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Timothy Good

Timothy Good

Ancient Races

It seems to me that at least some groups of aliens have always been here. In chapter 13, I allude to reports of possible extraterrestrials described in the Rigveda , an ancient Indian sacred collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns. One of the oldest known texts in any Indo-European language, evidence indicates that it was composed between approximately 1700 and 1100 B.C.

In the early 1900s, Professor Edgar L. Larkin, Director of Mt. Lowe Observatory in Southern California, observed on several occasions through a powerful telescope some odd structures in the environs of Mt. Shasta. These included two domes rising above the treetops near Shasta and part of a third one. "Moving the telescope once again," writes Wishar S. Cervé, "he found visible between the trees a corner of another structure seemingly made of marble. Knowing that there were no such structures in Northern California, and especially in land around Shasta, he left his telescope fixed to see what thèse things would look like in the setting sun and in darkness. He was surprised to find later in the night that around this dome were great lights, apparentlywhite, which partially illuminated and made them visible even though there was no moon to cast any light at the time."

Others reported encounters with extraordinary beings, said to be descendants from the fabled continent of Lemuria, residing in Mt. Shasta. In the early 1900s, for example, strange tall humans were scen emerging from forests in the vicinity and visiting local stores in Weed to trade gold nuggets in exchange for basic commodities. Described as graceful and agile, with distinctive features such as large foreheads and long curly hair and dressed in unusual clothes, they were said to have spoken English. "in a perfect manner with perhaps a tinge of the British accent, and have been reluctant to answer any questions or give any information about themselves." Any intruders approaching them in the vicinity of their hidden residence would invariably be physically removed, or they might encounter some invisible influence, causing temporary paralysis. Also of particular relevance here, cars approaching the area stalled mysteriously and sightings were often made of unusual "flying boats," one of which was described by a group of witnesses as "a peculiar, silver-like vessel [which] was unlike any airship that has ever been scen and there was absolutely no noise emanating from it."

Wishar Cervé also reports knowledge of records pertaining to another group of descendants from Lemuria, found living in the center of an extinct volcano in Mexico, "hidden from all possible worldly observation.

In an interview for Fate magazine in 2007, a witness, Jason, revealed that on a certain date he had encountered an extraordinary man on the low slopes of Mt. Shasta. "I knew instantly what he was," he told the reporter "I've lived around here all my life and I've heard the stories." The stranger had "flowing white hair and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing white robes and no shoes. I was scared.... It wasn't that he was doing anything threatening, but his appearance there on the side of the mountain was just so unexpected.

"I jumped up from where I had been lying on the ground, and when I did he looked surprised. It wasn't until I was standing that I realized how tall was. He had to have been at least eight feet . . . he wasn't acting aggressively, but I was unreasonably scared, for some reason.... Then he told me not to be afraid. But it was too late for that. I guess he must have realized I was about to lose it, ecause just like that, he faded and disappeared ."

In the early 1960s Lucius (Lou) Farish, a first - class researcher - who sadly died in January 2012, and until several years ago organized the annual Ozarks UFO Conference held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas — learned an apocryphal but relevant story from an author who claimed to have met a truly remarkable person in the 1930s.

"He was about eighty then, an old sailing boat skipper who had participated in the great grain races around the Horn, who called himself only 'Harmonious,'"wrote the author. "We used to sit around on the beach and listen while he told us, quietly and without affectation, of his meeting with his 'astral' friends high atop Mt. Shasta (many years later, the first UFOs were sighted near that spot) and of his many trips throughout this system and others.

"He was beardeed, never seemed to change from one year to the next; a vegetarian, and a gentle soul. His description used for the vehicle of flight very closely resembled certain other descriptions now in common us age all this long beforè the huge UFO scare. Harmonious was last seen in the 1950s — and looking exactly as he had thirty years before.... He never attempted to capitalize on his experiences."

Intrigued, Lou wrote back asking for more details. "When he talked of beings on other planets, he was often facetious," the author continued in I reply. "However, he was deeply serious whenever he spoke of the 'Old Ones'

"Insofar as the Old Ones were concerned, his particular friend used a vehicle that, apparently, was a low-slung gondola, without wheels or any visible means of support or propulsion, for that matter. He'd often pick up a clam-shell or half-shell, that is, and say the vehicle looked almost like that. A low couch, nothing else. No top, or sides, or windshields. When it moved, the atmosphere surrounding the vehicle darkèned and became opaque—nothing was visible. Also, no feeling of motion, or gravity. Apparently, his friend (an Old One) utilized applied levitation as a propulsive force. This vehicle was used only to pick him up and take him to the domain of the Old Ones. This was far beneath the earth Usually he entered via a cavern on Mt. Shasta. There are other entrances: Antarctica, the Andes — in fact, look at the so - called 'circle of fire' on a good geological map and the great faulted areas surrounding the Pacific, and you'll approximate the many areas he mentioned as portals to the old people's world.

"These Old Ones dated back several hundred million years (and yet, taking planet Earth as a criterion, there's been more than enough time for fifty such races to have arisen, achieved godlike eminence, decayed, and fallen into silence). Often, in his joking manner, Harmonious spoke of the many planets that are around our sun and are still undiscovered. He was quite casual about the surface features of the planets, probably because he never spent much time there he was always in them, not on them. I get the impression that there may be others, not of the Old People, utilizing these planets; apparently, these others are of little interest to Harmonious (and, by extension, to his friends the Old Ones; they are even something of a joke to him — and again, to the Old Ones).

"All the Old Ones are of one race, both here and on the other planet They carry on intercourse with one another here on Earth, the planets, an their various natural satellites (all of which are inhabited underground They have a great many artificial satellites around the gravitational nodes of all these bodies, which are used, I assume, solely for docking facilities for their interplanetary craft. (All this was told us by Harmonious long before World War II — and certainly long before the first UFO outcry following the Mt. Rainier sightings.) The Old Ones were naked or wore simple loincloths. (We found this amusing.)

"To extrapolate from Harmonious's stories of theold people: deep within the core of any planet, the temperature would be controllable given an inexhaustible source of power (and knowledge), and such power is inherent in the very force that created this planet. Incidentall Harmonious anticipated Velikovsky by some years, when he told us of disaster of unparalleled magnitude that struck the Earth several hundre millions of years ago, and which he saw reproduced by a recording device similar to a moving picture projector, but unlike it in action: a planet approached Earth and caused the complete destruction of the existing atmosphere.... The only life to survive was that in the depths of the seas and deep underground.

"If this sort of accident occurs in nature as a matter of course, one can understand why an ancient and immensely intelligent race would choose to modify their environment and live far underground on all the planets manufacturing all their necessities.... So, according to Harmonious, all planets are inhabited by a long-lived scientifically advanced race, all living deep beneath the surface (at least well down in the crust — here it would about thirty-five miles down), all humanoid in appearance, and undoubtly masters of the solar system. There may be others living on the surface mdoubtedly, a younger, inferior race (perhaps remnants of other earlier surface races), but far younger than the Old Ones. On this planet, We are the surface dwellers; we have a long way to go yet — and when we get there Old Ones will have been there first, and long since moved on.

"Considering the foregoing information," concludes Lou Farish, perhaps we should reconsider all the various writings on underground cilizations inhabited by advanced cultures (or extraterrestrials), as books such as the late M. K. Jessup's The Case for the UFO. Jessup's comments on the use of'gravitational nodes' by alien spacecraft echo remarks of Harmonious. If it is accepted that there is someone 'out there' who is visiting the Earth, should we then consider that there may also someone 'down there'?"

I have always be,en fascinated by the Comte de St. Germain (his most frequently used pseudonym - another of which was the "Count de Welldone"!. Described by Voltaire in his Oevres as "a man who never dies, and knows everything" and capable of astonishing feats, as witnessed for example by Count Alessandro Cagliostro (the occultist Giuseppe Balsamo), St. Germain seems to have lived for an indeterminate period. Held by many to be a charlatan, he nonetheless liaised with, and was respected by, many government ministers and royal families in Europe, such as the court of Louis XIV. He was also an accomplished violinist and composer. In connection with Harmonious, it is perhaps apposite to note that Dr. Anton Mesmer, also an occultist and fine musician (numbering Mozart and Haydn among his friends), founded the "Harmonious Society," a secret group of savants based in Vienna and later Paris, and received a great deal of help from St. Germain.

It seems likely to me that St. Germain and others of his kind were associated with the "ancient races."

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