Communication with Flying Saucers

Communication with Flying Saucers - Riley Crabb

Riley Crabb

CONTACT WITH FLYING SAUCERS or The Problem of Communication With Outer Space

This lecture is an answer to the many questions about the believe abillty of the space messages and meetings with space beings claimed by so many ccntactess. It is the purpose of the Director of BSRA to put forth here certain standards by which the earnest Saucer researcher can Judge the validity of the message for himself.

Mankind has always looked to the heavens for spiritual guidance. Where he hasn't been sure of receiving this guidance directly he has always looked to others, professional or amateur, to give him the message from on high. This is true of all the inspired religions of past and present It is also true of the Flying Saucer phenomenon and the Visitors from outer space.

It always has been and always will be a problem of communication. In some cases, probably to make sure of being properly understood, the Visitors have appeared in human bodies and spoken the language of the curious or frightened earth man. In other cases the Visitors have chosen to take advantage of the latent or active mediumship of a handy human being. This is probably simpler for them. From our side it poses the problem of the accuracy of transmission of the message. It also puts the contactee in the position of daring his listeners to call him a liar'. The latter is one reason why I have been content to collect, analyze and talk about other peoples' experiences'. I may be guilty of biased opinion or faulty judgement, but like you my audience I am also engaged in an earnest search for truth.


Aside from the direct physical contacts, and we'll get in to some of those later, I believe it would be well to define and give examples of the different kinds of mediumship. This knowledge in itself will add to your power of discriminiation, your ability to separate the true from the false.

Suppose we start off with Clairaudience, clear hearing, as one kind of mediumahip. A good example of clear-hearing with the inner ear would be Dan Fry He is the individual who was offered a chance to ride in a Flying Sauoer at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico on July 4th, 1950. If you read Dan's faccinating accout of the experience you will remember that a space chip set itself down silently in front of him there in the desert night Technical curiosity overcoming his natural caution, Dan walked up to the dark and mysterious visitor and passed his hand over the hull, to test the temperature.

"Better not touch the hull, pal, it's still hot"

When this voice shattered the silence Dan Jumped back a dozen feet , with a hard fall over a greaeewood shrub This began a two-way conversation with the operator of the space ship which finally resulted in Dan's accepting an offer of a short ride. Be thought the voice came to him from a loud speaker mounted on the outside of the hull. It wasn't until he ups inside the UFO that he discovered it was under remote control from a mother ship miles above. Even more startling was the realization that the voice of the pilot, Alan, was speaking inside his own head. The Visitor had by-passed Dan Fry's ears and was activating the hearing center in the brain, directly.

Alan gave Dan Fry some very logical reasons for that kind of mediumistic, clairaudient contact at that time, July, 1950

"our bodies must become biologically adapted to your (earth) environment, so that when we come among you we will be identical with your people. This will require at least four more years. . . The gravity to which we are accustomed is but little more than one-half of that which exists upon earth. If we were to land now upon the surface of your planet and leave the protection of our chips, the high gravitational force would put a severe strain upon our internal organs. In a few days this would produce serious illness and eventually death. . . By remaining in our ships where we can control the force to which we are subjected and by increasing that force by small but regular increments, we can build up the supporting tissues and strengthen our muscular systems until, eventually, your gravity will become as natural to us as our own is now.

Dan Fry's Clairaudience in this case was involuntary, stimulated from outside. There are ways of developing voluntary Clairaudience but right now let's go on to the second kind of mediumship, Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. A good example of clear-ceeing among the contactee would be Orfeo Angelucci. In his book, "The Secret of the Saucers," he describes his first contact in Los Angeles on May 23, 1952. As in the case of Dan Fry, Orfeo also was apparently chosen for Contact because of certain sensitivity. He was working swing shift at Lockheed at the time and on this particular night the Vicitora began tuning him up for contact an hour and a half before quitting time.

'bidden the quitting whistle sounded," says Orfeo, "I was so exhausted I could Scarcely stand."

An odd, prickling sensation had been running through his hands and arms and up into the back of his neck since 11 p.m. On the way home Angelucci senced a force of some kind about him and driving along Victory Boulevard "I had the illusion that the night was growing brighter as though enveloped in a soft golden haze. Directly ahead and slightly above my line of vision I saw a faintly red-glowing, oval-shaped object."

This UFO eventually led Orfeo to drive off the road into a deserted field and park his car. Leaving two, smaller globes behind it the UFO then angled Steeply into the sky and disappeared like a meteor. The smaller UFOs, twin ovoids of eerie, luminescent green fire hovered over Angelucci's car. Out of them he "heard a masculine voice in strong, well-modulated tones and speaking perfect Engelish." Orefeo says the voice was reassuring and he was asked to get out of his car. "I didn't feel fear but I was so weak and shaky I could scarcely stand."

He was told that the small green disks were "instrument of transmission and reception comparable to nothing on earth." I suspect that one of the functions of the discs was to tune up or open up both the Clairvoyant and olairaudient oenters in Angelucci's brain. This would help to account for his strong physical reactions. Also I doubt very much if any oacual observer passing by would have seen or heard anything that Angeluooi saw and heard, unless that observer had Extra Sensory Perception within the range of the inctrument being used by Angelucci's Visitors.

In this initial contact Orfeo Angelucoi was given only the broadest of' hints as to the purposes of the Visitors in coming to the planet and in contacting him. In spite of the reality of' Visitor's presences or perhaps because of it, Angelucci was in a state of panic when the interview was over. As he said, "I wanted to get home quickly. I wanted to get back to the world of sane reality. I wanted someone to assure me I wasn't going made' and so he did, back to the dear, familiar comfort of home and family.


The third kind of mediumship on my list is materialisation. The materializing medium is a person whose vitality can be withdrawn his body. This eotoplasm can then be formed into a hand to move things into an ear to hear phycioal sounds, or into a throat or voice box for making physical oonversation. Sometimes enough vitality or ectoplasm can be withdrawn from the medium that a fully materialized body can be formed. This is usually done by one of the controlling entries or spirits from the other side of the veil.

One famous materializing medium who comes to my mind is the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, H.P Blavatsky. Because of this particular quality these closely associated with her in the years from 1875 to 1891 witnessed many strange and sometimes startling phenomena. Some were produced by herself others by outside agents over whom she had no control.

To me one of the most beneficial results of her materializing mediumship was the Mahatma Letters. She supplied the ectoplasm by which the extensive Correspondence between A.P Burnett and the Master Koot Hoomi was Carried on in the 1880e. I have drawn and Continue to draw much inspiration and guidance from these letters. Koot Hoomi warned Sinnett and other members of the Sooiety that when the couroe of the energy by which the Contact was maintained, Madame Blavatsky, went or passed on, the correspondence would cease, and it did.

Human vitality, or ectoplasm, is organic matter in its fourth state. We now have photographic film and electronic equipment which can verify the precenoe of this inpalpable stuff, so absolutely essential to the success of any magical ceremony. Contemporary science is also learning to deal with inorganic matter in the fourth state; this is Called plasma. They are developing what they Call "pinch plasma" engines for rocket power. Our modern technicians are also discovering that plasma, connected with certain types of metals will produce a usable, flowing electric current.


1. Reflecting ether - primary atoms 2. Light-ether 3. Life-ether 4. Chemical ether - plasma 5. Gasses 6. Liquids 7. Solids

The Four Elements of Creation, their symbol is the Hooked Cross.

4. Fire 3. Air 2. Water 1. Earth


The fourth kind of mediumship is that of trance. One of the best examples of a trance medium is my friend, Mark Probert. Through the help of Meade Layne and Borderland Sciences Recearch Accociatee the trance-lectures of Mark Probert have become widely Known in the Western world. In most cases the trance medium is hypnotized or entranced from the other side by the controlling entities, and then one or the other takes temporary control of the medium'e body and talks or other wise communicates at the physical level. This type of mediumship has many variations. It might be well to differentiate while we're on it.

In Mark's case the controlling entities are quite willing to identify themselves and to carry on extended conversatiom with whomever might be procent at the sceances. In fact warm social relations are a marked characteristic of the Probert trance-lecturec. But Consider the life-long work of Edgar Cayce. Cayce used auto-hypnosic once he really got started with his ministry. He put himself into a trance to give his famous "readings." And the oontrolling entities working with him, giving life readings or medical diagnosis, abcolutely refused to identify themselves. They showed an unswerving dedication to and concentration on the two chosen fields of service.

Those are two splendid examples of the highest kind of trance mediumehip but now let us turn from the temporary to the permanent change. The kind where the original developer and owner of the body takes off for good, and leaves it with a new occupant.

One of the strangest and best documented cases of this kind is that of the Hungarian girl, Iris Farczady. One night in August, 1933 this brilliant, moody, 15-year old school girl went to bed sick, in her home in Budapest. The next morning Iris parents found they had a stranger in their home. Here's how her mother described it when the girl woke up.

"Immediately she began to shout in some foreign language, Jumped from her bed and tried to rush from the house.. We talked to her but she did not understand us. We caught hold of her and she was terrified. She kept on shouting and crying. Then we discovered that she was talking in Spanish' No one knew that language in our family; we did not understand her -- she kept on mentioning Madrid and Someone named Pedro. . "

It was some weeks later, after teaching German to the stranger in Iris' body, that they could talk to her and discover who she was, Lucia de Salvio a Spanish charwoman. Lucia had died of tuberculosis in Madrid a few days earlier. She was, or had been, forty years old and the mother of fourteen children. And so the personality of the studious Hungarian girl had suddenly given way to the personality of a "Madridlena vivacioucs fond of singing Spanish songs and dancing in the style of the Hidalgos.

Two years after the event which gave the prematurely aged Spanish senora the body of a fifteen year old girl, a sometime occult investigator Cornelius Tabori, went out to the Farczady home to verify the amazing story himself.

"You must realize that Iris is dead" insisted Mrs. Farczady, "that this person you are talking to is Lucia the Madrid charwoman."

"But her body, her face, her handset Tabori argued "they are Iris Farczady's and. . ."

"Yes" Mrc. Farczady interrupted "The body of my darling Iris remained with us -- but the soul of Lucia moved into it. . . My little Iris was a sad, erious, melancholy girl, deeply artistic and thoughtful. . . Lucia on the other hand is full of life and gaiety...!

The Farczady family had accepted the stranger into their home and made their adjustments, what else could they dot It was all beyond Tabori who wrote in his "Occult Diary": "There is no explanation. . . I've only recorded what I've ceen." A brief review of the Farczady story as told by Tabori, is in Fate Magazine for June, 1953.


Another example of the permanent change of personalities and this is closer to Flying Saucer research, is that of the individual who identifies himself as T. Lobsang Rampa, a one time Tibetan monk. Rampa claims to have taken over the body of the Englishmen, Cyril Hoskin when the former owner voluntarily gave it up come time between 1947 and 1949. I know that this is possible in principle because a couple of similar cases have come under my own observation. But I still have reservation about Hoskin-Rampa, if only because the Tibetan priesthood has a bad odor which I can smell here in the Uhited States.

There are occult shenanigans going on in and around T. Lobsang Rampa but in the long run I'll wager they'll do the Flyirg Saucer movement more harm than good. My observation is based on one principle or idea; this is that the coming of the Visitors from Outer Space portends a revolution in consciousness for mankind. This revolution will shatters is shattering, our established ways of life.

The power of the Tibetan Lama was based on the status quo, their control over the religious and economic life of their poor country. A conservative, reactionary group like that will do everything in their power to prevent a revolution from taking place. A part of their "silence program would be discrediting the Visitors and ridiculing the contactees. I know that Rampa's writings appear to favor our Saucer research work at present though even that is debatable because of the unfavorable national publicity he has received, but I believe that eventually he will be publicly discredited in such a way as to embarrass the whole movement. It cannot be otherwise concidering the reactionary base from which he claims to operate. The forwardlooking program of the Visitors just does not harmonize with the power-greedy programs of organized priesthoods.


The fifth kind of mediumship is really the most common. It can happen to anyone whose mind is in a receptive or negative state. Positive ideas or images can be impressed on it from outside. These visions or images may be projected at you from someone close by, wife or husband, relative, friend or business associate. You might receiveoutside ideas from anyone of the other six levels or planes of existence recognized by the Mystery Sohool.-- and from some they dont know about'.

Vicious, greedy, immoral impulses come from the lower emotional or astral levels. Positive emotions of love, sympathy, joy, unselfishness come from the higher astral levels. There are discarnate humans who still want to meddle in earth life end they will try to get us share in their emotional life, good or bad. Then we also have to reckon with feelings and ideas projected at us by beings of other evolutions, non-human; some may be on this planet, evolving side by side with us; others may be from other planets and systems and from higher, formless levels of existence.

In considering Telepathy or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) we would do well to keep in mind that emotions and thinking are really two different levels of existence. Each is a world in itself. For most of us, you and me, any thought la usually tinged with feelings of some kind. Most of our thinking about personal problems and that means desires, wants.

And yet many of us do have impersonal goals, and when we are thinking about these higher aims, outside ourselves, our thinking takes on a different quality. If your goal is to serve mankind in some helpful way you attract the attention of those Beings dedicated to the advancement of the race and they will add to it some of their power and inspiration.

If there is one point I would like to get across in this talk it is that we are never alone in our thinking and feeling. Around us in the invisible but very real world is a host of spirits, ready at every moment to indulge in and add to whatever vibration we may be sending forth. You may resolutely shut out one type of obssessing entity, say in your desire to over come your vices; but you'll only open yourself up to others looking for instruments to help mankind along its evolutionary path'.


Now we come again to those human beings who apparently have been chosen for contact. They seem to have been more open-minded and open-hearted toward the strange and unusual; and they seem to have been motivated by a sincere desire to help their fellowman -- at the time of the original contact at least. Dan Fry brought up this point during his meeting with Alan in 1950.

"Your statements imply that you propose to use me in some project which involves the scientific advancement or the people of earth. Why pick me?"

"We have investigated the minds of many of your top scientists," Alan replied. "In every case we found that their minds had hardened into the mould of their present conceptions. They have advanced too far. Consequently they would have too far to retreat. . . What we need are minds sufficiently open to receive evidence (even though that evidence be contrary to all preconceived opinion) and minds sufficiently agile to assimilate that evidence and arrive at logical conclusions."


One of the mast colorful figures in Flying Saucer research, and one of the earliest entrants into the field, is George Adamski. The Controversy over the reality of Adamski pictures and contacts has been lone and bitter, and will continue to be so for years to come. I have two Good reasons for believing that the Saucer landing near Desert Center, California on Nov. 20, 1952 actually happened. There Adamski claims to have had telepathic communion with a being from Venus, for about half an hour.

The founder and first director of BRSA, Meade Layne, went to the Mark Probert Controls with the news clipping on the Desert Center landing, almost as soon as he received it. The Yada confirmed that the landing and the meeting had taken place. The other reason is that a Saucer researcher actually got an Air Force officer to admit that Project Saucer files did have a report of a UFO sighting in the Desert Center area on that fateful Nov. 20th. And both Adameki and Ric Williameon have stated that an Air Force plane circled around over head while the Venusian scout ship was on the ground.

A reasonable question continually raised by people all over America is, why should a nonentity like George Adamski (1952), with little formal education and no official position, be chosen to receive such world-shaking information?

In his second book, "Inside The Space Ships," Adamski writes that he was told he qualified for contact on five counts: First, the sincerity of his interest in the subject; Second, his interest lead to action -- of obtaining proof and talking and writing about it in spite of ridicule and hostility; Third, that he could hold to his inner conviction of the reality of the Visitors in the face of criticism; Fourth, he refused to commercialize on his startling information; and Fifth, he used discretion when he talked realizing that some things are better left unsaid to some people.


As long as we have mentioned Ric Williamson here it would be appropriate to the messages he and Al Bailey and their Prescott group received with a home made 0uiji board This was during the summer of 1952 a few months prior to that Nov. 20th landing. 0uiji board messages are a primitive or early type of the fifth kind of mediumehip, Impressionalism. The 1952 Preecott messages are contained in an interesting little book, "The Saucers Speak," put together by Williamson and Bailey and published by the New Age Publishing Co., 1542 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles 26.

My personal belief is that this first book of Williamson's is a significant contribution to Saucer literature. It certainly contains a high philosophy of life and many startling items of a scientific nature, for instance that the belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter is the remains of a planet blown up ages ago in an all-out atomic war between two great races which occupied it One of the most important things in contacts of this type is that the human beings receiving the information get confirming data from outside sources to convince them that their contact la genuine. A good example of this is the message they received on Aug. 17, 1952. "Zo speaking: I am on Bell Flight 8 at 50 miles altitude. We promise to transmit on 340 kc. to 405 kc. with International Morse Code 8-22-52 at 7 miles altitude."

This message source indicated that Bell Flight 8 would be over Winslow, Arizona on the above date. The Willlamson group did prevail upon a ham radio operator in Prescott to listen in on the specified wave lenghts that day and he did receive many strange code signals but best of all was word from a friend on the staff at the Lowell Observatory at Winslow that the big telescope would be making celestial observations on the 22nd "but did not say what they were looking for or why." Then on Aug. 26th a radio message was received saying, "You will see us in the sun at high time tomorrow."

Williamson says the next day, the 27th a fleet of aluminum colored discs was seen over Yuma, Arizona at high noon and the Los Angeles Times for the 28th carried a news item that the Wilson Observatory had observed strange gigantic sun spots at noon the day before'

From the viewpoint of the communicators the Ouiji board is desirable because of better control of accuracy. Our alphabet offers only twenty-six choices A through Z in the brain of the medium. Spelling out the words of a message,, one letter at a time, may be slow but at least the control has a good chance to get through the word he wanted. More advanced types of Impressionalism allow more freedom of choice to the medium and thus greeter chance for misinterpretation or coloring.

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