Why are they here?

Why are they here? - Fred Steckling


Fred Steckling


Introduction by Charlotte Blob 15
1 - The Coming of the Space Ships 19
2 - Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy 31
3 - Flying Saucers, Religion and Science 37
4 - Born Free 49
5 - The First Impressions of the Newborn 56
6 - Later Years of Childhood 61
7 - Conversation with Space People 70
8 - European Lecture Tour 86
9 - Chat with a Saucer Group 102
10 - Questions and Answers 112
11 - Conciusion 138
12 - Up-To-Date Developrnents 141

Another means by which some people may have obtained their information pertaining to the "saucer field" could be so-called "mystic" or "psychic" channels. There have been many, many books written by individuals who claim to be in "mental contact" with our space brothers. There are many groups in the world today which claim this same type of contact; and they use these claims to attempt to influence the people who come upon them with their supposed great "power" or "authority" in this field. All groups or persons who claim privileges such as this, and through these means, are making false claims and are delivering fraudulent information to unalerted people.

The brothers and sisters from our neighbor planets know well enough the instability of human minds on our world, and will never make, or even attempt to make, contact through such means as the "mystics" or "spiritualists" may claim. Any so-called "mental contact" is a certain product of wishful thinking and exaggeration! The space people know of our egotistical desires for self-glorification in many cases, and must be cautious about whom they meet with in this world.

Introduction by Charlotte Blob, page 16.

For the true seeker of Cosmic Understanding, I highly recommend The Science of Life , a study course consisting of twelve lessons, and the book Cosmic Philosophy . This literature contains vast knowledge of our space brother's life, philosophy and steps of self-development, given to us by the space visitors through Mr. Adamski as their representative on earth.

Flying Saucers, Religion and Science page 48

I shall now give you an account of one of my meetings with a person from the planet Venus; it took place in Washington, D. C., March 19, 1966. We met in public for about ten minutes. Since none of the space people have ever introduced themselves to me by their names, I shall simply call them "The Brothers," a title they truly represent.

As we entered the place, we did not sit down to talk, for there apparently was not much time available. Since I was anxious to have a little scientific discussion with them (although I am no scientist, by any means), we chose to speak about the recent space shots of the United States and Russia. This concerned the Venus 2 and Venus 3 shots of the USSR and the Gemini 8 of the U.S.A

The Brother said that Great Britain usually releases more correct information about outer space than the United States. He said that this is due to the co-operation of not only the U. S. scientists with Britain but also with Soviet scientists. The latter have contributed much in outer space exploration.

About this time, our newspapers carried headlines of the Russian space probes - Venus 2 and 3 - which had just reached the vicinity of our neighbor planet. A small object about twice the size of a football was ejected from the one-ton vehicie, "Venus 3," into the planet’s atmosphere and achieved a soft landing by parachute system on the planet’s land surface. The Brother told me the small device had been sending radio signals for some time which shook up the scientists’ previous beliefs about our sister planet. I was not told, however, what the signals were or what information was received by them.

While the space craft Venus 2 passed by the planet at not too great a distance, it is reasonable to assume that it was used to boost the signals from the soft-landing device to earth.

At this time, the Brother said it would not take too much time any more for the truth about planet Venus to become public. There is a magnetic shield which envelops Venus and serves as excellent protection from cosmic rays. This shield, he explained, holds a very high temperature, as well as the natural electrical layers of the upper ionosphere. The protective magnetic shield is made artificially by the inhabitants of Venus. He paused, and I thought, "This shield probably cuts down the radioactivity level to a minimum on Venus."

"This is true," he said, confirming my thought, "for that is the purpose of the shield."

We changed the subject. Looking right into my eyes, he asked me, "Do you really think there is a heaven?"

After a moment of thinking, I answered, "Heaven is within ourselves. This is at least what the Christ said."

"Affirmative." He nodded his head. "You are very right. Although earth people would consider the conditions on other planets ‘heaven,’ according to your understanding, we are, however, working every day to make our worlds better places to live. We are well on our way, and do not experience the many setbacks experienced on earth; for instance, wars and destructions are great setbacks. Even though we may have created a material ‘heaven’ on our worlds, it is the true heaven which counts. And this can only be found within oneself. On our worlds, people have found the true heaven. We have long recognized that we, as mentalists - or egos - can do nothing, but the Father, or Cosmic Intelligence, working through our form, does all the work."

I remembered these words well, for they were also used by Jesus, the Christ, some two thousand years ago. Here our discussion came to an end. We said goodbye, only to meet some day again, I hoped, when the time and place would be right for such a meeting.

Conversation with Space People, page 71-73

Fred Steckling - 1977

This book describe Fred Steckling search for the truth about ourselves and our space brothers and sisters and about the contact years 1963 to 1968.

I give the book

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of ten candles, because the lack of biography of Fred Steckling and lack of photos of the extraterristials.

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