Encounters with Star People

Untold Stories of American Indians

Encounters with Star People

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

ISBN 978-1-933665-72-6

An Alien, a Spacecraft, and an Alaskan Blizzard, page 35

"That's another thing. He was fascinated with the snowplow and how it worked. He considered it rather primitive machine but one that he was curious about. He told me that humans put too much reliance in oil-based machines. He said they should spend their energy on studying the use of magnetic propulsion for travel. He could not understand why our scienists had not gone in this direction."



Authorís Note


Chapter 1: Missing Time

Chapter 2: An Encounter that Pre-Dates Roswell

Chapter 3: Sometimes They Come for Families

Chapter 4: The Man Who Shot an Alien

Chapter 5: An Alien, A Spacecraft, and an Alaskan Blizzard

Chapter 6: They Are Among Us

Chapter 7: A Star Traveler

Chapter 8: Three Military Veterans Describe an Encounter of the First Kind

Chapter 9: Alien Abductions of the Not-So-Common Kind

Chapter 10: Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Chapter 11: Disappearances in the Southwest

Chapter 12: They Hover Over Missile Sites

Chapter 13: A Vietnam Veteran Reveals a Gift from the Star People

Chapter 14: An Alien Heart

Chapter 15: They Live Underground

Chapter 16: Abductions of a Different Kind

Chapter 17: We Are Not of This Earth

Chapter 18: Where the Buffalo Play

Chapter 19: They Are Shapeshifters

Chapter 20: Liberators from Space

Chapter 21: Two Women Speak Their Minds

Chapter 22: They Will Be Gone When I Am 25

Chapter 23: No Guns Allowed

Chapter 24: The Little People Are the Star People

Chapter 25: The Story of a Traveling Marble

Chapter 26: Four Police Officers Come Forward

Chapter 27: An Alien Hitchhiker

Chapter 28: American Indians and the Cosmic Connection


Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

I give the book:

Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle

Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle

of ten candles, because the stories are great but I lack photos of the Flying Saucers and the Star People.

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