Mercury: UFO Messenger of the Gods

Mercury: UFO Messenger of the Gods


Bill Clendenon

W.D. Clendenon

Clendenon William Duey Jr

A few days efter I received the preceding letter from Mr. Adamski. I was home alone. When the doorbell rang at 9:00 pm., I vent to the door. I saw through the full length glass vindow of the outer door that a man was there. The man, 5 ft. 6 in., well-dressed and wearing a ten topcoat, looked to be about 30 years old.

When, I asked him what he wanted, he told me that he vas taking a political survey of the people in the area to see vhether they voted on the Republican ticket. I told him I always voted independently, de- pending on the individual candidates. The man nodded his head and I shut the door, thinking that was that. Hovever, I experienced a very strong impulse. Something in my head said, ‘Ask the men inside now,’

Confused, I did so. I sat down on the couch and my visitor sat on the easy chair. I stated that since he was involved in public relations, perhaps he could advise me on how to generate interest in an invention I had. Vhen he asked what the device was, I told him it vas en aircraft that could take off and land vertically. At this point.. he asked me if I was having any technical problems with my invention. I told him I was but I thought I could work things out in time. We discussed some of the problems with the invention and soon realized that this man knew much about my invention, including minute details He knew a tremendous amount about the V,T.O.L. propulsion system.

He stated that I should try to interest the governmeflt end aerospace firms. such as Boeing Aircraft, even if I had to go to Bill Boeing himself. I told him I would try. (I did. too, but got nowhere,) We talked for almost an hour and he was interested in the type of books I had laying about regarding aviation, science,. UFOs. etc.

At no time did either of us mention George Adamski, UFOs. or anything like that. We talked about my invention. As he stood up to go. he turned and began jotting some notes on index cerds he had withdravn from his pocket. I noticed that he wore dark-framed glasses although I instinetly knew he didn't need them. However. the thing that impressed me the most was his face. His skin was smooth as though he never shaved in his life. His skin reminded me of a babys skin. Vhen he smiled. his teeth vere perfect and very white. The color of his skin vas brown, like an Indian; his hair vas dark and trimmed in a business-like manner. He looked almost too perfect and it bothered me.

The stranger left; I did not try to follov him end I never saw him again.

Extraterristial Visitor

Hovever. I felt keyed up the way things vare beginning to shape up. But. not in my vildest dreams did I imagine what events vould transpire in the next few days.

Once more. after the man had visited me, I felt the urge to valk out in my backyard, tt was nearly dusk but still light enough to see weil. Vhile standing in the backyard. facing north. I saw a brilliant white ball of light. It vobbled as if out of control, but straighterned itself in a vestward line. I saw that it was accompanied by short spurts of white vapor, The ball of light made a right angle tum. due south and proceeded toward Bremington vhen the UFO reached a position parallel with my position. It made another right angle tum end came eastward toward me, As it ceme doser to me. the white light turned to rust-orange and was pulsating on and off.

The details of the UFO's structure nov became quite clear end looked identical in every vay with the Scout Ship photographed by Adamski in California in December, 1952.

Adamski Type Flying Saucer

Photographed by George Adamski through his six inch telescope on December 13th, 1952

Used with Permission of the Copyright holders (2002-05-12) - G.A.F. International/Adamski Foundation [] P.O.1722 Vista, CA 92085 U.S.A.

I had just been shown that Adamski's UFO Scout Ship photograph was real. As the white Scout Ship came closer to where I was standing, I could make out the details af the 35-40 O.D. with ease. The ship had a rust orange light at the tip af the ball atop the cabin. Around the top edge of the cabin, there was a rust orange halo and another orange halo around the extreme lover flange af the UFO. Another rust orange light vas on the bottom side in. the very center. All these lights vare pulsating on and off as one, not independently.

There vas no sound but vhile standing directly under the UFO with it about 100-150 feet above me. I could detect some heat but no odor. The little ship now moved so slowly above my head that I could barely detect any forvard movement, I could, however, see the turbine vheels revolving and some hatch-like outlines on the underside of the ship in the center area. This UFO sighting was the best in. every way. I leamned much in a short time, Portholes or windows were very easy to see.

Scout Ship

The little Scout Ship picked up speed and moved eastward from my backyard toward Sandpoint Navel Air Station and I felt the personnel at the Navy Air Base just had to see it, but they told me the next day when I checked with them that they hadn't seen anything releting to a UFO during that time. However many people in my area reported the UFO sighting to a radio talk show the evening of the sighting.Those people received little positive response. The radio show’s host made remarks like, "We have another weirdo in the sky, folks! end so it went.

However, I knew that Adamski had indeed been involved with the UFO Scout Ship. Of that fact, I no longer had any doubts!

Air Force about George Adamski's Scout Ship

The Air Force was in doubt about the reality of George Adamski's photos of the Scout Ship

Mercury: UFO Messenger of the Gods by W.D. Clendenon gets
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The book are about one man struggle to invent the manmade flying saucer and cover more than 40 years of research. If you are interested in see drawings of the manmade flying saucer with explenations and correnspondance with interested parties this book is for you. I suggest you buy one.

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