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Luna 1

In 1843 Johann Schroeter recorded unexplainable changes in a six-mile crater named Linne. (today Linne is only 1.5 miles across). The German astronomer Schroeter made hundreds of maps of the moon during his lifetime. He finally arrived at the conclusion that the moon was inhabited and attributed some of the changes he saw to "the industrial activities of the Selenites".

Glowing object near the moon Between 1948 and 1955 the amatuer astronomer George Adamski succeeded in taking several photographs of glowing UFOs close to the Moon with his six inch telescope.

"The Adamski photos were analyzed by scientific laboratories of the military, the government, and by private laboratories dealing with such photos. The conclusion in every instance has been the same: No evidence exists which points to any fraud in making the pictures."

Used with Permission of the Copyright holders (2001-08-15) - G.A.F. International/Adamski Foundation [] P.O.1722 Vista, CA 92085 U.S.A.

Moon, the companion planet to earth was pointed out as the most possible (after the planet Mars) source for UFOs by some U.S Scientists in the mid 50's.

In 1959 (the same year as first Lunashot) the rocketengineer Wernher von Braun said :
"We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and in six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with some precision on the matter."

Rolling objects on the moon
Becuase of this knowledge and the knowledge of some warlike (not all) Gods coming down from heaven (other planets) as described in the Sumerian History and in India's prehistorical writings (including a battle on the moon).

The U.S Government had nothing else to send up to the moon with Apollo 11 then a plaque with the inscription "We come in peace for all mankind".

Why leaving a plaque on the moon when nobody is there to read it, according to our teachers. My guess is that those who are manufacturing these rolling objects are able to understand English.

The famous Lunar Orbiter 5 photo No. 67-H-1135 showing two objects moving on moon's surface. The larger object shines brightly and casts a long shadow. It is around 75 feet across.

Questions and Answers by the George Adamski Foundation 1981

Q-Is there life on the Moon?

A-I can personally state that life exists on the Moon, and I base this observation on. my studles and research of the Apollo photographs, many thousands of them, which have been brought back by our astronauts. My studies have gone even further into the earlier lunar orbiter flights which were remote controlled. I have collected many photographs, approximately one hundred and fifty. Many of them show UFO’s on the Moon, oval cigar-shaped objects in the craters or highlands, and strange markings on the lunar surface, including several areas where definite water can be identified as natural lakes and manmade reservoirs. There are tubes and pipelines which leave certain craters and vanish into others. There are also dome-type constructions, platforms for space craft to land, tunnels, bridgelike structures, etc. These photographs will be published for the first time in my forthcoming book, Soon to be out, entitled We Discovered Alien Bases On The Moon.

Q-Why has this Information been kept secret from the public?

A-NASA has released much information about the Moon, such as lunar geysers spraying water on the Moon, water detected and materials found very much like on Earth. It also discovered a magnetic field around the Moon and a thin lunar atmosphere. The astronauts, when orbiting the Moon, reported that they observed very beautiful volcanos, some of which were all white on top and black on the inside. This Information was published in several national magazines and newspapers. Some of the astronauts reported that the Moon was not a desolate place, but very beautiful with many different colors, and not just gray and dead like we were led to believe. NASA has done its share of releasing this information to the public and carefully observing its reaction. When studying many thousands of lunar photographs and all of the Apollo microfilms, I can truthfully state that nothing was hidden from the public. After enlarging many of these photographs and scrutinizing them with a magnifying glass, I found ample evidence that life exists on the Moon. It is generally believed that it is the responsi bility of NASA to educate the general public, but that is not so. The public must make a concerted effort to request this type of information. We must not blame the officials in this case, but only the apathetic public, which seems unconcerned regarding what is happening just 250, 000 miles from Earth.

Q-Do you think the people that have bases on the Moon are friendly to us?

A-Based on logical reasoning, it is my impression that they are friendly toward Earth. Some of the space craft parked in these craters on the Moon are many miles in length. It is extremely difficult for Earth people to understand advanced technology which is capable of producing space craft of immense proportions. On Earth we build gigantic aircraft carriers which are considered marvelous achievements and yet they are puny compared to these tremendously large cigar-.shaped carriers that are traveling space. They land on the Moon and have been observed by many astronomers, inciuding myself. In studying the crater Archimedes through our l2.5 inch teles cope, I noticed together with my Son, three huge cigar-shaped objects parked in this crater. A technology that is capable of building such incredible ships, miles in length and thousands of feet in diameter, is manifestly superior to any of that on Earth. They could have exhibited aggressive behavior towards us many times, by making effective use of their technology. It is my feeling these people are very friendly and that we could learn so much from them, if we would openly acknowledge their existence.

- Fred Steckling

Sources and suggested readings:

We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon 2 by Fred & Glenn Steckling (best book to buy!)

Extraterrestial Archaeology by David Hatcher (about planets and moons in our solarsystem)

Somebody else is on the Moon by George Leonard (1976)

Are Adamski Type Saucers Physical or not Physical? by C. A. Honey

My personal view is that Earth and our Moon are the only planets in our solarsystem, that support life in a natural way, because of the distance to the Sun. Other planets and moons may also support humanoid life, but only through artificial means like underground installations (Mars?) or by engineering the atmosphere (Venus?).

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