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Let me start this article off by stating up front that "Flying Saucers" are real, physical, manufactured, mechanically constructed vehicles, and have no etheric, esoteric, occult, or metaphysical counterpart at all. They are as real as any aircraft flying the airways of the United States. How can I be so sure of this? Several reasons:

One, I held a Secret Clearance for over 25 years with the government, was deeply involved with various "Flying Saucer" activities, and even my employer at Hughes Aircraft was unaware of what was really going on. This in spite of the fact that Hughes was one of the companies working on "reverse engineering" some of the new ideas recovered from the disks that crashed near Roswell in the late forties.

Two, I had proof of the physical reality of the "saucers" long before moving to California in June of 1951. The experiences I had helped me determine which contactee, if any, had genuine experiences with actual contact with beings from another world.

Three, after finding out George Adamski had experienced genuine contact with spacepeople in the Desert Center incident, I was invited to work with him and for several years I was his ghostwriter and associate. During that time I was with him when he met "little people" on one of his claimed contacts.

Since I have no way of proving any of my experiences then or in later years, I felt it best to not try and sensationalize any of the events occurring to me at any time. Instead, I felt then, as I do now, that any intellectual argument should stand on its own merit and logic, and should not have to be proven by methods that are doubtful at best.

Four, by now you should start to realize that my source of information was direct from authentic sources, from authentic meetings with physical people, and not from any psychic source, or from obvious fakes like automatic writing or Ouija boards.

Fifth, there is another possibility and you should by now have considered. If you can't imagine by now where my information might have originated, you probably will never know for sure. If I came right out and told you, then no one would believe it at all. As Ray Palmer used to say, "It is my secret."


I have often been criticized over the years because of my writing with authority and some people thought I should instead write the information as "my opinions." While they are my opinions I do write them with authority because they are "facts" and are backed up by experience and first hand information that cannot be disproved. Anyone can say something is a fake but most do not have any ideas at all to back up that claim.

People today who are completely ignorant of the history behind Adamski's photos with say they are fake, they show a "chicken brooder," or any number of equally asinine statements, without a shred of any logical evidence to back up their statement. They feel the burden of proof is on Adamski or his followers, not knowing that we proved our case conclusively years ago.

Now we get back to the original thought behind this article. The idea that some "flying saucers" are non-physical, or can appear or disappear at will, or are time machines from our own future, is total and complete nonsense.

These ideas originate from the minds of people who have too much time on their hands. They have probably read books or seen movies with plots similar to these ideas. It is very easy to say that such an idea is possible, as if that justifies the statement in the first place, but we should apply a little common sense also. The idea that "saucers" are non-physical is a standard idea within the mindset of many psychic groups around the world. That idea is totally ludicrous and is not really worth discussing at all. What do they offer as proof of such a claim?

The skeptic states that the proof proving the "saucers" are non-physical is because they change color, size, or appear and disappear, or they appear to dissolve to a point before disappearing completely.

The psychic will state that these same characteristics prove that "flying saucers" are from a "spirit realm" or from the fourth dimension. In some cases they believe they are from an alternate universe.

The religious will cite these same identical characteristics as proof that the "saucers" are piloted by "demons" and originate from Satan.

The so-called scientist will say that the reported characteristics of "flying saucers" prove that they are not real because the flight characteristics violate the natural laws of science.

I say nonsense. All of the characteristics reported are normal variations caused by the method used in the propulsion system of the spacecraft.

A strong gravity field surrounds the ship. This has been scientifically verified by use of detectors and can easily cause all the reported differences seen by observers. The gravity force field is so strong it will ionize the air particles close to the ship. The gases in the air change colors according to the changes in strength of the field. They glow with color changes occurring, depending upon field strength and the type of gas particle involved.

To illustrate this effect, look at the high voltage insulators on power lines on a foggy day. You will see an ionized glow around the insulators. The ionization or "corona" usually glows blue or bluish purple, depending upon the voltage on the power line.

Look at any fluorescent light bulb glowing when the power is switched on. Gases in the bulb glow with the color depending upon which gas is placed in the tube. This is what causes the various colors in signs put up by clubs or stores in various cities.

When a spacecraft starts to maneuver the field around it varies tremendously in strength. When an abrupt turn is made this change in field intensity causes the various gases in the air around the ship to change colors, usually a lot of yellow, orange, or red will be included in the display.

If the ship heads directly out into space it will usually go at such tremendous speeds that it appears to dissolve to a point of light, then disappears completely due to the tremendous distance it has traveled. It is NOT because it is going into another dimension or is from a "Satanic" or psychic source.

Normal people do not automatically assume something is supernatural if they don't understand what they are seeing. Instead they question it and investigate it. They want to learn all about it. They don't react to "saucers" as from "Satan" or the "devil" just because they don't understand it.


My main problem with those who say that "Flying Saucers" are piloted by "demons" or "devils" is this: They are reacting to UFO's in the same way South American natives reacted to people who landed near them in an airplane some years ago. They killed the people in the plane (to them they were "demons,") and destroyed the aircraft. It was something they didn't understand so they reacted in fear.

In the same way, many uneducated people in religious groups, encountering something they don't understand, attribute it to supernatural forces, good or bad, depending upon their belief. If they think it's bad they say it's "demonic." If they think it's good, the source is "angelic" or from "God."

The average person fails to consider another aspect inspired by the many sci-fi movies they see all the time. These movies usually show the Earth being attacked by "bug-eyed" monsters or other strictly non-humanoid life forms. As a result many people have the idea that if another race of beings exist on another world they would resemble almost anything except modern man. If they would only stop and think about it a little they would see the folly of such an idea in the first place.

The religious people, if they believe the Bible, would have to believe that man was created by a "God" that was human in appearance. As Genesis says: "Let US create man in OUR image and after OUR likeness." If they believe that, then all intelligent creatures on any planet would be created in like manner by the same "God."

If not religious, then a different argument results in the same conclusion. To build a ship requires beings with hands, arms, fingers, whatever, to be able to hold the tools required to construct such a ship. The same requirement would exist to mine for the ore, operate the smelters, and make the raw material necessary for the job.

The micro technology necessary to control the ship, its computers, and anything else we might not know about yet, would of necessity again require hands with fingers. No bug-eyed monster with claws would be able to build anything, or operate anything, even it was as intelligent or more intelligent than us. The human form is necessary to duplicate the things we have and use because of the reasons just described.

I mentioned earlier the quote from Genesis. When Adam and Eve had children the scripture described them using the exact same words as when Adam and Eve were created. It states in Genesis 5:1-3 that Adam "begat a son in his own likeness, after his image" The human form is universal.

My point in all this is that all of creation throughout the universes follow the same Universal Laws and doesn't have different specifications for different systems. Even the religious wackos who think flying saucers and the spacepeople are "demons" or "fallen angels" believe that "God" is "the same yesterday, today, and forever," without changing the purpose or directives to suit individual planets.

The principles of "God," regardless of your viewpoint as to what they might be, are considered as "cast in stone" and unalterable. Very few people, if any, believe that "God" would have different sets of laws or rules for different groups of people.

Let's not forget another important fact of history. Genuine photos of "flying Saucers" have been taken which show that these spaceships are of physical construction. Full color photos of the Adamski type saucer have been taken in many areas of the world. Orthographic projections of some of these photos have proven that the pictures of the Adamski type saucer were not photos of a model but were genuine pictures of similar flying objects.


A new controversy has recently erupted on the Internet, in regard to the authenticity of Adamski's photographs as published back in 1953. I thought the critics had been silenced on that one for many years, but as recent events show, the photos will have to be defended again.

I recently noticed controversy in this regard has erupted on the Internet. Since it is becoming hard to discount the evidence toward the reality of "Flying Saucers, the skeptics are going back many years in an effort to discount any evidence as to that reality. I think from what I read that most of the modern day skeptics are young enough to have had little or no experience in regard to original research. At any rate most of them seem to be either completely closed minded, or have no first hand experience at analyzing UFO information.

I hesitate to use the word ignorant.

Many of their arguments start out by them making what to them is a simple statement of fact, and then they elaborate on that in an effort to discount the statement. One of the things I noticed first off was that their original statement was made up, or perhaps originated from someone completely ignorant, as to what really happened at the time the incident took place.

Since I am fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough depending upon your viewpoint, to be so old as to have had first hand experience in the "Flying Saucer" field since back in the 1940s, I can supply first hand information as to what really happened in those early years.

The present erupting controversy is over the original Adamski photographs that were published worldwide in 1953. That same year on June 1, 1953, the United States Air Force held a briefing on "flying saucer" activity. The briefing was directed towards Air Force Reserve Officers and held at the Veteran's Administrations Building on the date just mentioned.

The Public Relations Head for the Pentagon was Al Chop who led the briefing. As stated in the report, the meeting was "for the purpose of briefing these officers on known facts regarding flying saucer phenomena and to instruct officers on kind of information and observation the Air Force is seeking."

The report stated that, quote, "Chop was shown photographs that Adamski had taken with his telescopic camera near Palomar.

"Pev. Marley, cameraman for Cecil De Mille's 'Greatest Show On Earth,' who had served as a photographer with the Enemy Interceptor Command in the Second World War and who could identify Jap Zeros and other enemy planes at a glance, testified that Adamski's pictures, if faked, were the cleverest he had ever seen, rivaling a Houdini. Marley pointed out the shadows on these saucers, and also on the ground corresponded to such a remarkable degree that they could not be faked, and that to fake such pictures would require costly equipment which Adamski, obviously, does not possess and which, even then, could not assure such a result."


The report ended with the statement that, "There was intense interest displayed by all present and it was generally agreed that the Air Force had decided, unofficially, that these saucers came from out of this world."
Better evidence that the pictures were genuine came from scientific analysis later on.


On February 15, 1954, a 13-year-old boy by the name of Stephen Darbishire, of Coniston, Lancashire, England, was hiking in the hills behind his home. With him was his 8-year-old cousin Adrian Myer. Bird watching was Stephen's hobby so he carried with him a small Kodak camera.

Suddenly a silvery round object descended about 300 feet away and came down behind a small hill, then, a few seconds later shot back up skyward. Stephen was lucky enough to get a picture just before the object disappeared behind the hill and then one more picture just before it ascended back up into the sky. Both pictures were a little bit blurry and the professional opinions of that time period was that Stephen had probably forgotten to properly set his camera. Of course today we know that the force field around the "flying saucer" will fog photographic negatives if the camera is close to the object in flight.

Controversy about the incident immediately surrounded the two boys. One group thought the boys were lying about the incident and the other group accepted their story. The real truth was proven later on by scientific analysis conducted by Leonard Cramp of England. In February 1955 he published a book entitled SPACE, GRAVITY & THE FLYING SAUCER. Most of the book was a scientific discussion of gravity theories, theories involving Inertia and Centrifugal Force, G-field theories, Aerodynamics, and many other allied subjects pertaining to the discussion of flying disks.

Chapter 15 is the one that concerns me in regard to the subject we are discussing at this time. Entitled Flying Saucers Have Landed, the pertinent part of the chapter had to do with the story related earlier about Stephen Darbishire and his photos.

In Chapter 15 Leonard Cramp produced an orthographic view of Adamski's saucer and another orthographic view of the Coniston saucer enlarged to exactly the same size as Adamski's photo. While both pictures were of similar objects, the angle of the Coniston craft was different from that of the Adamski photo; in other words it was a view showing the saucer tilted to a different angle. Quoting Cramp on page 173 of his book,

"Let us assume that Adamski did make and photograph a model. That model then has certain dimensions, some of which are foreshortened in the photograph (the vertical dimensions) and those which are not (the horizontal or circular measurements). The reason for this is of course that a true circle, no matter at what angle it may be turned relative to the eye of the cameras, ALWAYS presents a maximum or unforshortened diameter to the viewer."

But Cramp carried the evidence for authenticity even further: Cramp measured the diameter of the outer disk and cabin directly from Adamski's photo. The ratio was 2.224:1. Then he measured the same places on the Coniston photo which was much smaller in size. The ratio was 2.230:1.

This was a very significant measurement and ratio since it was made from photographs only. Cramp went another step forward: Based upon Adamski's estimation of size, Cramp made his orthographic drawings to the following scale based on an estimate of 35 feet as the diameter of the ship. The actual size doesn't matter as the following table is made up using ratios based on 35 feet. The ratios would remain the same regardless of what size is assumed for the diameter. The following dimensions were then calculated:

description: feet inches
Overall diameter of ship 35 0
Overall heigt of ship 15 1
Diameter of Cabin 15 9
Height of Cabin 8 3
Diameter of Portholes 1 6
Diameter of Spheres 4 10
Diameter of outer Ring 29 2
Diameter of inner Ring 23 2
Diameter of Cemtral Cone 12 6

Cramp found from his projection and measurements that several aspects of Adamski's scout ship were actually true parabolas with the focal point at considerable distance from the ship. These measurements, and the close dimensional ratios of both the Adamski and Coniston photos, prove that it would have been impossible for Stephen Darbishire to have looked at Adamski's photos and then constructed a model having the same ratios when photographed from different angles.


Now I want to relate a personal observation of the Adamski type saucer. I don't know the exact date, but it was back in the years when I worked for the Hughes Aircraft Company in Fullerton, California, at least 20 years ago. I was being contacting continually with people wanting to relate their experiences. Many obviously wanted publicity or notoriety and were highly disappointed when I refused to take them seriously.

I am a highly skeptical person and do not easily accept stories without some type of proof other than their word. One day a lady came to me with an interesting story. It became even more interesting when she produced full color photos to back it up. Any photographer will tell you that back in those years it was extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, to fake any color photograph without it being easily detectable. It was far different than faking black and white pictures.

Basically her story was they were in the mountains between the State of Washington and mid-California, and had stopped to rest because of the long drive. As they were eating lunch they observed a bright ball of light coming down among the tall evergreens and slowing even further as it approached their area. Then it stopped and hovered for a brief time then slowly accelerated as it moved off to the right and then up and out of sight at great speed.

The photos backed up her story as she had taken a series of pictures during the entire episode. The first of the series showed a ball of light among the trees and then as the saucer slowed to a stop out in full view, the light around it disappeared and the Adamski type saucer was in full view and full color. She had one or two pictures, then shot more in the series as the craft started to move away, slowly building up the light around it until once again it was a complete bright ball of light. Then it accelerated to a high speed and went straight up to disappear from view.

The real proof was yet to come. When the "saucer" was hovering in full view, with a minimum force field around it, all details of its construction were clearly visible. The circular rim, the flange, the three-ball landing gear, the portholes and the crystal looking ball on the top of the cabin, were clearly in view in exacting detail. The ship was exactly like the one captured by George Adamski in his telescopic picture reproduced opposite page 48 of his second book Inside The Spaceships.

I had no evidence that she was telling me the truth about the experience. She seemed very sincere in relating the entire episode. But, one fact remained that as far as I am concerned proves her story. When the craft stopped moving, it was revealed in full color and was UPSIDE DOWN.

In those days very few people had encountered the theory that the "flying saucer" moved around by directing gravity-natured force fields. To the pilots inside, no up or down existed. It was just like the people living in Australia who are unaware they are 180 degrees rotated with respect to "our up or down" here in North America. They don't know they are standing on their heads "so-to-speak," when compared to us.

If the photos had of been faked they would have had the saucers flying right side up. The lady was quite puzzled as to why they would show themselves upside down. I learned later they were upside down intentionally as an additional means of impressing upon me the fact that the pictures backed up Adamski's story, and to give me that much more evidence that "Flying Saucers" were real and not the figment of an overactive imagination. I am thoroughly convinced to this day that the photos were genuine and not faked by the lady showing me the pictures. She seemed genuinely puzzled by the fact that the craft was upside down. She also refused to give me the photos or negatives and said that if I publicized the event in my publications she would deny that it had ever happened. This was also additional proof to me that her story and photos were genuine.

In the past anyone approaching me with such a story, and with photos, was always insistent that they were given plenty of publicity and usually wanted money for the photos. People taking genuine pictures usually do not behave in this manner.


Shortly after moving to Anaheim, California, from Seattle, I was in my back yard setting up my own telescope that I had disassembled and packed for the move. It was a reflector with the usual spotting scope to help locate objects easily when using the main scope. I was looking around for something to set my sight on when I noticed a vapor trail in the cloudless blue sky. The plane was so high I couldn't even see the plane itself, only the vapor trail.

At that extreme height the plane was moving so slow that the motion was hardly discernible. I realized that this was ideal for setting up my scope and I quickly moved the scope up to observe and then proceeded to set the spotting scope on the same image.

I had a 45-power eyepiece in the scope, and when I moved it to show the plane, I saw it was not one but instead it was three USAF fighters flying in a triangle formation. I could make out the numbers on the ships and also see the bright orange marking used by the USAF so a downed plane would be easier to spot. These fighters were probably cruising at four hundred to 500 miles per hour but due to the height as I explained before seemed to be moving very slow.

Suddenly, as I continued to watch and adjust the focus for a clear picture, the planes approached three disks, also in triangular formation. The disks looked like bright silvery dollars and when the planes closed in they darted sideways away from the planes, then stopped and apparently remained motionless.

The planes very slowly turned toward the disks and continued the approach. Again, when they got close, the disks darted away again and stopped. Again the air force planes turned and approached the disks. The disks darted away again and stopped. They continued this "cat and mouse" game a few times, then, suddenly shot straight up and in an instant were too high for me to see them with the 45-power scope. Once again it almost seemed like this short show was played out for my benefit.

I have always been such a skeptic that it no doubt took a few incidents like I have described to set me up for this work that started with my meeting with Adamski and which continues to this day.

Over the years I have been privileged to see excellent full color motion pictures taken by the gun cameras of USAF planes chasing "saucers," as well as many motion pictures or still photos taken by average American citizens.

As a result of my background, and because I have had my own personal experiences, I usually ignore the statements from the skeptics, realizing they are speaking in ignorance of the true facts and in most cases are actually sincere in their disbelief.

The main reason I am departing from that viewpoint in this particular instance, is that most people today have been born years after a lot of the beginning evidence was acquired, and don't have the experience to evaluate things like Adamski photos, the Coniston photos, or the hundreds of other incidents from the past.

The Adamski photos were analyzed by scientific laboratories of the military, the government, and by private laboratories dealing with such photos. The conclusion in every instance has been the same: No evidence exists which points to any fraud in making the pictures.

In addition, I had been present with Adamski when various representatives of the government or the military were at his residence asking for information. The government knew exactly what his authentic claims were and I'm sure when during his last years he strayed into making unsupported claims about going to a conference on Saturn, they knew that was not true also.

Don't ignore the fact that he is buried in Arlington Nation Cemetery, not too far from the graves of some of our former Presidents and other American heroes.

I still back up his original contact claims and was with him on one of them in 1958, in spite
of the later incidents that led to my terminating our business relationship in this field of work.

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