More Encounters with Star People

Urban American Indians Tell Their Stories

More Encounters with Star People

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

ISBN 978-1-938398-62-9

He Glowed, page 233

"It was difficult to look at him. He was bright. He told me that they didn't take form like humans. They were mostly made of light. I didn't understand that when I was eleven, and I don't understand it now." - Marylou.


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Table of Contents

Author's Note


Chapter 1 - Traveling the Universal Highway

Chapter 2 - Aliens and an Abandoned Copper Mine

Chapter 3 - I Met my Wife on a UFO

Chapter 4 - A UFO on a Southwestern Reservation

Chapter 5 - He made me feel like an Old Friend

Chapter 6 - The Brothers

Chapter 7 - A UFO at the Top of the World

Chapter 8 - Abductions of an Unusual Kind

Chapter 9 - Earth was once their Home

Chapter 10 - A UFO on Bear Butte

Chapter 11 - They are My Obsession

Chapter 12 - A Deputy Sheriff's Encounter

Chapter 13 - A UFO at Hebgen Lake

Chapter 14 - A Watcher in Death Valley

Chapter 15 - We are the Protectors

Chapter 16 - My Daughter is Not Mine

Chapter 17 - Masters of Deceit

Chapter 18 - I'm no longer a Skeptic

Chapter 19 - Encounter on a Wyoming Highway

Chapter 20 - Tina and a Hybrid Baby

Chapter 21 - There are Many Alien Species

Chapter 22 - Night Fishing in Wyoming

Chapter 23 - Snowmobilers Witness an Moose Abduction

Chapter 24 - A Hunter, an Alien and a Montana Blizzard

Chapter 25 - They called me a Defender

Chapter 26 - Another Flatwoods Monster?

Chapter 27 - A Fiery Ball from the Sky

Chapter 28 - He Glowed

Chapter 29 - The Glowing Suns

Chapter 30 - They Took Antonio that Night

Chapter 31 - The Star People Have No Names

Chapter 32 - Somewhere in Montana

Chapter 33 - The Joiner

Chapter 34 - An Event in the Everglades

Chapter 35 - We are not a Priority

Chapter 36 - Cat Eyes

Chapter 37 - It happened in the Bear Paw

Chapter 38 - My DNA is Close to Theirs

Chapter 39 - Aliens on Archuleta Mesa?

Chapter 40 - A Strange Encounter at Joe's Place


About the Author

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

I give the book:

Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle

Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle Green Candle

of ten candles, because the stories are great but I lack photos of the Flying Saucers and the Star People.

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