Vivenus Planet Venus

New Viviann Venus

ViVenus - 1960

I would like to make contact with Vivann Venus, do you have any news that could lead to a contact? I would be very greatful if you have any news about her, she looked to be 21 in 1960. She was 28 when she spoke at the UFO-congress 1967. Did anybody took some photos of her at the UFO-congress? She had brown hair and was very good looking,
and she will be 69 this year 2008. She has been missing since 1992.

Willaru Speaks about Life on Venus

Valiant Thor
Jill, Donn and Valiant Thor - 1957
(to the right, was Dr. Frank E. Stranges contact person from Venus)

I would like to begin friendsship with Jill or Tanyia, or both..! Are there anyone who have seen them lately? Please, contact me.

Omnec Onec

Venusian 1956 Howard Menger's venusian friend 1956

Buck Nelson's contact with Starpeople

George Adamski och Orthon tittar ut från Moderskeppet


Venusians Contact Scientists


My wish is to become friends with Howard Mengers extraterristial friends. Write or visit me, I am openminded...

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