Facts or Fiction about George Adamski?

George Adamski

April 17, 1891-April 23, 1965

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Adamski did conduct a school known as the "Royal Order of Tibet" which he founded in the 1930's. I see you have added the prohibition label as well. To be accurate, which those who claimed that Adamski was a bootlegger (an American term for making illegal alcohol at home) they have screwed up the facts again. Adamski constructed his school in late 1936, AFTER prohibition had ended. Also, since the house and land was not even half an acre large, the size property would not have grown enough grapes to have successfully made a dozen bottles of wine - hardly enough to be labeled a successful bootlegger for or to have made any substantial profit on - so once again those who made such claims are either ridiculously inept journalists or plain incompetent lairs.

Secondly, the property was not Adamski's but belonged to Mrs. Alice K. Wells, who was one of his students. She was also the owner of the Valley Center and Mount Palomar Properties as well. Another one of his students, a Mrs. Johnson, gave him his first 6 inch telescope. And her son was a scientist who was responsible for the alignment of the 200 inch telescope atop Mt Palomar. There were many private meetings and discussions between Adamski, Dr. Johnson and his friends concerning these crafts. One private story went so far as to say, when they opened up the 200 inch telescope, a large cigar shaped mother ship would park itself in front of the lens, and no matter where they revolved the scope to, it would move to be in front of it ..... The below was sent to me by a newspaper reporter who conducted some research into Adamski and the Mt Palomar Observatory

Here's a gem of trivia I'll share with you. When the big mirror of the Palomar telescope was brought up in 1947, it was set on a concrete platform that still sits by the observatory. In a playful mood, astronomer Olin Wilson placed a carefully-lettered sign on the platform that read,


The sign was removed when a visitor complained about it. (From email interview with Ronald Florence, Palomar historian and author.) Lastly, the reasons behind the school had to do with his philosophical training he obtained after having spent several years in Tibet at, shall we say, a unique school. The exposure to Universal life beyond this planet began already then in his life. And also his interaction with UFOs began much earlier in his life too ....

- Glenn Steckling


Both the Bailey's and the Williamson's were nothing more than convenient witness's to the November 1952 Contact in Desert Center; people outside his regular compatriots from Palomar Gardens. Adamski already had sighted and interacted with these UFOs and their occupants for many years prior to the "Official" contact in Desert Center. Both Adamski and his contacts DECIDED and arranged to make this interaction their first for Public & Official record, giving such a place to start for the increased events and activities that were to follow. There is one other reason for that location too, but that is not for public knowledge (From Adamski's own lips from those who actually knew and worked with the man). Those who were included were brought along from the Palomar Gardens property as participatory witnesses. Who ever is claiming or printing otherwise, certainly did not meet or spend time with Alice Wells, Martha Ulrich or George Adamski - all who were there, and all whom we personally knew.

One statement was partial true, the Government indeed was notified, however they filmed the entire event.

All parties that attended the event on the ground were instructed what to bring by Adamski before. AND this person is also incorrect with another statement. MOST of the photographic plates that George used for that camera were in his pocket and thus washed by the proximity of the hovering Scout craft, which GA approached - The craft NEVER touches the ground, for this is by product of its Electro Magnetic motor, which is never completely shut off ...... BUT one plate remained in the Camera - and in fact the photo is included on the newspaper Phoenix Gazette which reported the event. I have directly from George's files that photo that came from that first Contact in Desert Center, of a saucer hovering over the hill where it settled behind to land.

It never fails to amaze me the people who wish to be the experts about things that they have no idea about ....

- Glenn Steckling


Bellshaped Saucer

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Alan Tolman is a retired Aerospace Engineer with DOD clearances, and military veteran who also was a witness to another UFO while serving in Korea in 1950 - 51. This event was reported in Capt Ruppelt's book, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects." published in 1956.

At the time of his witnessing a Saucer land on the Adamski property, he was assigned to the Douglas Skyrocket aircraft with two other men, one from Naval Intelligence and the other CIA. The CIA person gave him Vice Admirals Freeman's name and address, and information regarding Intelligence digests: of which he said there were 3 volumes of sightings / photos from all over the world.

Here is his affidavit in his own words.

" In 1956, I was visiting George Adamski. One night, he let me use his telescope and while looking through the scope, I saw a bluish streak that filled the field of view. I quickly looked up but saw nothing. Suddenly, I saw a blue white glow, elliptical in shape just beyond the grove of trees. George was talking to friends in his house. I walked toward the craft and as I got closer, could hear the soft, pleasing "humming" sound. At about 100 yards from the craft, I heard people from the restaurant down hill from George's house yelling loudly, " there is a UFO on the ground." From the restaurant, the people had an unobstructed view of the craft. Suddenly, a man from the restaurant almost knocked me down, saying " there is a UFO out there" and then disappeared. The craft increased in brightness, going from blue white to intense white that seemed to shimmer. The hum sound increased in frequency, until I could not hear it anymore. The craft shot straight up making no noise, into the stars, until it looked just like a star. It then shot off horizontally to the horizon. I went in to George's house and told him what had happened. He said he heard all the ruckus outside, and then just look at me and smiled."

- Glenn Steckling

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