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Recently several things have occurred which seem to have come right out of the past. Years ago I investigated many claims of various individuals who stated they had been contacted by people coming here from other planets.

The investigation in most cases revealed that no genuine contact had occurred at all. In many cases their claim was revealed to be psychic in nature, with no physical contact involved.

In spite of the fact that no proof then, or to this day has ever been provided, that would indicate that any validity to back up psychic claims exists, thousands of people accepted psychic claims as factual.

The worst aspect of such belief is that many religious cults also accept such phony claims as authentic and base many of their own claims on psychic information as if it were true.

The odd thing is that recently some of these claims, thoroughly disproved years ago, are once again being promoted as factual. I assume that these claims have re-occurred due to an entire new generation of individuals who were not here to see what happened when the original claims were made.

One prominent contactee in the 1960's was Howard Menger, author of FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU. In late 1965 and early 1966, Howard Menger revealed that certain unnamed individuals in the Pentagon gave him information and guided him in what to say as far as his former contact claims were concerned.

Here are his own words as they appeared in an open letter written by Menger and published on January 25, 1966, in a newsletter published by James Moseley:

"I wrote my book based on actual experience, which I accidentally stumbled upon in an isolated field to the rear of my property in Highbridge, New Jersey. These photographs I sent to a department in the Pentagon. It wasn't long afterwards that I was contacted and asked if I would cooperate in an experiment based on what I had inadvertently expanded futuristic view of 'things to come,' with their help and information.

I suppose they must have figured the only way to obtain my silence and cooperation was to put me on the 'team.' In other words the 'Highbridge Incident,'

"The Highbridge Incident was used as a gauge to indicate the peoples reaction to alien contact. You will think this is not too strange when you consider that our astronauts today are being thoroughly conditioned and trained to meet any and every strange condition or situation they may face upon landing on an alien world!

"Bearing this in mind, let us suppose they superimpose a hypothetical condition (based on truth) like a spacecraft landing in an obscure country town, and some alien creatures disembarking, giving messages of good will by a local yokel acting as 'contactee.' This would be one way of getting an index of human reaction.

Of course, I could go on at length, but assume by now you have the point established. "I agreed to cooperate in the above experiment, and when the press picked up the story of flying saucers over Highbridge, they really had a ball. They worked it up into a real sensation.

However, all the publicity did not help me, my work, or my family, as I had little or no privacy left. But this was all part of it. I had to meet and talk to people. At first I was a little shy and more or less tongue-tied, but after many lectures I gained in confidence, and with the material and suggestions handed to me, I was able to carry on.

"After the Highbridge Incident had been widely publicized and the experiment was considered finished, I completely withdrew from all activities in saucer research. I refused to give lectures, or show movies, or speak to anyone about it. I had completed my mission. I wanted peace."

The following excerpt is quoted from Menger's next book, and according to James Mosely, was taken from a letter Menger wrote to Gray Barker:

"Here is an excerpt from my new book, which is called What Happened at Highbridge: A specialized element of Government Intelligence, located in a well-guarded room of the Pentagon, has for several years spent 24 hours a day compiling documented, indisputable facts on the known existence of extraterrestrial beings coming and going at will, from outer space to our planet Earth. These beings are not, as yet, known to be hostile to the people of Earth. They far exceed Earth-born people in scientific, spiritual, and social development."

This brings up an interesting question: If Menger is really saying the things attributed to him in the above quotes mentioned, and if they are true (I stress the word IF), then how many other contactee stories might have been fostered by government representatives.


Back in the days when I was working with him, George Adamski was offered vast sums of money from time to time, IF he would consent to repudiate his original story or modify it to suit those offering him the money. WHY?

Who knows how many "contactees" have succumbed to offers of money in exchange for telling deliberately distorted stories designed to cause confusion and instill doubt in the minds of interested citizens?

Is this the reason why some reports bearing up to close investigation seem to be authentic, and yet information supposedly given by space visitors disagrees entirely with established facts. Earlier in this book I suggested that false information was deliberately "planted" by some person or some government agency, in order to make so many contradictions that the average person would become too confused to see the real truth about what is going on.

I have heard rumors to the effect that some contactee stories were given to them by certain officials of the government. This with the understanding that if they didn't stick to the wild story, which would tend to cause people to disbelieve them and think they were a fraud, they would be certified as mentally incompetent and "put away" on the "funny farm."

I have never encountered direct evidence to support this idea, but it is a thought. What better way could you hide something from the public, and fix it at the same time so that even if any truth should come out with it, or if any secret information should leak out with it, the public wouldn't accept or believe any of it. It works every time it is tried.

Back in those days all my incoming mail was screened by a government agency before it was delivered to me. When I first began to suspicion that someone or some body was intercepting my mail, I had a friend send some mail to me from a neighboring town. I assumed that if intercepted it would create an extra day or two for delivery. It never arrived at all. When I complained to the postmaster that my first class mail was being intercepted and screened I was told not to worry about it, it was being done to train carriers.

I never accepted that explanation for one minute.

But I can tell you what did happen in my case. I used a post office box address to keep my residential address private. I had to do this because I was being bothered at all times of the day or even as late as 10 PM or so, by people coming to my house because of my working with George Adamski, or because they read something in my monthly publications that they wished to dispute or discuss.

One day when I picked up my mail from the post office box, I found a legal document addressed to the postmaster. The document was a directive to the postmaster for him to intercept all my incoming mail and turn it over to the government agency for examination.

They wanted to see who was writing to me, who was sending me books or pamphlets, and screen anything else that was being directed to me. It was obvious that the document had been left in my box by mistake and had been included along with the mail itself.

At least it was positive proof to me that I was being watched by federal agencies for whatever reason they might have. In those days J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI thought most, if not all UFO organizations, and contactees especially, were in actuality part of the communist conspiracy to overthrow the United States government.


In my office, located in my home in Anaheim, California until the latter part of the 1960s, I kept a lot of personal UFO documents and artifacts under lock and key. This included photographs of "Flying Saucers" that were as clear as pictures of an automobile in a parking lot, showing physical manufactured "saucers" in flight.

It also included other physical evidence, including some material thrown out of a UFO to confuse our own radar. Included were the five different letters from the government agency that had answered inquiries from various people asking about the notorious Straith Letter.

Although evidence today seems to indicate that the Straith Letter was a hoax perpetrated upon Adamski by Gray Barker and James Moseley, I have never figured out why the State Department, in five different letters to five different people, knew about Straith, and where and when he worked for the department.

All but one stated he had worked for them at various periods of time over the years (none agreed on exactly when he worked or when he left.) This was one of the best reasons at that time for believing that the Straith Letter was a genuine statement coming from a government official. All replies were in answer to letter inquiries to the State Department asking about R.E. Straith, his duties, and his whereabouts at the time.

My locked files as just described, all disappeared at some time unknown to me, since I did not check on them at all and several days or weeks could go by without me even opening the locked cabinet. No signs of a break-in were found to my residence or to the cabinet. I always thought that the theft was done by professionals within the FBI or other intelligence agencies of the Unites State Government. They certainly left no traces.

In the 1960's, I was approached by a well-known contactee, who incidentally is still going strong with his original claim. Assuming my claims were fraudulent also, he wanted me to participate in new claims that would back up both our experiences and present a more authentic sounding story to the public. Of course I refused and heard no more about it although he continued to function as normal.


As far as threats from the government goes, I firmly believe that most are made by government agents themselves and do not carry backup from the government itself. George Adamski was threatened in this way and I have always assumed the men were saying things to harass Adamski into doing what they wanted. He was told they would tie him to a car bumper and drag him to death if he didn't do as they wanted.

At another time he was told that they could make him disappear by putting him in a mental institution and throwing away the key. They said it would happen without court order or warrant and he would simply disappear as far as the public was concerned.

I assumed then and still do, that this was a statement from the men themselves and was said without sanction from their department in the government. One man's credentials said he was from the FBI and the other claimed to be from the CIA.

Men visited me more than once from government intelligence agencies and came to Hughes Aircraft asking for personal meetings with me in regard to UFOs. I was always treated courteously and was never threatened in any way. They always acted as if they knew my claims were real and not imaginary. Even if they didn't accept me as authentic, they never let me know it, and I'm sure they operated the same way with most of the people they interviewed about UFOs.

I knew personally most of the people claiming contact in those years and never could accept that they were legitimate. I am talking about those claiming physical contact, as I never had to investigate those claiming mental or psychic contact. Even if they were in mental communication with a higher entity the information would be meaningless except to the recipient and second hand to anyone told about it.

We have no reason to believe in the authenticity of any psychic or mental communication, no matter how good it may sound. One of the other aspects of that type of claim is that a large percentage of those claiming such experiences are hearing voices that could just as easily be the result of psychological aberrations.

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