these industries so we go a bit further away, to a large farm where it is produced foods. There are cattle that are similar to our beef cattle and lots of birds about the size of our geese. The cattle have to go loose in an area which she says is as big as Skåne and Småland together. But the shot of the small-sized, which makes sure that everything works as it should. I wonder if it really can work, what if it becomes an epidemic of any kind. "It is many years since the last epidemic was raging, we have seen that there may be no more."

When we finish watching this so she says that we should visit a lake where she used to sit and do their homework and where she writes down everything about me has happened over the last thirty years. The whole time we've been together, she looked a little strange to me, as if she wanted to say something specific. We get up in the disc to continue over a landscape that I thought did not exist. We pass a zoo, she says that there are many animal species from Earth and from other places. Now you can see a large lake to appear before us. We go down on an island that is one hundred square meters, we go a bit and get to something that most resembles a gazebo.

We go in and sit at a large table. She asks if I want a cup of tea, and I accept. As she picks up the obligatory mug and some biscuits, I can not help but admire her. It feels just like when I was in love for real the first time. She picks up some magazines and books that she has done in school. Have I not been flabbergasted before, so I get it now. These books dealt with most of my life, with pictures and text. And what pictures! They were so vivid that I could take and pick out myself and put on the table, I saw my youth, yes, almost experience it again.

But it was not finished with this, she showed me also a cupboard she asked me to open. My surprise was even bigger when I saw what it did. On the top shelf was a football with laces. In front stood a tray with the text: "Football use June 6, 1956 by the object under examination." Every single thing that was in the cabinet had with me to do. There was everything from toys to a bike that I thought was stolen at the station one night when I got home. She says that it indeed was stolen that night, and knew even by whom, but she can not talk about. It was stolen in all cases and thrown a few miles away. When it had gone a whole month and it still remained, so she picked it up.

We sit for a while and talk. Then we go out and sit by the lake. She gets up and takes off her overalls. Shall we go swimming for a while before we go further? I get a little surprised by the offer to bathe naked with a woman unknown to me, but she says it's only natural to bathe naked, we have such strange habits and rules. Before we go swimming, let's go into the house to refresh ourselves. We are in a box of some kind, and we are so close that I can feel her skin against mine. She presses a button and it starts to spray water from all directions. I feel a faint odor of a flower, and while I become slippery as an eel. After a while the clean water, but so soft that it hardly feels. When it ends it starts fanning as from a hair dryer. After half a minute, we are dry and ready to go in the water, which is crystalclear and incredibly soft.

When we finished swimming, we go in and drink a cup of tea and chat a while. We go back to the valley and parking disc on a small square. Here is the hustle and bustle, but none of the others seem to notice me. Around the square there are small shops and we are entering a so that I can see how it looks. There is only one person inside, and for every thing she does in a shelf so she sticks a card into a slot. When she finished, she goes. How does this work now? My new acquaintance takes up a card and show me. She takes one thing on a shelf without stopping the card and go for the exit, but it remains closed. Not until she stopped the card opens the door. A very ingenious system!

When a person finished shopping in different stores so she can go to a bank on the same square. She then makes up his card as an official receives and stuffs into a small device and press any buttons. Out comes the card and a little note. But there never appears any money. "We use no money, we deal with time." - "Time?" I say. "Yes, let's say you want to go out and buy what you need and want. You get so-called statements, but it says no amount of money, but how long you have to work the fields or in industrial factories. Every such here small town is a community for himself where it is produced all the food and everything else you need. You do not work for the city of more than one, sometimes two days a week to meet you. But some industries, owns all the cities together, and there must You work three days a month. If I want to go and study the earth, then I have to work about three weeks in the common industries, to bring in as much energy as is needed for a trip Earth return. "

We leave the square to go home to her and get a bite to eat, it's time for me to return home. At her standing there a real feast lay the table. While we eat, I tell you something about how we live with us, but I understand that they already know everything. One thing she can not understand, and that is that we can not get along without the need to hold on and fight with each other. "Did you not receive a warning, when the first atomic bomb was dropped? If you do not rebel against it now, so will you and your children and grandchildren to experience bad things, and finally cease to exist. Your planet is a ghost planet, and such There are already too many. Try to get people to understand where they are on their way: You have seen what has happened deleferna, and others have also seen it. But it is hard for a few people to influence the rulers so that they take to their senses. " "We also have guided, which corresponds to what you call the united nations. Though the governing body is not here but on one of the other 18 planets, and we must not intervene. We tried to make contact with you on several occasions , but you are always repellent. If you have caught sight of us, you have only said that we do not exist. Or have you simply tried to destroy us. But the success you not, because if we did, it would : we could blow up your whole planet to pieces in seconds. Although we are against all violence drives, so we have weapons, too far back used weapons of war, even with us before we took our senses. Nowadays, we use our weapons only for peaceful competition and example to destroy that which you call the garbage in space. "

"But we have said, that the day that you stop with the core values, pension, etc., then we show ourselves to your rulers without being rejected. It has even gone so far that some of us have become captive of your soldiers and incarcerated and then hushed up and forgotten. But we have taken them home, and many authorities already know that we exist. But they would not publish it, as they say it would be chaos if the public found out about it. But the real reason is that they are afraid that we would take over and they no longer have dominion over you. They believe, moreover, to be built for to rule the entire universe, as none would be as lofty as human beings. But they know not know how wrong they are, because you are not all that high-compared with races on other planets. "

We finished eating and had to leave. "I hope you had a pleasant experience and I wish that we may meet again!" I travel myself from the table and thank you for a delicious meal and talking about how nice and wonderful everything was, shame it was such a short time, I would have liked to stay longer. "You're welcome to come back whenever you want, and the offer that you received will remain as long as you live!" We go out and sit on the disc, which lifts slowly slipping away. When we come up on the crest so we stop for a moment that I may see this paradise one last time, before heading off home.

"We chose this day because you would see when the sun and the planets go up." - "Goes up?" I said, "but it's been days all the time!" I get baffled when she says that this was their night, that's when most of the work and the like are performed. "On the day we rest, for it is too hot to do anything then, it will be around 50 degrees!" Yes, but, when you sleep then? "-" Once every five days. "I say that I think it is very difficult to understand, everything.

"Now it's just a few minutes to sunrise, you must first see an almost entirely green moon, just after the sun with its orange glow, and a red moon on each side. What I now see is so amazing, so I do not know how I will describe it. I do not know what that takes for me, but I grab her and hug her for a long time, and she does the same thing with me. The green moon lights up the whole valley, and when the sun and the other Both moons coming up, so it is as if the whole valley was bathed in a glow of the most beautiful colors. It's incomparable!

We are probably in ten minutes and holding each other without saying a word. Then we went down into the valley and into the airport, from where one of those small, round craft brought us up to the big spaceship. When we got on board so we had to go in the same room as before, and sit down. Then came the man who I now know is her father and asked if I was happy with what I experienced. "I've never been so happy and satisfied," I said, "it's just a shame to have to leave this paradise after such a short time!" I was told that I was welcome back. "You know how to contact us when you're up for another visit. I leave you now to prepare for the return trip. I hope we shall meet again, it was the last I saw of him. Then came a pair of fellow travelers, probably from South American countries, it did so in the language.

After a while, my charming hostess to me and asks if I want something to drink or eat during this time. I get a cup of tea and she sits down so that we can continue our conversation. "This is the life", I ask, "How can you be so old and still look so young like?" She says her oldest cousin is a bit over two hundred years and that she is probably good for another hundred years or more. "But those who come to you from other planets, how are things going for them?" She says that everyone gets the same opportunities and benefits as those who were born on her planet. "They may have surgery when they become accustomed himself to the new climate, for they must be here a year or so that we can see that everything works as it should."

We're talking about their 32-hour days and more, and correct what it is we are back in Earth's vicinity and has stopped. We go to one of the small bubbles to go the last mile. "Why can not we go down with the big ship?" I ask. - "It would be discovered immediately, it is too bright. We've been down with it before, and then you have discovered it, though your authorities do not have to admit it."

We're just down there now, and she switches on the screen. We'll see how the ground was approaching very quickly. She pressed another button, and now we see images from inside the house where I live! They sit in front of the TV and watching Nutcracker. She pressed another button and instantly gets up my copy. He says he must go to kiosk and buy tobacco and that he just comes back.

We have landed behind a grand kid and going down to wait for him. We see the car coming, he gets out and goes against us. We change clothes again, then he goes against the bubble. We stand still for a moment and look at each other. She takes hold of me, and we give each other a goodbye hug. She goes to his bubble, and the next moment be gone. I look at the highlights, a light flashes on the bottom. I stand still for a moment and think about what has happened. Will I ever see them again? I take the car and drive home. When I arrive, I see that the little box on the TV antenna is gone. I go in and put me in front of the television as if nothing had happened.

Revisit the home planet (85-06-11)

Morning of 10 June at. 06:45 - after my wife had gone to work 'phone rang. When I picked up the receiver, I heard a voice asked what I wanted I did not really understand "What did?" - "You've called on me!" I was a bit irritated and asked who it was and what she wanted. "You could call me Jenny, and you called on me last night." By now I think I recognize your voice, it sounded like the woman I had visited the far in space, and sure enough, there she was! "How on earth can you call me here? Me certain knowledge, I have not called on you, but when I was out walking last night said I thought that it would be fun to see you again. I would like to know more about your home planet before I can decide if I want to move me. " -" Can you be ready to go with me for 30 minutes? "

When I had brought me from the first surprise so I said yes and promised to come to our last meeting. I called my workplace and asked for time off, then I took the car and drove away. Once there, I parked the car a bit tucked away and waited. I turned on the car radio and listened to the music. Suddenly it stopped and I heard her voice on the radio instead! I was invited to come now. I walked out of the car and out behind the clear-cut there stood or hung it egg craft, and beyond it, she stood, space woman.

When I go up to her, hug her for me and we go into the egg and give us away I ask if I did not have to go through the same treatment as last time I was leaving, that the procedure with the drink "No, you were given sufficient for five months, so - you can handle yourself fine for a while. " I ask if we are on the way to her home? "If you want it, I'd be happy. Actually, I have missed you some since last we met, but I did not make contact with you, but you would have to consider our meeting in peace. " I say that I have gone and pondered on what I've been through every day so that I neither had the time or inclination to do anything useful. But I have also become calmer and more harmonious than before. We talk a while about life's oddities, including some strange experiences that I have had, and right as it is so we arrive at the great ship that would take us to her home.

This time I do not know if I'm alone EARTHLING aboard the ship, for we are in a smaller space than last time. But tea and bread, I get even now. I say that I hardly think I could leave everything at home behind me and settle me on her plane, although it might be seekers sometimes. "I have understood from the very beginning," she says, "but I wanted to offer you, anyway. I would not be able to leave my home and move to another location. But if you're interested I hope you can continue to visit me, for you to know that distance does not matter. And if you feel discouraged and down so you can call on me, because I are always here if you want someone to comfort you with. " - "But it has to cost you a lot of work to take you home to me, and it's not clear to me how this is to be calling on you!"

"If you promise me not to show it to anyone and I will give you one little thing that you can contact me with any time. You shall have it, and an instruction on how to use it, it's a kind of radio to You also can talk to me through this. And as for the cost to get you, it costs me no more than it does for you to go with the car a 30-40 mil. It's such a small cost to the joy I feel when I get to meet you. You've kind of become a family member through all the years I have studied you in school, and when it was decided that I would meet you, I was quite stunned with joy. Imagine being able to meet a person who does not know about our existence or that it even more than they themselves in the universe, I was both curious and excited by meeting with you, so I did not really know for several months after I was told that you would be asked if you wanted to come here . And I almost thought that it would fail when I found out what happened that for you so nasty winter night. But as I explained before, wore them himself to say the least clumsily about. We had to start over and take it step by step, so you would understand that we did not want you no harm. We could never make you or your family anything against your will. "

"I should rather warn and protect you against the dangers which threaten it, as you may be exposed to. Whatever your plans so do not move from your homeland, that and some other nations are the only ones who can handle himself somewhat from the war that will to break out if you insist on upgrading at the pace you do. You do not become directly involved in it, but you get sensations of it, with rationing of various kinds, and even energetically, you will be affected. You will be forced to accept large refugee flows of starving people who have unjustly suffered because some do not want to realize that neither of the two great nations will gain anything by starting a war of extermination. "

I ask her if they could not do anything to prevent this happening? "With your expertise and your technique would not be so hard to put a stop to it, and there are also other things that you could help us with. You could warn us of disasters of various kinds, and help us to do something about the famine prevailing in large parts of the world, not to mention all the environmental degradation of our environment and our water! "-" That I can most easily answer, you must learn to take responsibility themselves. Should we intervene and manage you out of your difficulties, then you know that no matter what you do, because we stand behind and help you if things go wrong. Look at a social event, he need not do anything, just go and get help from social welfare, when he unable to pay their rent or their food. Where would it stop if people did not try to solve their problems themselves? "

"All those billions that your army will cost, why do not you them and use them to grow up large desert areas, and build irrigation facilities and bigger and better treatment facilities for your industry? Then answer you well with that in that case would be great unemployment. But it would not be at all, it would instead provide jobs for generations to come. You would see that your crime would decrease more and more and eventually disappear completely, and even the abuse of alcohol and drugs would eventually disappear . Sure, it would take a generation or two, but would not it be something to strive for? you want surely to your children and grandchildren, must feel a sense and security in life, without having to go and worry about the future! "

"Now I guess I can reveal that we once had the same problem as you. We were also a war of civilizations, but people realized eventually that it was not right. They then took matters into his own hands, organized himself and took over the forces themselves. They destroyed all the weapons and the factories where they were manufactured. It took years to set things right, but they were gradually the leaders with him and they got to realize that they were barking up the wrong way. As you know, it was not as good for deleferna, more than half of their planet became uninhabitable and the rest are not much better. Those who could not escape to nearby locations were starved for many years, they lived in caves and fed himself on what they could grow and caught some wild animals yes, they lived as primitive peoples. "

By now we had been standing a while, so she said we would take the egg and go down to her home and get some food and then take a bath at her island swim, I realized that they did quite often, for we did several times that day. When we had eaten and drunk by that heavenly drink so she plucked down some fruit and drink in one basket as we would have with us to the island, for it was the sense that we would stay there the rest of the time before I would go home.

That was when we came to the square where I mentioned before that I was bowled over. There was another woman and a man who apparently was waiting for us. It turned out that he was a Dane and that he had received the same offer as I, except that he had agreed to stay there. He tells ups that he had been there for over four years and that it had happened in much the same way with me before he got there. He had not had any family, his wife had died six years ago and they had no children, so he had never hesitated to move. Nor had he regretted that he took this step. "This is probably the closest paradise you can get! Three times since I got here, we have been in Denmark and visited, and nobody has guessed where I was, because I have told my friends that I have moved abroad."

We talk for a moment while the women are doing some errands. I learn that he is an artist and that he sometimes helps on the big plantations. He is 38 years old and living with the woman I had just seen. I ask if they have any children, but they have not yet gained himself. "Is it the same way as at home or in any other way?" I ask. He laughs lightly and says there are two ways to get herself children here, either in the usual way, or you can buy a test tube baby from a laboratory, it is the woman who completely determine the matter. I can not ask the next question before he answers that it is okay to make love to her whenever you want. It needed no protection of any kind, for she can control her body so she is not receptive until she wants.

He wonders if I'm going to move here or are just here to visit. No, I visit, I have my family to think about. He also points out that I have been a loyal friend of Jenny, that I should be afraid of.

Now the women are back and we set off on the disc that I described before. We are going out to the island with a small pavilion, it feels like I have not left this place since last time I was here. In there is the cabinet with my things from the past, and on the table is a photograph of me sitting on the beach outside naked. " When did you take that photo? I saw you never take it." - "I did it when you were here last, you were not mad for it?" - "No, but you could have told, that I had had a chance to fix myself a little in your hair! " As it was where I was like a dog licked the head.

When she had prepared fruit basket and drink so dress from us for swimming. We go out into the water a bit, because that's pretty far into deep water. I glance at her body and I see that she was aware of it, but she just smiles. It's normal font so you can not help but watch. She makes me feel myself as a teenager who is out there and swim with his girlfriend. When we splash around for a while now and we'll go up and enjoy the fruits which she laid out in his little gazebo. Then we sit and talk about a little of everything. I can not free myself from what she told me on the way here, if the threat of war that we are in. I ask her if she could say more, when so, that war would break out. "I can only say that if you do not stop with your efforts to find the various weapons of mass destruction, you will not see your grandchildren." "So you think we would have a war on Earth within the next 20-30 years?"

"No," she says, "a war may break out right at any time. But you should not worry on your part, your country will not be indented, but as I said before, you get sensations of the different areas, and you may also receive a lot of refugees. " - "Yes, but you can well tell me if there is something I can do, or do you mean I should just stand there as a spectator and cheer on the best team? Shall I go and tell that I have been told by you? Who would then believe what I say? I have no proof of your existence! " - "If you talk about what you have been told you should ensure that you will get millions of people on your side." - "I've had my thoughts on giving out all this stuff that I had told me in book form." - "Yes, it is a good start, for it is appreciated by all those who want to put an end to the military rearmament. But you should know that you will get a lot of resistance as well. But you will get help from those who believe in yourself! "

"But am I not getting the church and they religious on me, too, if I go out to the public with the dissenting view of Jesus and his heavenly Father that I have received from you?" - "Do not worry you. Ask them to religious to produce a single proof that God and Jesus exist, that they can not! It they call Jesus, you know that was a delef and that he is dead since many years. The He was perceived as a "savior", it is people's own invention: If you were to write down everything you know about us and then saved thousands of years, then they would at that time read it also say that we were gods. It may not be slightly larger error to believe and work for something that they call their god, but would not it be better to believe in themselves and their own future? "

Eventually, we go up from our meal to once again take a bath. I find that there are a lot of people on a nearby island, and I have also noticed a sun that I did not see last time I was here, for it was the last night we went swimming. "Today is a day that will meet your Sundays, so no one performs any work. Everybody wants to be in the water most of her free time. And, in that it is so hot in the day, we are most active at night, both in terms of leisure and work. But we want also to have some sunshine in our free time, so the sun you now see is artificial. "

Now it's time for us to give us away, so we dress ourselves and pack the rest of the fruit in the basket. We sit on the disc and glide across the water, which is something incredibly clear and clean. She asks me if I have enjoyed your visit and all it has meant. I answer that I wish it was not the last time that I get to visit her, although I do not want to move over here at present. "You are welcome anytime you have time and inclination. From now on, you decide when you want to come here."

On the journey home to Earth, we talk about everything that I did not write down but I keep in my memory. I understand that they are not vicious creatures, and I'm happy for that.

Visit the seabed (85-07-22)

It is now a while since I've had some experiences that I have been associated with what happened earlier, but the night it happened something very strange that I find it hard to explain. I was awakened by someone or something that told me that I should go out and put me in the car, then get instructions while I was driving. I did so and ended up somewhere between Urshult and Ryd. I parked the car beside the road and walked a little way to until I stopped at a pole (of stone, I think) in a small glade.

As I waited for a while and flashes it above me, and I'll see 'egg' again. It stays behind me, a little above the ground. Just when I walk into the egg so happens something strange. You hear a car from a distance and its headlights lit up the whole glade, so I say to myself that now they must wait and see both the egg and me. But what happens? I turn me on to the egg only to discover that there is no further! But when the car is gone so is the egg back! I go into it, puts me where I usually sit, but neither I nor the man sitting in front of me says something. We're leaving in a westerly direction at fairly low altitude. When we traveled a few minutes, we reached the open water that must be the sea. After about half an hour begins. we cut us down, and I discover some glow coming from boats, both large and small. Now, we can not fail to be discovered, I think, but for the first and only time during this trip he says something.

"What you now see, has no man speaking to several thousand years!" Shortly thereafter, we go into the water and disappear into the depths! After about five minutes, I get to see something so amazing, that it hardly possible to describe in words. It looks as if it was a whole city under water, where there were strange buildings that I have never seen before! We stop off something like large hangars, and in these there is something that I have seen in previous experiences, big shiny ball, which sits on some pillars on top of roofs.

My pilot goes up to the inner wall, a previously unseen door opens himself and closes behind him, and a moment later I see him on the way - through the water outside, into one of the hangars! Myself I sit and look out on all that strange. I see a person who swims out there, without any SCUBA GEAR! Some fish - large and small - also swim past my window. A bit later, I see a person standing on guard, he holds a pole with a ball and stands perfectly still! I look out through the pilot's window and may see something that makes me flinch. The place where we stand is paved just like our old streets, and a bit further on the left are the three pillars and decay masonry reminiscent of a temple ruins from antiquity!

Tempelruin på havsbotten

Två baser på havsbotten

I happen to look a little on the pilot's instrument panel and then see some kind of maps, but without the city name. It is now that I get the idea to try to draw one of these maps. I have prepared myself for this kind of experience a little more the last time, so I have a pen and a small block in the back pocket. I can not draw so much until my pilot is back again. He has been and brought a box of some kind. He opens a hatch in the floor and takes up a similar box, and place the downloaded there instead. Then he goes out with the busy box and is gone for so long that I can draw one of the four maps available at his place.

Now he's back again, and we are on the way up to sea level. Once up, I see a big ship 700-800 yards away, and they disappear, we up in the night sky. I do not see so much more than some lights for me. After a while, we pass a city, as of all lamps and candles to judge must be quite large, the remaining time, I see only scattered light here and there. After a while we lower ourselves down to a few hundred meters, before finally stopping in the glade where I was picked. Soon, I am again looking at the stone pillar and see when he gives himself in the darkness. For me, it only remains to go for my order to go home to bed.

The next time you feel as if they keep me under surveillance in any way. I find myself heard an inner voice that warns me of something. The phone has rung several times with no answer at the other end, but I have heard the faint sound of someone breathing. And TV has brought himself strangely for several nights, after the last application, it is as if a character appears in the TV flicker. I have also woken up at night as if there was anyone inside the room, I can not see but can hear the faint breathing of the phone. It's as if someone is standing next to me.

One night, I have weird dreams, blah, I dream that my family and I float a few hundred meters above ground, encased in some kind of bubble. I notice that my children have grown older. Suddenly a huge fiery glow on the horizon, and you hear a long series of explosions. It appears more firelight, for after some hours to be completely silent and still. We begin to move towards the place we saw, and when we get there we see that everything is ruined. There are people and remnants of houses on each other, the water sprays up from the ground and the fire and smoke everywhere. We are few meters of a major street ppm is upset here and there. A bit further on is something that looks like a billboard and text on it makes me afraid. It says: June 17, 97 at 07:13 + 16 °. Soon after I wake up.

One morning a few weeks after my visit on the seabed I sit and eat my breakfast when I suddenly hear a voice within me that says I should go out in the store before an accident happens. I do what I am told, and I had not done this so no one knows what had happened. Probably I should not have left my home today if I had not obeyed his voice. It is namely to the point that the night before I had sat there and tried to solder together a brake wire to a bike without success and forget to remove the wall plug to the soldering iron. If it had caught fire, so was there in the store about 15 liters of paint thinner in a plastic container and a lot of paint colors in minutes had transformed the house into a fine fire.

The only damage that now arose was that some wood strips had been charred, and a large burn mark in the workbench plus a pungent smoke. When I put everything right I'll go out and finish my meal and think of what might have happened if I had not been warned. I am wondering where the voice came, and drag me to recall a previous meeting I had with my friends from anywhere. They promised me, of course, that nothing bad will happen to me or my family. So the only thing I can do is express my gratitude to the person or people who watches over me!

Meeting with scholars from space (Dec. -85)

It is now some months since I met my friends from somewhere, but now I have been contacted again and agreed on a night meeting at a lake located north of my home. I go myself to the meeting place in good time and are waiting for a log at a fireplace beside the shore. When the woman comes, she is not alone but in company with two unknown men for me.

They look a little different than others I have seen, is rather short in stature, has long arms, hands and fingers at the tip of your fingers where our nails are, they have as well as round and flat fingertips. The legs are slender and they have some kind of shoes or boots, bluish in color. The head is slightly oval in shape, they have small mouths, big round eyes, small ears and small, flat nose. On the body, they have a tight blue-green jersey, fairly glossy, and a belt with two white triangles and a square. I also see a sign consisting of two interconnected segments of circles, one green and one blue. I ask who they are and where they come from. The woman answers that they come from the other side of her planet and are scientists. Of course, I wonder why they want contact with me, and one of them begins by talking about things that have happened in history.

"For thousands of years ago - when we had come so far with our technology that we could start exploring the universe - we made trips to many places, even to your planet. We waited a long time before we decided to contact you, but then did we have several trials, unfortunately, not with particular success. It has happened that we were ridiculed and persecuted and even executed because we wanted to help you. " - "What do you mean," I say. "Long ago we tried to learn what was right and wrong, we have helped you to pass certain laws, think of the Ten Commandments that we gave you, what happened to them after all these years? Have you understood them and lived after them? " - "So you mean that it is you who have given us them? Is it also true that the person we call Jesus was one of you?

"No, he was a delef that came from our twin planet, where his father was a doctor, but there were more than Jesus, who appeared on earth at this time, Mary was not the only woman who had a son after us. It was carefully counted 17 women who were with the sons of our ancestors. That it just was Jesus who is remembered because he managed to get a crowd who believed and trusted him, not the other seventeen were in any significant way. They became outcasts and mocked, so eventually brought them home to the place they come from. "

"But why could not you just show you and give you to know, without having to start from a newborn baby? And Mary was thus conceived in the usual way?" - "Yes, Mary and her family was no earthlings, they were simply put down on earth by us, and when she wore back in the child who was called Jesus. They were as it were deployed in such a way that no one would disclose them , and similarly did it with the other seventeen. Would you believe something else is wrong, but one day you and everyone else know the truth, and when you understand that you are not alone in the universe. We can not reveal the whole truth about your origins right away, because then there would be complete chaos, but you've got one and another building block through the years that you can research further. Once you have come far enough so you understand that you are not created of some invisible being. Many of you have immediately begun to realize that God created the world but that you come from another civilization far out in the universe. "

"That said, we have shown us many times, but your so-called leaders and rulers do not want to show you that they are taking us seriously. They're trying to explain away us who are not existing, because they think we would take over your land and make them to ordinary citizens like yourselves. But in our opinion, it's you ordinary people who have the easiest to take us seriously, so therefore we have decided to take the first contacts with you, but not all - a hundred of you . When you feel the time is ripe, you will affect your leaders so that they understand. "

"Why you have become one of the elect know you from before. You and some others have not attempted to deny us, even if you do not take a position for our existence until the day when you all at once was reminded that we exist. We can only regret that it was a bit awkward for some of you, but from what I've heard and seen, you are not taking any harm, quite the opposite. You have instead become more confident and more mature than you were before our first meeting. Yet More importantly, perhaps you have become one with yourself, and it is more than what others will ever be. You will notice that when you eventually put face to face with anyone who tries to persuade you that these are all fantasies and dreams . You will also meet people who say themself to be experts in everything that concerns us and our activities, but you will notice that they do not have the slightest idea what it's all about. Shall we talk about experts, there are well- not really any other than you and your friends as we approached, you're the only one who knows us. "

And now the big question. You have been asked to come to us, but you do not respond flat refusal, and you have not decided against us when we visited you. Instead, you have called on us at different times to get help to sort out some things. We have said we will help you, but not so much at once that it brings too much attention, but we'll take it little by little. You may have wondered what we would like to you? We want to cooperate with you, and if you are prepared to continue our meetings and we promise to stay connected as long as you want.

"But why can you not give you the feel of a lot more than just a handful of people?" - "As I said, we have tried in a quiet and nice way to connect with you, but in most cases we will be attacked by your soldiers, who for some reason do not want to tell you that we exist. We has absolutely no plans to start a war, but we have only peaceful intentions. But as long as your authorities do not accept our existence, we can not help you to correct before it is too late. "

I say that if they really are willing to help humanity to prevent its own self-destruction, so I am willing to help with that I can do. "You would certainly help us with one thing and another," he says, "for example, observations of various kinds. As you know, it's a pretty costly procedure for us to bring us here and just as costly to take us back, it moving in the horrific amounts of energy. If you want to work with us, and we will gladly give you both the training and provide you with appropriate equipment, you can use for future missions. "

"When and where are you going to show you the world's population?" I ask, "and everyone will be able to experience your existence?" - "When that day comes - and it is by the way already determined - we will show us in many places at once. We know that it will create some anxiety, but with the help of you and your friends and you'll find out in good time. so that you can do some preparation. When will it all go a little easier. The big question is how you will react, because as you know it's pretty big differences in appearance of a part of us. But as you once said it's not the outside that you should judge by, but it is inside. Can you not accept that they have all lost their true value, and then it's pretty pointless to try to resolve any problems. "

While we sat and talked, we ate some fruit and bread and drunk their good drinks. Suddenly gets up the two men and says that it is almost time for them to leave me, but I might have something to talk about with Jenny. We sit for a while, and we discuss what the two men touched on. Of course I'm curious as to what will happen in the future, so I ask her what it is. She says that the various places that I have been to be my so-called field of work, if I agree to cooperate with them. And that, I'm willing to do provided that it does not impinge too much on my work and my family does not suffer. After all, it was well no one has shown such respect and understanding for me throughout my more than 40 years of life as they have done.

Anyway, our ways here this time, and I have been told that we will not meet in an intensive manner in the near future. But we must stay connected even in fortsäitningen. The last thing that happens is that we hug each other, both long and well. Shortly thereafter, she is about to enter its egg-shaped vehicle to disappear over the lake. I stand far left and follow them with his eyes until they are gone. In all honesty, I see not so much of them, because my eyes are quite tearful. Is this the end of a long-time friendship, or I will see her again as she has promised?

I get an explanation (86-06-31)

There has been some time since I met my spacewoman, which I call Jenny. Now that I see her again on our meeting place it's already summer. I say that I've thought so much about what really happened when I got that first ten contacts with them in the most violent manner. "I understand," she says, "you have not accepted my previous answer to the question of what happened that winter night for over two years ago."

I answer that enough had I accepted the answer I got, but it must have happened something more in that I do not get time to make ends meet. "From the time I first discovered you in the meadow until I was picked up by the police it must have gone several hours of what I later figured out. But in that case it is the only solution that I must have been aboard the craft in much of an hour. I've had my suspicions but was not sure, so therefore I have not said anything to anyone. They guys who talked to me about what happened, they have repeatedly asked me if I do not want to undergo hypnosis to possibly obtain more data, but I have not wanted to go along with it. In fact, the memories started to appear in my mind about my stay inside the craft, and I have wondered why you put on me those red and blue rings on the body and why you cut off hairs and put in a jar with water or the like, and finally why you took one of my slippers and cut off a piece of rubber sole that you then melted? And I wonder what happened when I stood inside that plastic-like box that was like a sauna. You've heard of others who would have been admitted and studied and even operated by you. Is there anything similar that I have been exposed to? "

"As I told you before, did it all pretty clumsy when you would be invited to our ship and our world. After you had gone away from your friends so we assumed that you would stay and go out of the car to watch a little closer, as you did. You went instead home to pick up your camera, which we already suspected. So we decided to wait on you in the same place you first saw us. But certain circumstances did we not could remain in the same place, but we decided to move a little further north. As we stood in the first place there was great danger that we would be discovered by someone else, and it had not been so good. In Either way, we saw you come and stay in the first place. Do you remember that you were going to go on the road and go back? But with some of our tricks as you call it, we got you to continue a little further for you to reconsider catch sight of us.

We had another small problem and that was how we would get you not to be afraid when you discovered that you could not drive past us. If we had guessed that you would be so scared we had tried in a different way, but we had been studying you so long before that, so we did not count on it. When you were taken from your car so you were so shocked that you did not really know what you did. You began to turn around you with such force that you more or less damaged one of our guards so hard that it took a long time before he was completely recovered. But in the end you went willingly with the others into the ship.

Once you have arrived, you were quite ratings included, so we gave you something soothing. Shall I be really honest with you, you were so shocked that your heart more or less had the heartattack. That's why you got these rings around your chest and waist and was placed in a decompression chamber. "-" So the rings are something like that we use in cardiac arrest, then? But the pressure chamber, then, what would it be good for? The kind we use the well only to help divers when they were down on the excessive depth! "

"Yes, of course, we also use a form of electric shocks, while allowing the pressure in your body is restored. When you get cardiac arrest so also changes your blood pressure, and it must also be restored to normal. That's the mistake you make when cardiac arrest that you only give an electric shock, but with the pressure chamber and the fast heat so you can cope with more severe cardiac arrest. "

"And the hair that we took of you, they used to be a simple way to determine age and sex, ie sex, we knew already." When I ask her about the rubber piece on the slipper as she begins to laugh and says: "It was not from your shoe, but we took a sample of your skin under the foot to see what kind of condition your body was. The skin is saying a lot if your physique, and even some of your psyche. "

"Actually, you have complied with the guards to another ship that was a little off and waited, but unfortunately we were discovered by another car on the way south, so we chose to let go of you again. Because we knew you would be taken care of, we gave you nothing more soothing. It would have been detected on closer examination. I have to tell it like it is: lucky that no more of you are sick and bad, so bad that you get tested at your hospital. The study conducted on you afterwards might as well have got to be. "

"Yes, now you know what happened at our first meeting, and any damage you have not taken. Did you get answers to your concerns, or is there another answer you want?" - "I can not think of anything at the moment, but I'll probably ask more questions if we continue to meet, as I hope we do. It makes me sad is that we can not meet more often, but I understand that you need to do but to greet me. "-" Yes, unfortunately it is so that our meetings will become less frequent in the near future, but be patient! "

I explain to her how hard it is every time we separated, and that goes for several days before I can think of something else, if I can possibly help but think of everything going on me. With those words, we say goodbye for this time and I hope to soon see her again.

A mysterious visit to New York (86-10-20)

It has started to happen the most peculiar things I know for me has not occurred previously. Images appear from nowhere, and soon afterwards so I find myself in these pictures! By now, a few days ago, one evening at nine o'clock. I had laid me to rest for a while, then suddenly a turquoise-colored clouds or fog covers the whole room that I find myself in. My first thought is that now is Jenny and again, but she is not in sight. I set myself up in bed. For a brief moment, everything is black, but, after a while it becomes lighter and very cold. I can see a picture pop up in front of me, but it does not stop, but like engulfs me, that I simply find myself in the picture, sitting on a bench!

When everything clears, I see a lot of tall buildings around me. I find myself in a big city that turns out to be New York in the early morning! There must be a few degrees less, for in front of me than a man in a frozen pond. But it does not look as if someone notices me, the people walking by me almost stepped on my legs without reacting. Be that as I sit a few minutes and think about what really happened. But I will not be any other answer than that it must be Jenny who somehow is involved.

In the end, I travel myself up to go. Without seeing me, for I go straight to a woman who has a suitcase in one hand and a poodle in a long leash in the other. In order not to go to the lady in question, I take a step aside so that I come from the lady and the dog. Now I notice something so strange that I almost get a shock. Instead of tripping over a dog leash, it's just as if the belt goes right through my bones! I turn me on to see if the lady responded, she should have done it. But no, she continues as if nothing happened!

This was something new for me, who are known not happened before, so I turn and go after her. Could I have imagined myself this, or what is it that happened? Before I caught up with her so I meet two young people, each with his bag in his hand. They turn in their bags so they could mow down everyone they meet, and I get one bag in the chest. But the same thing happens again, it goes right through me but I feel something! I have now caught up with the lady with the dog and go through the leash for the second time! I can not help laughing to myself, because it's actually pretty funny. I do it again and it works!

I catch sight of a bench across the street and put me there to ponder for a moment. I am here all by myself and if so why? How will I get home again? As I sit on the bench so I'm wondering why I did not fall down on the street, or even straight through the street. But I do not think long, for suddenly sitting next to me Jenny! "I could well understand that you were near! Now you all to explain what is happening, I do not understand!"

"You are really here and at home simultaneously, but in a few minutes, you're only here. There are carriers that you can move you with almost any shape, and when the time comes you will know what to do" - "I know not what you're talking about! " - "Ante, you get training at home with you when you sleep, you notice none of it, but you get it anyway. This trip here had you not been able to do otherwise." - "I have not asked to come here." - "Well, there you go, but not in the conscious state. You must remember that you are not the same old Ante any longer, you have new view of things: You see everything from a different perspective than you did before. You know much as you do not have a clue about before, and you know how to use your skills when it's time! "

"When the time comes, you say. What do you mean by that? By the way, I would probably not be here anymore." - "With the training and education you have received from me, you know when it's time for both the one and the other. You think differently now than you do in the conscious state. " - "You mean I would not be conscious, now what?" - "Oh yes, you are fully aware of what it's about, but it is your second I have not learned how to keep up with yet." - "You do not say that I would be two people at once?" - "No, not directly, but you have more than one consciousness. Do not worry, you will not be damaged by it, and frankly, it's only positive." - "But if I now two, how can it come about that the less knowing part of me knows so much about the part that is higher?" - "Ante, you will notice that your home I do not know much about your second I think, but you learn little by little, I have noticed. On that day you know what it's all really about, you could write thousands sides of your higher self. What you are experiencing is just a drop in the bucket compared to what you have experienced so far. "

"Take the opportunity now and look around while you are here, but revealing - you do not, I will when it starts to move himself journey home, take the opportunity to entertain you too!" - "Amuse me, then how and with what, I've damn no money, and hungry, I am too." - "You have so you can handle yourself. Good luck!"

If anyone had seen us where we sat on the bench so he must surely also have seen that she just vanished into thin air. Amuse me! I feel for the pocket if I have my wallet. I'll take it up, and when I open it I find exactly $ 200 in various denominations! Hungry I am, so I go to find some place where I can get a bite to eat. Preoccupied with my thoughts I do not notice a bunch of punks or similar on taking up the entire sidewalk, but I come up with one of them. He swears a chant for me, but now I discover that this time I felt that I was against anything! This must be investigated! A piece in front of me stands a box next to a wall. I've felt a kick in the box, and what a hit it was! The father away in an arc, but only to stay up against the belly of an elderly gentleman. He mumbles something, and I get up an excuse for bad English. At the same time I ask him if he could show me one place where you can get a bite to eat. He shows me into a coffee bar where you can also eat a meal. Behind a long counter, the two old hags, one uppfiugen on a high stool, a burly woman, fat and fluffy, with a cigarette butt in her mouth that probably sat there even when she slept. The second thin and lanky, with a rag on his head, a dirty apron around the waist and a dirty towel over his shoulder.

Anyway, I put myself down on a stool at the counter, because I was hungry. The fluffy lady cried inside a room behind her, and out comes a young dark-skinned girl between fifteen and twenty years. I ordered a burger with cheese and bread and a bottle of chocolate milk. I do not want to sit in this smelly lady with the dirty towel, so I go and put me at a window table, so I can get a nicer view. I sit a few minutes, until the dark-skinned girl comes with what I ordered. On a slightly broken English, I wonder if I can get a cup of tea after dinner. She understood clearly what I wanted, for when she comes with teacup so she asks if I will have milk and sugar or a slice of lemon to. Milk and sugar, I say, and she retrieves it. Before she goes back so she asks if I'm here as a tourist, for she hears that I am not from here. I'll tell you where I am and that I should not stay longer than tonight. I also tell me to go out on the town and see me about before I go home. When she takes the tray and go as I think about why I said that I should go home tonight. I do not know exactly when I will give myself away.

I light a cigarette and drink my tea. After a while she comes back and asks if I want another cup. I accept. She asks if she can put herself down for a while. Please! I say. She says that her name is Petra and she goes to school but work here in their free time. She asks me my name and what I do here in town. I say my name and that I am here to see me for a bit. She must think it odd, but says nothing. I learn that she just is vacant. I do not know why, but I ask her if she would like to keep me company for a while after she is free. Apparently, she was glad that I asked her, for she lit up her entire face.

We went out together from the bar. She would buy a few things, so we went into a large department store. We walked and talked about Sweden and about my family. She was part Swedish, about as much as I could in English, but we understood each other pretty well anyway. Her neighbor had a Swedish exchange student two years ago, and she had been together with her a lot, hence the Swede. We went to a nearby park with a café where we sat and talked and talked about ourselves.

It was never intended that I should ask her what she had for opinions on UFOs, but somehow we got on that topic. Time went by pretty fast, but we got at least a good deal said about the subject. She told me that we must meet again. I replied that it would be nice, but difficult because of the long distance. "It'll work himself," I was told. Soon after we parted at, but I got a smile and a kiss on the cheek before she left.

I sat there and thought about what happened, when I suddenly catch sight of Jenny outside the window! I pay the bill and go out. It has already started to get dark. Jenny wonders if we should go and get us a bite to eat before we shall give us back home. We find a small cozy place where we can get something good to eat. We get a steak with potatoes and assorted vegetables and a bottle of wine. Afterwards, we drink coffee and tea. There are two lighted candles on the table, and Jenny wants me to put out one. "Why?" I say, "that's just nice by candlelight." But she insists, so I moisten your thumb and forefinger to extinguish it, but she does me. "You should put out there without any mechanical movement and not blowing it out. Do you think that it goes out!"

"Give yourself now!" I say. "While we have heard that it is possible to perform certain things with the power of thought, but I can not do it." - "Try!" she says again. How It now goes to, I do not know, but when I looked at the light a few seconds the flame will begin to reduce and eventually die out completely! "It went well!" she says, "but now you can light it again!" - "Give yourself now, it was you who did it," I say so loud that other people react. "No, Ante, anyone can do it, but you have to know how to go about it. Your second I can do such things, but not your first, but you learn over time. Just remember that you must never use your hidden forces for commercial purposes, nor to harm anyone or anything! "

"However, you can use yourself of it when an emergency arises, but in them the modes so enters your second I set up and help you. And you should know that when you're out of your dreams as you call them it is your second I exist. But your home I will show up, that's why you can remember some of what is happening you. There are certainly things that you can not write down or tell anyone yet, but do not worry, when we look that you complete your task in full, you will remember everything that happens. "

We have now finished our meal and received coffee and tea. There are a couple a few tables away from us that although they have candles on the table. I get the idea that I should have a little fun with them on and off a light with the power of thought! The man respond quickly. He takes a match on the table to light it, but before he can, I already burned it! I put out the other, and the same thing happens. They are beginning to see herself on a troubled, while both Jenny and I can not keep us laughing. But for some reason, I continue not firm enough, I would like it. It's actually quite comical to see their reactions.

"You learn you," says Jenny, "and that's good. Sure, you can have some fun with what you can, but it is nice that you can control yourself. And do not forget what I told you that you can use it from time to then but not to harm anyone. " She gets up from the table and say good bye for this time. "But we meet again!" She says before she goes. I pay the bill and get two dollars above that I leave on the table before I go into a toilet. I think that I have to take me home before someone wakes up at home I get the feeling that I'm starting to freeze, and again, a picture emerges out of nowhere, there is a picture of our house and our garden. I will be more or less one with the picture, and soon after so I find myself on the lawn behind the house!

After a while I go in, the clock shows 4:16, my wife is sleeping. I put on some tea for me and takes a cigarette. As I sit and think, I try to light a lamp stands on the table to repeat what I have done before. But my disappointment is big when it does not work. Either it's all a dream, or is my old self again, I do not know what to believe. I go to bed to at least get a moment's sleep before I go to work. But for some reason I was not the least bit tired. Now I just have to wait for the next experience and see what happens. Still I do not know what to think about it happening myself!

Contact Encounter in Space (December 1986)

So it's winter again. One December evening, I decide me to go out for a walk before I lay me. Inside the villas lights are still in some places, they're well on preparing herself for Christmas. When I arrived at the new school and must turn to the right so I can see a bluish glow some distance down the forest. It was approaching slowly the place where I find myself. After a few seconds to stop it, and I hold myself still, to see what happens. The glow becomes stronger and it is possible to discern the outline of a bullet, a few feet in diameter!

It stands perfectly still for a moment and then slides away behind a grove of trees. I can not walk more than a dozen feet, until it turns out again, only to disappear towards the trees again. Apparently it wants me to follow, and I do. It leads me toward the meadow, and what do I see there, if not the egg that I have met on several occasions before! Shortly thereafter, opened a hatch on the bottom and a ladder coming down. I'll wait a bit but then rise on board. I see none, but told to sit down. Then there is silence except for a faint hissing. A voice tells me not to be afraid of what I see. I have not met him before and he wants me no harm, just take me to our meeting place.

I hear that someone is going down the stairs and into the room where I sit. Afraid, I am not well, but the being who now reveals himself in front of me does not look like humanoid like. He is 170-180 cm long and is quite narrow, with long, slim legs, small narrow mouth and small slits for eyes, a hint of nose, but rather large ears, slightly more pointed than ours, on the body, he has a tight-fitting suit or dress. Why he has a spruce twig in his hand, I must just see.

He sits down in a chair in front of me, put a twig on a table and press any buttons. Suddenly, bathed branch of an intense yellow. After a while he takes the twig from the table and gets up. He comes up to me and take me on the shoulder and says something I do not understand. Then he goes over to the driver's seat and make some moves on some instruments. The egg begins to vibrate, and in the invisible window, I see that we have lifted quite high above the ground. With invisible window, I mean of course a window that can not be seen from outside, only inside. I see where we are on the road, apparently there's no hurry, for it will not go faster than 50-60 km per hour.

It is now I'll see what he will have to branch, he sits and breaks it into small pieces and put them in his mouth. I wonder if it might be good, so I ask him, but I get no response. Instead, he hands me a piece, it's like getting an ice cube in your hand. I put it in your mouth, it was really cold and hard, but after a while, so it melts like butter in sunshine. I have tasted before, but can not remember what it tastes like. It was pretty good, but he'll probably keep the rest himself, which he does.

We are approaching the meeting place, and I wonder what will happen and why did not Jenny is having. When we arrive, I get to see even an egg, but we land, but not go straight up, side by side with the second egg. We must be pretty high up, because I could see several lights collections below us, there must be towns. I feel that we slow down, and shortly thereafter we are in a large hangar, certainly in one of the great craft that I visited before.

When we stopped and walked out of the egg, I see Jenny and two other of them strange tree-eating creatures. I am rooting for them as usual, Jenny answers, but the other two will more forward and take me on the shoulder like its predecessor did. I asked Jenny what will happen now? "It is you just know!" She asks me to follow, we go into a long corridor and into a large room where there are some people that I recognize from before. We sit down. "Sorry," she says, "all that would have been here will not. Some have pulled himself out of the past, some have not been able or willing to continue our relationship, but it is probably good anyway."

I ask her what it is about and who it was who brought me. "As I told you earlier, there are other civilizations, but some have been destroyed of themselves. Even with you, it will be a mixture of biologically different individuals, then you have destroyed yourself, and you know about. But it was not because you've been taken here. I've told you before that we would prove ourselves to you, and it is decided that we should do. But we do not intend to take a closer contact yet but just to show that we exist. You shall shortly see a map of the places where we must show ourselves. There are not many places for the first time, but there are a few at a time in successive waves. We do not create a panic, but it will go quietly and with dignity to so no one is frightened, and at the same time, I hope we get the help of you who already know us! "

"We have decided that there should be a night when we anticipate that all or most of the population live outdoors, then shall they see a fireworks display that they have never seen. But it lasts only five minutes, then we are lost. What you get see is a play of colors that will appear in four minutes, then will our ships to swim in the light for a minute, so it will not be many who will miss us at the locations we have chosen to show us. It is both these spaceships and flying saucers as you call them and also some other models, but essentially, these modern ships. saucers getting a bit outdated, they have been involved in several hundred years, but they will do for some time. "

"What night do you show you, it will be in the near future, or only in 10-20 years? And do you not land, and show yourselves as well?" - "When it shall come to find out in advance. The time we have chosen is very suitable, and it is not so very far away. It's just that we show us a short while, and we will not descend to the ground, but we are low enough that you could see us anyway, "-" But have you included in the calculation that our defense forces might intervene and perhaps even try to shoot you? "-" As you know we are not out of some bad cases, but rather the opposite. We must first prove that we exist, and only when we are accepted as good neighbors and brothers, then first we can descend to ground level to take the next step. I need not go into it now, you know what it is about. And it would show himself that we are attacked, they can not hurt us with their usual weapons, and I do not think they would use nuclear weapons against us, either, for that would only affect them for the most part. So you need not worry yourself for that matter. The biggest problem will be enough if we get accepted or not. "

"There are a few other things I would ask you," I say. "Are there any of you who are here all the time, or are you just here now and then, and how often is there anyone here who choose to go with you? And is it true that there have been at some newspapers, that you would have taken on board both humans and animals and made some inquiries against their will? "

"On your first question, I can well respond that there are always some of us with you, but it is not the same people all the time, they will be replaced after some time. We have not been so long with you yet, but you will notice make it more closer to the adopted time of our visit will. He that usually contact you is not for too long, he will be exchanged for 6-7 months. " - "By contacting me, you say, there is no one to contact me. Certainly I meet a man now and then who says he comes from a place not far from here, but who speaks with a slightly different accent and looks a bit different also in some respects, and which also has some ability to appear and disappear when you least expect it. But enough about that, can you answer my second question about how often someone walks over to you? "

"That we have talked about before, but I can say that it is moving enough, a few hundred per year. And your third question, I can only say that there is someone who has come on board and has been subjected to some form of examination against their will. Would anyone suggest otherwise, it's wrong. The few that have come on board have been asked if we can take some simple tests, and we have accepted if they are not wanted. And there is no one who has been forced on board Nor, however, it is more with a sense of having been more or less dragged on board, and that includes yourself. "

"And as for the animals, they are the only animals who were aboard a bird that damaged a wing. We did it so that it could fly again, then we release it. You can incidentally be proud of your fellows who work on animal testing. We think it's cowardly to give himself the defenseless animals and experiment with them, but they can give consent. Let your last pet live a free life, you have neither the council or the joy of killing them, and who have given s right to do it anyway? "

I can not but agree with her, because I have exactly the same opinion himself. Finally I asked her if I could not get any concrete evidence of her because they really exist and everything is not only imagination. "Is it for yourself or others that you want evidence of your experience?" she says. "The best evidence you have within yourself, you have to believe in yourself and not bother so much about what others think and think. In time so shall they see that you are right!" We bid farewell to the great craft and head home.

Second visit to the seabed (88-09-02)

After a long break is my space woman Jenny finally off again, this time we shall meet at ten o'clock in the morning. I go out to the meeting place at half past ten and are waiting for her to show up, but she will not. Instead, I saw this egg a short distance away on a peninsula, so I leave myself and go there. When I arrived as slipping a piece of the wall to one side and an opening is visible. When I got into the egg closes the wall, and I know the normal vibrations. We will rise straight up, probably extremely high, because I can see both the West and East. So we change course and go south of Holland, Belgium, France and into over Spain, where we turn a little west towards the Atlantic. After a while we go down at such low altitude that I can not discern any country.

After more than an hour's flight we stop suddenly and go down towards the water, to stay just above the water surface. I see that my pilot tinkered with a few buttons and a knob. The pilot, it is my needle-eating friend from a previous meeting. So we begin to move again, but not upward but into the water! Through the wall I do not see much other than foam and Bubba sources, and it is becoming darker. But it will be back brighter, and we are in a (bottom-lit?) Valley, consisting of both soft and rolling fields and tall, pointy rocks (or perhaps I should say mountain ranges). So we stop in the middle front of a rock wall and the wall is a giant thick and heavy door that opens himself by sliding to the side! From what I can see, the metal, about 25 x 25 feet square and maybe 5-6 feet thick. When completely open, we glide into a huge cave - maybe a few square kilometers - with very smooth walls along the sides to 50-100 meters. Above the plain, the rough surfaces.

We stopped on a ledge that seems to stretch himself around the cave, and in the cave eggs are additional gates and doors and stairs that lead up to other ledges. My pilot made the egg bar, swimming against a door in the rock. It opened, and it shows a room inside. There may be some kind of lock, and even the great cave must be built so that it can be emptied of water. Why else could it have stairs and railings and to the galleries? Another thing that strikes me is that the big gates are numbered with ordinary numbers. In other places I've seen has only been a few geometric signs, squares, triangles, circles and dots.

Bas på havsbotten

Between some of the ports are a few kinds of paintings, and these maps are plotted. Behind me is an entry with the number 4, I can also see a six, a seven, a one and a bit above the seventh grade a fiver. Between six and fourth grade hangs a sign with a map of Europe, Africa, North and South America, Greenland and Antarctica. In the Atlantic Ocean between North Africa and Florida on the map is a large selection with a red circle, and from this circle, you can print several red lines to different locations on the map, including the North Sea and Arctic Ocean. The line that goes to the North Sea is numbered with a four, the same as found on a gate in the cave. The bar number four stops in the North Sea just outside the Dutch or German coast, to which branch himself for another four bars. If I remember correctly it was one of Austria, one in Norway and Sweden, and one against England and one against the Soviets. For each line on the map there seems to be a number that has a mirror on one of the smaller ports in the cave's walls. If these ports leads to some sort of sea lanes or tunnels underground or into the water, I do not know.

It must have been about half an hour later my pilot gave himself away, but now I can see him again come out of a door in the wall. In addition to the door shines a blue light, and shortly after he passed it glows red or tan. I hear a sound, and shortly thereafter, he is inside the egg. The big gate opened, but we go not directly out of the cave but follows the wall of the cave inward. When we arrived at the cave, I get to see something incredible, the rock wall are large windows, 10-12 m wide and 5-6 feet high, and inside these windows is the hustle and bustle! It looks like a workshop of some kind, there are craft, whether people like I've seen before and others, and there are human beings who work with anything! When we pass the last window, I also see something just as strange, that rockets or similar! On one of them is the United States with large white letters and no more that I did not perceive before the room behind the screen gets dark. I immediately started thinking about what I saw and try to get answers to my pilot, but he is a mole quietly.

Soon after we are out of the cave, on the road in the valley and up to the surface. After some hours we are back at the starting point home in Småland. The entire trip took well not more than three hours, cave visit included. Once at the beach, I will just go back to my car when I find Jenny, my space woman! One could not be happier than me when I see who it is. We are talking about what happened when I get a wild idea in my head. Can not we go home to my place and drink a cup of tea? She laughs and asks if I dare it. "It is clear that your clothes might attract attention," I say, but she calms me after a while, so we sit in the living room for a cup of tea.

During the conversation about the events in the sea cave brings me to the rockets I saw, and then she becomes just a little more serious. "They have been found in different places," she says, "and they came not only from the United States but from many nations." She says that authorities in different countries do not have them but they do not want to talk about it. "Several of them have rocket could have started a nuclear war if we had not taken care of them, more unfortunately, I can not tell you."

After the call if the rockets were she herself did not really like anymore, she was not happy and lively Jenny that I had to deal with previously had. I've never seen her so serious and sad as she was now. "You should not rely too much on some nations' promises and fine speech on Disarmament, I can tell you that there has never been so much rearmament on your earth now." she says. "What they're doing now, there are preparations for a war that will destroy you all. You must believe me Ante, sixty percent indicates that it becomes so, and it increases by one percent every year that nothing radical is done. "

We continue to talk about other things and it ends up we set off to the beach. Then we talked a long while, she picked up the same way as before, and I return home. But this much is certain that I will never be able to stop thinking about Jenny, my amazing space woman and her friends from out there somewhere!

Renewed contact (89-03-30)

It is now several months since my last meeting with these people, so I probably had almost given up hope of seeing them again. But on the afternoon of March 29, the phone rings and I pick it up. A voice that, rather seem to be himself inside my head than at the other end of the phone line says that we shall meet, at 21 the following night! I hang up the phone and tell my other family that there was apparently a felringning.

The following day at 20:45, I give myself away to what I believe is the meeting place. This time I have with me a mini camera and some questions that I hope to answer. I arrive, park your car and go down to sj island. I see that there is someone on the cape to the left, about 50 feet away. I stand there and look at the person. He has already begun to go against me, when I hear a noise behind me. It says one of those "spruce spray eater" as I call them, and when he is from the point gets closer, I see that he is of the same variety. No vessel in sight.

We go and sit on a wooden pier assignments. It is a bit graycold and they will appreciate it, because one of them takes out a square box out of a box that he has with him, a box that turns out to be a combination of heat and light. It warms nice and light with a pleasant light. I say that there must be visible to the road and the houses, but he explains that it is not visible. To convince me, we go a short distance away from the scene, and the light gets weaker the farther we go to completely disappear after 40-50 feet. It's a very strange light, fainter than the light from a standard bulb. He says it's a coallamp, run by slaty coal and magnesium and is lit by a magnet.

When we sit around the lamp, I see how they really are. They are approximately 150-160 cm long, rather weak-built, with a pear-shaped head and a half times larger than ours. They are lighter in complexion, has no hair on top of the skull, however, somewhat thin, dark-blond, whiskers like the hair of the small and flat anxiety-tion down to the chin. They have thin lips, a small hint of nose and large eyes.

On top of the head are four narrow metal rails, mounted on a ring at the neck between the ears. Two metal rails go down to your forehead and two on the side of the eye. He has a tight-fitting suit that appears to consist of about 2 cm metalplates. Overall is comprehensive, it goes all the way down under your feet but ends at the wrist, where some sort of gloves begins. He also has a black belt - probably made of metal - with a few symbolic characters. There are two white triangles, which is dimly lit, two standing rectangles with a pink glow that varies in strength, and a symbol consisting of two intersecting segments of circles between two vertical bars. One vertical rectangle react when I talk to him and like follow my voice. From the belt go two rails of the chest up to a metal ring that he has around his neck, and the rails are three white round plates, two on his right side and one on his left. On his left shoulder is a small box with two buttons and something that looks like a plug.

ET med stort huvud

Both parties are similar, except that the other has a bag or box that hangs on the side and something like a tuning fork. I wonder what will happen now and why they made contact. "We want to know if you are still interested in keeping your promise to us as a contact. If so and you will get all the information required to be able to maintain contact with us and the others " I say yes to their question and wonder in my turn, if they can tell where they come from. "We are very far from here, but from a place in the same system as the earth is in. We have stations at close range, including the earth in three different locations. You have been on two of hem, down in the seas, the third site is located on the surface, but hidden to non-detectable by you. On the earth's surface is the oldest. Then we have another six stations on different planets, but I can not say what. " - "Are these planets far from Earth?" - "a two day trip." - "I've been on your home planet, it seems to not be so far away." - "You've never been to our true home planet, but only a few of our stations. But we are there for many years at a time, so in a way, have you still been at home with us."

I wonder also how they can move their vehicles so quietly and quickly, and sometimes more or less invisible, and about their vehicles also powered by coal and metal that this strange light. They respond to slate the carbon and magnesium are included, though it is a long and costly procedure to convert it into fuel. But once it's done enough in return between one and three years. To charge these batteries, it takes vast amounts of electricity. When I ask how big the batteries are, he takes out of his drawer a small box, about 1 dm3 great. He said that I would be able to drive a car so long that the car would have time to be worn several times before the battery is half discharged. He can also regulate the strength of the light from the lamp that stands before us.

I ask if there will be some waste products from the manufacture or use. "The formation of a gas that is harmless to us, but unfortunately it has happened that some of you who have been in contact with us has been sick and in some cases death. We're doing the work to make it safe even for you, but before it is finished, we can not share that knowledge. I ask why do not I have become sick, when I obviously have been exposed to it several times. "You have received a so-called antidote, which is also costly and time-consuming to produce. The antidote was the gray liquid that you drink. "

When I asked if I can not get to take a photo of them before we separated, he answers that we are not quite ready for it yet, but I'll get to that later. I wonder if I can get to know the costume he is wearing? "Please!" he says, looking at his friend, smiling a little tricky. Before I put the index finger on his costume, I see that one of the triangles in the belt starts to flash, more intense the closer your finger will, and at the touch burned it so that the pain makes me scream, and pull back your finger. I get the feeling again, and it feels normal, so they obviously can instantly regulate the temperature in the suit. I know that it is made of a sort of metal fibers.

I say that I wondered how they could be under water without a special diving suit. "Our dress is very special," he says, "with the help of it we can create an invisible energy field around us who run away the water for a short time." He takes himself to the shaft where the little box sits, then he goes against me. When he is on a half feet away, it feels as if an invisible wall, press me to the side!

When it's time for us to part, he makes a movement of the belt, and after a while he lifts off the ground (!), Just due to the other. I see them 15-20 feet up, then they're gone! Halfway home in the car, I spotted a light on the road, it flashes a few times and it's gone. It must have been them.

The last meeting (89-07-29)

It's been a while since we met, but now it has happened again. I was contacted, but not in the usual way. I was heading into town on a bicycle, when I get my police and fire department faced an unknown to me, walking man's person, waving at me to stay. I wonder what he wants, he says just three words: "The meeting place tonight!" He crosses the street and go in between the houses. When I have calm down myself, he is already gone.

The day goes, I go to the meeting place and sit down and wait. After 10-15 minutes, two people went up to me, he who saw before me and Jenny! They beat themselves down on the bridge across from me, and I find out that it would not be so long. I also know that the man is one of the deployed an observer, and that there are thousands more deployed for the same purpose.

We talk a bit about me personally, about my future book, and any responses from my family and friends. After the conversation about me and my traveling man himself, and goes some distance away and sits down. When I look in his direction, then another person turned up. They gets up and goes along the beach, only to disappear behind some bushes and trees. Who the other was, I do not know.

When I ask Jenny about the reason for this meeting, she says that it is the most boring and negative things that she should talk to me about, but also some positives. She says I should be on my guard, for now it has started to happen around the world, and all suggest the same thing. It will probably be a war, which will hit large parts of the world's population! "It will be so devastating, that you are probably hit by a wave of disease that you can not remedy. It is not usual radiation damage but something else entirely."

She is also willing to tell what it is about but do so in the end. She talks about delefernas extinction by itself, with us it will be the same. "The damage that comes from this radiation, which we call the return radiation is the worst and to you unknown effect. Typically, it turns bones, teeth and nails more or less, to a fine powder. It may take several years after any given radiation, but it can also go in seconds. The body also remains intact. "

I ask her how to detect and cure for such damage. "You discover it until it's too late. Once you have got it so there is no turning back." She asks me if I had a toothache at some point, real pain? "Think you such pain in all teeth and fingers and toenails! Add then the pain in every bone in your body and think that this may continue for several years. If you are lucky, it can all be over in a day or so seconds. You Sit on a chair or be out for a walk, when without warning the bones in your body goes up in smoke. You just fall apart like a shapeless mass, and soon after you're dead! Think you that you go on the street and meet someone who just gets a heap of meat before your eyes, or that you come home and find they are yours to quivering heaps on the floor! "

"I can tell you, it really is like that, if war breaks out, even if your doctors and scientists do not believe it. But say hello to them from me, they will discover this and much more in case of a war! "

"As I said, there is no cure once you are radiated, but it can be prevented in a very simple way. I will give you a recipe for a very good and unusual drink, as it is for us only known cure. Actually, I need not tell this to you, because you know your place in it. " I do not really understand what she means by the last, although I've heard it many times before, nor will I care for that matter. Both this and many other things I had planned to ask questions about is blown away.

This was apparently the negative that she had to say. I continued not move the conversation to a large extent about me as an individual, but I learn that award within a three-year plan to contact a number of persons of both sexes. I wonder if they also be allowed to visit their home planet, but is told that none of us have actually been there. We have only seen some bases that they use. Their works-league home is so far out that it takes years to get there.

As usual, I forget to ask where their home base is located, and the conversation slips into small talk about a little of everything, including this book that we should give out. So it's time to be parted again. The last thing she says is: "Say hello to Sune from me, he is not so stupid!" We bid farewell for now, but I am already waiting for next!

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