Buck Nelson's contact with Starpeople

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Buck Nelson 1894-1982

In the early mid 50's Buck Nelson claimed he had visited Mars, Moon and Venus in a spaceship piloted by two extraterrestrials and one American with the name Bucky (a long distant relative to Buck Nelson.)

Buck Nelson's story is similair to George Adamski, Lee Childers, Howard Menger and was dismissed as a fraud by most people.

However the story is once againg interesting since the theories of Dimension traveling, Time traveling and the newly started experiments with the Relativistic Heavy ions Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Buck Nelson's experience sound very familiar for the UFO-researcher. Buck lived on a 80 acres farm in Ozark Mountains of Missouri, when his radio on one day in April 1954 begun to go crazy wild. His dog outside was barking and Buck run out to see what was going on. In the sky was one big disc object hovering together with two other. Buck went back, grabbed his camera and took three pictures and when the film was developed only one photo showed two of "the things" which Buck named the discs.

The Thing  - Saucer

The "Thing" - around 50 feet across and more than 8 feet high.

After he had taken the pictures , Buck signalled with a flashlight as a signal to make them come down and land. The answer was very unexpected. They shot some kind of ray at him which was much brighter and hotter than the sun. The ray knocked Buck down behind a barrel and he didn't get up until the "things" were gone. To his amazement he discovered he felt no pain and that he didn't had to use his glasses any more to read. Later he discovered he was cured from lumbago in his back.

Around midnight, almost a year later the "thing" landed and three men and a 365 pounds dog came up to Buck's House. There was Bucky, a 19 year old American with a Scandinavian Accent. An extreterristal with the name Bob Solomon, even if he was 200 years, he looked in the same age as Bucky. The third was an old and wrinkled Extraterristial with no name and the Dog was called BO.

They spent around one hour comparing their homes to Buck's. One remarkable thing was their interest in Buck's radio, especially in the Battery on the top. When Buck explained it was for powering the radio, they waved their hands over their head and said: "What, with all this power overhead, and you use that?" They said they plugged their lights and appliances into their radio for power. Later Buck found out that the Spacepeople only used "solarpower and lines of energy between the Sun and the planets, similair to the lines between a magnet and a piece of steel that where fixed apart".

Extraterristial 17 hours clock

Venusian 17 hours clock with "Chinease" writing.

Just before his trip to Mars, Moon and Venus. Buck was allowed to wrote down the twelve Laws of God outside the spaceship with the stars as witness. After Buck had done it, they asked if meant anything to him to write down the Laws of God, outside under the stars. He replied that perhaps it was close to nature, and they asked "and God?" Buck said "Yes".

The twelve Laws of God was similair to the well known"ten commands".

Love: Love your Maker, your parents, your neighbor, all birds and animals of the earth, and everything in the sea and air.

Honor: Honor your God and parents. Obey God's law which is also man's law.

Obey: Obey God's law, your parents and the rights of others.

1. Love your Maker...God
2. Thou shalt not kill...includes accidents and wars.
3. Love your neighbor.
4. Let your light shine before men, and all will see your good works, and it will be a honor to you and your Maker...God.

11. Your body is God's; do not misuse it in any way. Do not drink or eat anything that is not food. Use nothing to harm the body, either inside or outside. Wear nothing on the body that harms it or is of no use. God made our body and is it not good?
12. God made the heavens and the earth and we must give him thanks for what he gives us.

Buck Nelson's trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus.

"Mars": He saw the canal system and was told that there lived other people with other colors and races than he was familiar with. "Mars" was a very colorful planet.

"the Moon": Buildings used to be in the craters and there is a bridge between two craters on the side toward the Earth. The moon was used as a base only and to manufacturing rocks for other very old planets. There was snow on the mountains and rivers and lakes on the side away from the Earth.

"Venus": Had 3 moons, Had cars with no wheels, levitating 3 to 5 feet off the ground. Used the same power as Spaceships. They used a "Bookmachine", the size of a TVset. It could read the text, play any music and show any photograph that was in the book.

"Space": was inky black in all directions.

The "Spacepeople": Their food consist mainly of fruits and vegetables, They have nice teeth and disease is very rare. They are their own doctors and use "natural" medicines. They don't competive in Sports as it cause a strain on the whole body and especially the heart. They work one to three hours each day and use to attain classes to learn the languages of the people they will be contacting.

As they follow the twelve Laws of God. There is no need for police force, no jails, no courthouse, no government buildings, no wars...Their technology has abolish the need for roads and they build things to last very long. In other words...their taxes are very low.

In 1955 Bucky made this warning on tape about the Future of Mankind, because they had seen so many other civilazations destroy themselves with Atomic Weapons "The world must give up ATOMIC WEAPONS and WARFARE. The next war, if fought, will be on American soil. America will be destroyed, then civilazation all over the world will be destroyed."

Buck Nelson was also given the knowledge that our scientist should not look for a new powersource in the subatomic world when experimenting in huge tunnels underground. the Faith will be similair to the Atalants who made their continent to blow up while experimenting with the new Power, that is more powerful than Atomic Power (This is NOT Fusion Power as they are build above ground.) The Spacepeople use only power from the Sun and lines of energy from planets.

Buck Nelson was one of the first to build a UFO-detector, A small permanentmagnet hold up by a thread. When it turned around, the saucer was near. He was also told that in mid 50's, circa 1500 "Spacepeople" looking like you and me was living in America.

After Buck Nelson had published his small book "My trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus" in 1956. He rose to fame. He appeared in Radio and Television, even in local churches. Always wearing his overalls and work shirt. Everyone in Ozark Mountains and Springfield had first, second or third hand knowledge about him. Firsthand knowledge said that Buck Nelson was indeed very dazy that particular day he visited the bank.

Between 1956 and 1965 he held his annual "Spacecraft Convention" a gathering for people who claimed they had been contacted by the Aliens. When his Fame was at the Top, the line up to his home was more than one mile long!

Buck Nelson's 1000 eyewitnesses

Hank Fulk on BO the dog

ViVenus, Valiant Thor, Omnec Onec and other "Venusians"

In 1946, Gösta Carlsson from Sweden had a meeting with people from another planet outside Ängelholm. The Aliens gave him two objects from their homeplanet. In his book

"Mötet i gläntan" with co-writer Clas Svahn. He claims that since the only meeting with the aliens, they have continue to tell him stories in his dream. The Aliens look Scandinavian, Beautiful and have a lifespan of 1000 years....

Sten Lindgren och rymdbröderna av Håkan Blomqvist

Historien om Howard Menger av Håkan Blomqvist

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