The Adamski Flying Saucers are REAL!

Bellshaped Saucer from Venus

Used with Permission of the Copyright holders (2001-08-05) - G.A.F. International/Adamski Foundation [] P.O.1722 Vista, CA 92085 U.S.A.

Glenn Steckling head of G.A.F. International/Adamski Foundation [] P.O.1722 Vista, CA 92085 U.S.A. answer some questions

Q: I would like to know when and how you got involved with the Adamski Foundation, was it before or after you had seen a flying saucer?

A: My parents - Born in Germany - witnessed both Saucer and Cigar shaped UFO's during the war years and my father already tracked such worldwide sightings on a large planetary map. In 1960 we immigrated to the United States and again witnessed several sightings during our travels.

One such dramatic sighting was in the spring of 1963 - a Bell shaped Saucer hovering clearly visible between one and two thousand feet directly overhead in Downtown Washington D.C. More than 30 other witness were present including a newspaper reporter who published the account the next day in the "Washington Daily News." [original article is in our archives]

Upon seeing this type of craft so close, my father researched and found the exact duplicate photographed by George Adamski.

This lead to contact and eventual direct association with George until his death in two years later in 1965. During this time we had the honor of shared experiences and sightings while in his company.

Ever since Adamski's passing, we have been involved in the Foundation. In the mid 1970's, my father shared directorship with Mrs. Alice Wells - a long time associate and also witness the the Desert Center meeting of 1952. He served as sole Director after Mrs. Wells passing in the early 1980's and upon my fathers passing in 1991, my mother and I - along with numerous dedicated volunteers, continue this work and now jointly administer the Foundation. Therefore one could say, I have been immersed in this field my entire life.

Q: Have you ever seen a "Venusian Saucer" if so when and where? Was you alone? Are you a relative to Fred Steckling? the author of "We Discovered Alien Bases On the Moon"

A: Yes, several times, in several locations. Typically in the company of others but sometimes alone and occasionally while piloting aircraft as well. I am Fred Steckling's son. I assisted my father on the original text of "Alien Bases on the Moon, and since his passing in 1991, by request, I have added several new chapters to the newer edition now available.. " Alien Bases on the Moon II"

Q: Do you know if Fred Steckling has been investigating Russian Luna Data?

A: Over more than 30 years dedicated to this subject My father talked and associated with innumerable people from all professions and backgrounds. During those many years, He was invited to interact with 22 scientists at NASA's Goddard Space flight center, where he presented Adamski films and materials, including to Col. Freeman and his staff at the Pentagon.

He did the same by invitation from Lord Clancarty before a select committee of the House of Lords, and in many other countries on television and radio.....

During our last European trip together in 1989, he spoke directly to a group of former Soviet Scientists about this and other related subjects.

Q: I read in William L. Brian's Moongate about the unexpected pull of Moons at Apollo 11 - 43,495 miles. I wondering if Fred have tried to obtain Russian satellite data from their Lunarprogram?

A: 1. This was not really unexpected for this also coincides with Werner Von Braun's report in his book of the exact same distance, so those on the Apollo project were aware of it....

(History of Rocketry & Space Travel by Wernher von Braun and Frederick I. Ordway III, 1969 Editation). According to Time Magazine July 25, 1969 "At a point 43,495 miles from the moon, lunar gravity exerted a force equal (the neutral point) to the gravity of the earth, then some 200,000 miles distant."This means that the moons gravity is around 64% of the earth, not the 16% mentioned earlier (That's why the Swedish National Encyclopedia never mention the moon's gravity!) - Hermes

2. Discretion often opens doors...officially - no...

Q: Has he verified the famous 69-HC-431 photo of the Moon?

The moon with its atmosphere and Apollo 10

This photo that show the atmosphere of the moon as a thin blue band appeared first in the 1971 editation of Encyclopedia of Discovery and Exploration, volume 17, page 13, chapter The Moon and Beyond by Fred Apple.

A: I believe the lunar photos stand strongly for themselves...such were just a fraction of what we found and made available, and a fraction still of what is yet to be researched and discovered. The ones we originally ordered and purchased from NASA remain in our vaulted archives...

Q: Do you know if it possible to obtain NASA photos of the Moon through the World Wide Web? I would like to put up a copy of the blow up photo Lunar Orbiter V No. 67-H-1135 at my website found on page 39 "We Dicovered Alien Bases On the Moon" Can I copy it from the book or should I write NASA for a copy?

A: To obtain original reproduction quality copies requires ordering from NASA . To my knowledge such continue to be public domain...

Q: Where are the Adamski's original negative photos today?

A: Locked up in our vault and archives

Q: Have the negative been investigated by experts after Adamski's death?

A: All those who have examined the photos and negatives have never question their integrity. As you know, Sherwood did so with Kodak as well ... The principle for telescopic photography is very simple, and with 1950s and 60s technology, the graying effect of telescopic photos cannot be faked. AND of course, the motion picture footage remains some of the best and most authentic in civilian hands ...... If you look on our website you will find a copy of the Affidavit from the photo developer who examined and printed the original negatives.

Q: What do you say to those who criticize Adamski's photos?

A: Sometimes people forget that if you want to thake a good photo of as an example - the scoutship. Adamski had to take perhaps a dozen photos before he was satisfied. And that is the reason why I can laugh at those who criticize Adamski's photos. While some say the photos are to blurred, other say they are to sharp! Of course, only the best photos are published in books and newspapers. The rest are in our vault.

Q: Are you going to publish all adamski's photo in the future?

A: More photos and articles will be published in the next printing of "Beyond the flying saucer mystery" Hopefully it will be released in 2011.

Q: Are there UFO-photos by Adamski that has never been published?

A: Yes

Q: Do you plan to realease other material as well?

A: We are working with digitalizing and transfering George Adamski's 8 mm and 16 mm to DVD. When we are finish, we plan to take up the work with digitalizing around 50 soundtapes that involves lectures and private meetings and transfering them to CD. And finally we plan to write an Adamski biography that are built on chapters written by some of Adamski's co-worker. It is a really important project.

Q: Is the Adamski's correspondance still avaible? and if so where is it?

A: All in our archives, including the papers of CA Honey which were donated to the Foundation after his death several years ago ...

Q:. What is your opinion about Adamski's teaching in Tibet? 1936?

A: This was due to Adamski's time spent at a special location there for six years. This school was not of the type of Tibetan lamasery which people would associate to with such a location today ...

Q: Was Adamski a member of the Theosophian Society?

A: No not to my knowledge and I would have to research further. Over the years All kinds of groups sent Adamski memberships, etc, as he became known in hopes of associating to his fame. For instance he got a membership from NICAP in the late 1950s but he never cared for or gave much attention to such things. Adamski always felt it was best to remain the individual and not be associated with any group or official organization which would eventually compromise his ability to tell the truth ... And that was his exact reasoning for turning down the UN seat from U Thant in Jan of 1965.

Q: Carol Honey claimed that he had meet the spacebrothers, what is your opinon about it?

A: Originally Honey did met the brothers through Adamski - several times for during those early years these contacts would be often visiting Adamski on the property ... HOWEVER, Honey wanted more, especially a ride in a flying saucer and Adamski told him that he did not make those decisions or arrangements, only the space contacts decides who goes and who does not (This also was the wish of Desmond Leslie, however disappointed, he did not go as far as Honey) .... Honey was enraged and began to make Adamski all kinds of trouble, including trying to steal his copyrights. So Adamski had to take a lawyer to get Honey to stop ... All these original letters and records exist in our archives. Adamski disassociated himself with both Honey and Zinstag by 1963, but both used George or many years after GAs death in order to make a name for themselves and still denounce George with their misinformation.... Most despicable.

Q: Do you believe that there are living spacebrothers on the ground on every planet in our solarsytem? The spacebrothers told Adamski that they were living on the Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn? Is this your opinion or do you believe they have bases throughtout the solar system?

A: They have interim bases on our Moon. They live on these planets, with thriving societies, however, do the declining condition of our solar system, they are in the process of transferring their populations to the next solar system ... but this will take many centuries still ...

Q: Both Adamski and your Father Fred Steckling was in contact with the spacebrothers.Does your mother Ingrid and you, also have contact with the spacebrothers?

A: We were fortunate to have met and interacted with the space contacts of Adamski during his times on the East coast during the last two years of his life. My entire family have witnessed them then and since have, on occasion, enjoyed the great privilege of their presence over the decades which have followed. We do not arrange these interactions, for ONLY THEY decide when, where and if - and such contacts are always with a specific purpose ..... NO ONE can truly claim they can dictate or summon the space people when they may come or have contact ... for if they do, they are liars..... Lastly, Time is not an issue for them, therefore, over the decades we have aged noticeable, but they appear relatively the same as they did 40 years ago.


The reason for the following three question is that I wanted to know how Glenn Steckling was involved with George Adamski and particular what he did or did not see during the two years he met George Adamski.

Because Carol A. Honey claimed that he, together with others eyewitnessed saw George Adamski channeling Orthon, sometimes 1961. I wanted to know if George Adamski also channeled Orthon while he was together with the Steckling family?

I asked the question about the models, because a member of UFO-Sweden claimed that after George Adamski death. People found the models of the space ships, that he used to photograph while taking his famous photos. When I said: "Fine, can you show these photos of George Adamski's models, so I can decide myself if these are identical to the photos taking by George Adamski?" - I was met with SILENCE.

Q: You hung out with George Adamski 1963-1965?

A: Yes, we lived together with Adamski at the Rodeffer residence whenever George was on the East Coast. I spent time with him while my parents and Madeline were busy out arranging his lectures and events. He introduced me to several of his space friends who came by the house to brief and interact with him. We witnessed a number of space ships over the property during those years too. Plus thereafter.

Q: During that time? Did you see George Adamski channeling extraterrestrials?

A: Adamski never channeled E.Ts..... channeling is nonsense and he said so many times.

Q: Did you see any models in George Adamski's possession that resembled the bell-shaped saucer? or oblong motherships?

A: No, we never witnessed any models of any sort. - only the real space ships.

The Rodeffer film

Adamski Type Flying Saucer 1965

Bellshaped type Flying Saucer - It was filmed on February 28th in 1965 by George Adamski
at US government official Madeline Rodeffer home, in a suburb of Washington DC called Silver Springs, Maryland USA.

The video is ca 475KB MPG

Used with Permission of the Copyright holders (2010-10-21) - G.A.F. International/Adamski Foundation [] P.O.1722 Vista, CA 92085 U.S.A.

Basically there has been much untruth perpetuated concerning the Rodeffer film, which was really the Adamski film, since Madeleine did not film it, but rather George did, which is common knowledge ....

George returned in Jan of 1965 from U Thant, who offered him a seat on the UN, which Adamski declined - for the very reason that he believed that taking any official postion or title would restrict his ability to maintain the truth.

Around the end of that month, a Military official gave Adamski a piece of film (which they attempted to do from time to time to see if they could trick him with fabricated and faked images) - the military hoping that George was an old man and he would use it by mistake and be thus be exposed and more easily ridiculed. However, George was no fool, and he and my father went through that military film frame by frame, splicing out segments for analysis, and found it all to be badly faked - showing it to all in the house and later burning it in the fire place that same day.

The Rodeffer film came nearly a month later at the end of Feburary, after nearly 6 months of preparation by Adamski and his space contacts. In later testimony, Madeleine had the two films confused, as she later did many facts - especially after GA died and her personal life and marriage began to fail. (my mother and I sat with her for over a week, just 2 years before she passed away recently and went day by day through the events to reawaken her memory and she eventually conceded that she had confused and inaccurately related events in the years to follow which damaged Adamski in many ways) ....

That has always been the truth about that film .... George called us to the house within the hour of the film being taken and a very long conversation ensued where to have it safely developed, since there was great danger in those days of leaving such a type of film too long for laboratories to notify the authorities. It was decided that night and my father personally took that intact and complete film to Dynacolor in Rockville on a 24 hour service and he picked it up the very same way the next day .... That following evening, six of us, Nelson (Madeleine husband) Madeleine, George, my Father, Mother and I viewed it for the first time and it was COMPLETE - exactly as they had witnessed and filmed it - nothing faked, nothing substituted - with segments of the ship directly overhead showing the revolving rings as it hovered just over the roof as it moved off ..... PERIOD .... Only us six would know that portion ....

That same week, George flew to Rochester New York to see Bill Sherwood at Kodak to make copies of the film. He called back to the house and told us the CIA was all over the place and he had to guard the film closely .... When he returned, the only thing that was different from the film was that he had removed the section with the saucer hovering overhead detailing the revolving rings. He had been approached by his space contacts and was told to return that portion because it detailed too much and they did not want the military to deduce any further leaps on the technology ....

As you can see from the intact original film frames we alone possess after all these years, the 3 dimensionality is apparent and was the crowning achievement of George's proof about his contacts ... He was ecstatic to have taken that piece of film ...... (there were even better ones in his briefcase)

Whatever nonsense told or composed in the years since, I can only say they were NOT there and WE were .... And this account has been told on the record by us exactly the same by my Father, Mother and eventually later by myself since 1965, so there is nothing new or being invented thereafter here ....

As I stated earlier Adamski, spent his last birthday with us And also recorded a tape instructing the coworkers how to act and procedure to continue after his passing. Of those instructions he also told my father to make six copies from all the originals which he did and distributed as instructed. Off the top of my head they were designated for May, US, Madeleine, Hans, R. Caswell, and I do not recall the last right now. (It might have been Dora Bauer - with whom I corresponded with for many years untill her passing) Only two of those original 'copies' survive to my knowledge - May's and ours - of which both are in our vaults now. The original segments were returned to Alice Wells and those sections are in our vault as well. Other than the first six copies which included most of what was in GAs briefcase. Although the Silver Springs footage was included in the copies, the original Silver Springs footage did not go to Alice after the funeral - but was given Madeleine until she lost that in the early 1970's.

C. A. Honey - George Adamski's associate and ghostwriter.

Has made a deep study of the Adamski type sacuer in

Publication #205-C Are Adamski Type Saucers Physical or not Physical?

His conclusion are that they are very real indeed! Before C.A Honey become an associate with George Adamski, he was an UFO-investigator for the Government and for 25 years of his life he held a Secret Clearance...

On June 1, 1953, the United States Air Force held a breifing on "flying saucer" activity before Air Force Reserve Officers at the Veteran's Administrations Building. The report from that meeting states, quote,:

"Chop was shown photographs that Adamski had taken with his telescopic camera near Palomar.

"Pev. Marley, cameraman for Cecil De Mille's 'Greatest Show On Earth,' who had served as a photographer with the Enemy Interceptor Command in the Second World War and who could identify Jap Zeros and other enemy planes at a glance, testified that Adamski's pictures, if faked, were the cleverest he had ever seen, rivaling a Houdini.

Marley pointed out the shadows on these saucers, and also on the ground corresponded to such a remarkable degree that they could not be faked, and that to fake such pictures would require costly equipment which Adamski, obviously, does not possess and which, even then, could not assure such a result."

C. A Honey further writes in his excellent publication:
The Adamski photos were analyzed by scientific laboratories of the military, the government, and by private laboratories dealing with such photos. The conclusion in every instance has been the same: No evidence exists which points to any fraud in making the pictures.

DesLes (Desmond Leslie) asked George Adamski several times, if he could follow with him on his claimed Space Trips, but he was never allowed. But in 1958 C. A. Honey was allowed to meet "little people" together with George Adamski.

Read C.A. Honey's Publication #205-C Are Adamski Type Saucers Physical or not Physical? online!

If you see a spherical yellow light in the sky, it might not be a yellow balloon with a light inside, it might be something else... I didn't know that before reading it.

Adamski type flying saucers seen by the military and civilian people in Washington D. C. on March 1965 according to News - Recorder

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