Sky People

Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica

Sky People

ISBN 978-1-60163-347-7

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

This book is a wonderful collection of Extraterrestrial contacts with the Maya. There are stories about missing time, fake pregnancies, physical examinations, abductions and personal interaction with Sky People in this wonderful book.

Of special interest are the knowledge of an Maya elder - Yoc. According to him there is a confederation of 67 solarsystem and some are more advanced then others. There are planets where the inhabitants never age and one planet is so far advanced that the beings there can assume almost any form they choose simply by using their mind.

The Extraterrestrials Yoc know has a lifespan of 800 years and visit the earth in sixteen-year cycles. They perform many tasks by helping earth scientist to improve the life of the people and helping leaders who work for peace.


Title Page

Table of Contents

Authors Note




PART I - Walking with the Ancients: Exploring Belize

Chapter 1 - The Backward Walking People

Chapter 2 - The Double on Another Planet

Chapter 3 - A Disk in the Sky

Chapter 4 - Men Who walked through Mountains

Chapter 5 - An Endangered Species

Chapter 6 - The Insect Man

Chapter 7 - The Stone Woman of Belize

PART II - Walking with the Ancients: Exploring Honduras

Chapter 8 - A Hole through the Heart

Chapter 9 - The Silver Man from the Stars

Chapter 10 - An Encounter with the Old Ones

PART III -Walking with the Ancients: Exploring Guatemala

Chapter 11 -The Devil Sent Them

Chapter 12 - We Knew our Way around the Universe

Chapter 13 - An Alien Hitchhiker

Chapter 14 - The Sky Men of Quiriguá

Chapter 15 - We had our own Gods

Chapter 16 - Aliens with Red Eyes

Chapter 17 - They are poison

Chapter 18 - The Red-Eyed Reptilian

Chapter 19 - The Shining People of the Red Hand

Chapter 20 - They told me I would not Remember

Chapter 21 - A City that Touches the Sky

Chapter 22 - The K'iche Village Women tell their Story

Chapter 23 - The Star Men of the Guatemalan Jungle

PART IV - Walking with the Ancients - Exploring Mexico

Chapter 24 - In the Land of the Tuhohani

Chapter 25 - Sky Gods in the Heart of the Chiapas

Chapter 26 - Our Elders were Friends with the Wise Men

Chapter 27 - The Place of the Gods

Chapter 28 - He Came on a Beam of Light

Chapter 29 - No one believes the Truth

Chapter 30 - On My Way to Heaven

Chapter 31 - The Dog that no longer Barks

Chapter 32 - An Astronaut named Pakal

Chapter 33 - The Secrets of Palenque

Chapter 34 - They Walk among Us

Chapter 35 - The Space Traveling Maya

Chapter 36 - They live under the Sea

Chapter 37 - I heard they only take Humans

Chapter 38 - The Sky People of Calakmul

Chapter 39 - They come for Something

Chapter 40 - A Missing Brother and a UFO

Chapter 41 - The Aluxes are Aliens

Chapter 42 - The Great Mystery

Chapter 43 - The Healers

Chapter 44 - They avoid Tourists

Chapter 45 - Viva Mexico

Chapter 46 - The Sky Gods Cried Too

Chapter 47 - The Little People of El Rey





Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

I give the book:

Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle

Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle

of ten candles, because the stories are great but I lack photos of the Flying Saucers and the Sky People.

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