Victor One Spaceship


Victor One Flying Saucer 1965?

A spacecraft of the Victor Class is a 300-foot diameter discus, 22 feet high at the rim, increasing to 97 feet on the axis. Its at rest, Earth weight is 1170 tons. The permanent crew is 187. In a hundredth of a second, the craft can be rendered invisible. When visible, it is tangible and would be recognized as a familiar object. When invisible, to both sight and the entire electromagnetic spectrum, it is also intangible or transparent to any object... people, vehicles, weapons, aircraft... moving through it.

A field can enshroud the spacecraft to repel, deflect or absorb anything we can impose. This field is independent of the control of the invisibility. A dematerialization transport field with a range of 92 miles can move objects through intervening solid matter (walls). Weight is no limitation. The process takes about one-twentieth of a second. At 90 miles the accuracy is 14 feet diameter; at 5 miles,5 feet at one mile, one foot. Generally, this transport feld is not used for anything of Earth.

A super-audio-video laser-type camera, one might say, can observe detail activity through intervening matter with practically no range limitation regarding Earth usage. It can select and pick up any person's actions and words. A person's thoughts can be detected and recorded up to 1200 miles spiracle radius from the spacecraft. Four classes of actions, words and thoughts are under surveillance - those either destructive or constructive to either the spacecraft or the Earth. When prominent, these pop up above the general background of the mass.


Victor Class spacecraft can be accompanied by an instrumentation spacecraft which may shift position up to a few hundred miles of the usually parked Victor. A spacecraft of the Instrumentation Class is a 97 foot diameter cylinder 240 feet long with two conical ends for a total length of 300 feet. Its at rest, Earth weight is 2340 tons.The permanent crew is 161.

It has all the capabilities of a Victor Class with additional special functions. Its dematerialization transport field range is 4700 miles with no weight restriction. More than ten such fields can operate simultaneously. It can render radioactive material inert in less than a hundredth of a second up to 22, 500 miles without damage to the carrier. More than ten such deactivations can occur simultaneously.

Either spacecraft's dematerialization transport field links the two, and not being electromagnetic is not detectable by any Earth means. About 275 people of Earth know of this Instrumentation Class companion to VICTOR ONE; 155 being U.S.Government officials. People of Earth have visited the Instrumentation Spacecraft. No scientists or government officials are among these, except for the late Doctor Daniel Fry.

The Instrumentation Class spacecraft (Instr. S/C) deployment began in 1951 following the first atomic bomb test in New Mexico on July 16, 1945 and the Hiroshima bomb on August 6, 1945. Those of the Venusian culture had not expected such rapid progress in the Earth nuclear science. The intervening six years was required for the re-starting of the instrumentation spacecraft production. This fleet of 84 has been built especially for Earth.

Their purpose is to prevent full-scale nuclear destruction. One launch and one retaliation of single carriers on Earth may be permitted. In any launch thereafter or in a massive first strike, no atomic or thermonuclear reaction will be able to occur. . . just radioactive metal debris falling from the initiating high explosives, driving home the stupidity of and tragic waste by world governments. The Instr. S/C can disable any electronic device, thus rendering chaos to any attempt at full-scale, conventional-weapon war.

Former USA President Bush, as well as former President Reagan and USSR President Gorbachev knew of the Instrumentation fleet. The presence of Commander Valiant Thor has been known by all U.S. Presidents since Dwight Eisenhower. The Commander met with the late Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon in March of 1957.

Jill, Doon, Valiant

Three Venusians - Jill, Vice Commander Donn Thor, Commander Valiant Thor at High Bridge, New Jersey, 1957


Two orbiting spacecraft support the Victor and Instrumentation Class spacecraft. The Orbiters are spheres 14,750 feet in diameter, orbiting 19,700 miles above the Earth surface, diametrically opposed on opposite sides of the Earth. The first has 15,400 permanent crew as counterpart to the Victor Class; the second, 1850 permanent crew associated with the Instr. S/C.

An Orbiter first appeared with VICTOR FIVE 2932 years ago, then left and both reappeared 54 years ago (1951) with the Instr. S/C Class. Since their arrival, they have been continually tracked by the Strategic Air Command at Colorado Springs, Colorado and by Russia. 9550 personnel of the U.S.Military know of their presence, as does the Russian Military.

Moreover, all the Victor and Instr. S/C locations are known by both. The personnel are under ludicrous Military Security Regulations of silence. High government and military officials, scientists, religions, financiers, media deliberately keep all of this from the rest of us. . . the man on the street. Their delusion that widespread knowledge of it would induce worldwide panic is just that. . .delusion. . .to support their personal gains of money, status and power.


50 Shuttlecraft continually operate between Orbite and Victor and Instr. S/C. The shuttle is a 220-foot diameter sphere. The permanent crew is 170. They are continually tracked by the Colorado Spring Command, worldwide tracking networks, Russia networks and have never been reported to the public The Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and all government departments and officials deny any knowledge of this. Worldwide tracking personnel are kept silence by threat.

The truth of the matter is that there exists a Secret Government within the government. There exists super force within the secret structure of the Central Intelligence Agency. They are answerable but to very few who also control the existing money system of Earth.The various Shuttlecrafts have been duly reported to this agency and the Shuttlecrafts have become thorn in their side. . . to say the least, because they continuously play tag with U.S. jets.

NOTE: It may interest you to learn that many of the plots seen on the TV series The X Files is actual based on true happenings. Furthermore, this Secret Government is also responsible for the fact that the whole truth regarding the secrets and revelations of the Dead Sea Scrolls will not see daylight in our generation.

The reason being that the Dead Scrolls contain much evidence regarding the contacts and communications of those in bible days. According to this Secret Government they must continue to support the aims and purposes of the authorities who presently control the release of such information. However, because of the wonderful support and assistance of Commander Valiant Thor, this information (in part) has already been translated and contained in three videotapes or one DVD which we have produced called MYSTERIES OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS REVEALED. These are both available to you by writing to my office for full information.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges

Dr. Frank E. Stranges

Information from the 36 pages book Spacecraft over earth by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, which is recommended reading

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