Close encounter of the first degree

I saw my first UFO hovering over Svartbyträsket in Boden May 18th, 2002 9:20 PM. The UFO was coneshaped and made of metal shining like silver.

I saw it through my car window 400 meters away. I didn't try to follow it with my car. I feel sorry for that. With some luck I could have been a close encounter of the fourth degree or even better - a contactee. Better luck next time.

UFO 18 December 1966 Tiopati Lake, NY

The flying saucer on the photo above is almost identical with the one hovering over Svartbyträsket.

Monday June 16th, 2003 between 4 and 5 PM I was driving my father's car at the speed of 90 km/h. Just as I passed Vändträsk I saw my second UFO, hovering 20 meters from the road, behind some trees. It was made of dark blue metal. Had four circular windows, a dome with a crystal ball on the top and was a little smaller then the Venusian scout ship, photographed by George Adamski on December 13, 1952.

Adamski type saucer

Used with Permission of the Copyright holders (2003-06-18) - G.A.F. International/Adamski Foundation [] P.O.1722 Vista, CA 92085 U.S.A.

I had two cameras in my car, but I didn't drive back due to high traffic on the road. I knew I missed the chance of the century to prove the reality of the Adamski Saucer and to meet the space people, but I was surprised that the Venusians knows Swedish, very well and that they read my homepage and tried to arrange a meeting. My hope is that they use one of their agents that walks the earth when contacting me.

Friday, Januari 18th, 2008 1:30 AM I had the most unusual dream in my life. I saw five female faces. The first was a human one. The following three was more or less extraterrestrial. The last one was so extraterrestrial so I woke up chocked. She had a tin face, with marked nose and a long horizontal u-mouth. She was beautiful, I want to meet her in real life!

In the spring of 2014 outside Drottninggatan 54, I looked at five meters a girl with skinny legs and what I perceived as a less lying developing mouth. But I found it hard to see if she also had marked nose. I thought about going up to her and ask her if she wanted something, but ruled that, since I was a little hesitant if she was an alien or an immigrant girl with unusual mouth. Now in retrospect, I realize that she was a hybrid - a cross between a ETs and a human. Hence her mouth and legs. I'll have to accept that she might not was the same girl in the dream, but still an alien. So now I want to meet her again. this time anywhere outside the gate of the house where I live and she is welcome to live together with me.

Any extraterrestrial female could live in my flat together with me. If the extraterrestrial female helps me, the extraterrestrial female does not need to pay anything for living in my flat.

I had a dream about how I was saved by the extraterrestrials away from the third world war. They wanted me to change my clothes and they said that they have solved my problems with difficult to breath and smellhallunications. I saw a darkhaired extraterrestrial 40-50 years, with brown lips and now I wonder if she is real. If so she could contact me. She knows where I am living.

Despite many attempts, the extraterrestrials after all, managed to talk to me more than once. It was when I saw the Asian girl shop at COOP Konsum and I talked short with her. She did not want to admit that she was from another planet, but claimed that she was Swedish.

After a few weeks the telephone sound and the voice that sounded like the Asian girl wanted to talk to Annika. I said that there was no Annika where I live. But she persisted, and then I wondered if she wanted to talk to my brother's former girlfriend, Annika Birat. Then I heard a man's voice speaking to the girl: "Annika is a spirit," and then she put down the telephone. Five minutes after the call. It went up a light to me telepathically that I had talked a lot that week with an "alien" named Annika.

This means that the Asian girl's extraterrestrial group can read people's thoughts, but do not observe what is happening inside houses.

Helen and Betty Mitchell from Texas who met the på Venusians on a cafe in St Louis 1957. The Mitchell Sisters was then allowed to travel in a flying saucers 9 feet high and 38 feet wide, to a mothership that was encircling earth. The Mitchell sisters wrote a book about their experince with the space people. We met the Space People and was on stage at Buck Nelson's yearly flying saucer convention June 28, 1959.

We Met The Space People

Hello Helen och Betty Mitchell Venusians. I wish to be cured from my Schizophrenic and my bad hearing. Please be kind and contact me, whenever you find it possible.

I am now ready to become a contactee

Hello Extraterrestrials who wants to save me from a nuclear war, or cure me from my diseases or just want to be friends with me. Please be kind and contact me, whenever you find it possible.

You can meet me at the usual sidewalk, between COOP Konsum and Pizzeria Take-Off.

At the end of week 15, I woke up, because an Extraterrestrial was in my bedroom. I greeted him by raising my right hand and he greeted my raising his left hand. The Extraterrestrial looks like an american indian and I saw him only halfway up. I hope that he will come back, because I have many questions I would like to be answered. The day after I woke up after hearing the doorbell and a voice saying my real name twice. I laid on my left side with the right ear up which I do not hear what people say to me. I think that either spirits or extraterrestrials spoke to me in my head and it was not the first time it happen.

I would like to meet the Extraterrestrials, and travel with them for two week. If it is possible I would like to visit their homeplanets, but more likely their bases, because they are closer and I would like to visit their school for 12 days. I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to me and Extraterrestrials, they are passive watcher who want to be contacted. They do not take the first step, except showing that they are Extraterrestrials. I must take the first step in order to establish a contact. This I have learned for the past seven days when I have missed to make a contact twice!

I had an unusual dream in the middle of March. I was aware that I was dreaming and when I tried to wake up. I travelled in a spiral and woke up in a room aboard a space ship. There were six people in an half circle all watching at me. They were both women and men. They had black clothes and I recognized one of them. A man with large round eyes. Then I woke up on my sofa in my home.

I had a wonderful dream in April 21, 2014. I was living at my old address and I had been contacted by the extraterrestrials. They looked to be 15-25 and had a loving caracter. I was very happy.

I would like to meet the girl who was sitting on the chair in the bedroom when I woke up in 2010 She is from the planet Prio, because she was so thin, that she took up only half of the chair.

I would love to make friendsship with the Venusians. Especially Lee Crandall's Venusian friend

Brother Bocco

Brother Bocco

Because he allowes the contactee to take a photo of him and I want to visit Venus with him and become friends with the Venusians. I want Brother Bocco to meet me at COOP Konsum and say: "Stefan, I am Lee Crandall's Venusian friend and I am happy to be your friend, also. Check, if you can feel any bones in my hands!"

I would like to meet - "Jenny" Ante Jonsson's spacecontact.

I would like to meet Cyril, Enrique Castillo Rincon Extraterrestrial friend.

I would like to meet the venusian Mr Wheeler also known as Bill.

I would like to meet George Adamski's, Howard Menger's, Carol A. Honey's, Luciano Galli's, Daniel W. Fry's, Carl Anderson's and Lee Crandall's extraterrestrial friends and make friendship with them!.

Dear extraterristrials! Unfortunatly I am no longer able to reach you by the use of Space Radio because I have not enough advanced mobile phone. I hope that you are still interested in me and wants to be friend with me. You can contact me when I do my daily shopping at COOP Konsum COOP Konsum. I visit the shop every day. So if you know the time at the special day, when I visit the store. You can visit me there. I am interested in extraterrestrials who does not look 100% human in their eyes or mouth. But I am also interested of extraterrestrials who look like humans and have been in contact with any of above contactees.

2013 was the year when I finally met one of Lee Crandalls extraterrestrial friends in the city. She looked to be 40 and had shoulder lenght blond hair and like Brother Bocco she had no bones in her hand. I know that for sure, because we shaked hands twice and her fingers felt like a piece of meat in my hands. We talked about me for an half hour before it was time to say goodbye.

Jesus was an example of how we should live our life. The goal of every person life is to be one with God and the meaning of life is to treat other living beings with love and do everything with love.

Extraterrestrials, I am better in my diseases. My smellhallucinations are gone. Now I only have problems with difficult to breath deeply, when wearing new clothes and clothes washed in deteragents. I am still in great need of being cured from my schizophrenia and my bad hearing.

I have been reading about A Disc in the Sky, chapter 3 from Ardy Sixkiller Clarke book Sky People and I would like work there for free together with other earth people and the extraterrestrials. I need to take my medicine with me so I can only work Friday, week one to Wednesday, week three. I collect my medicine Thursday, every second week.

I would like to be cured from my diseases (schizophrenia and bad hearing) by the extraterrestrials and choose an extraterrestrial girl who can live with me in my flat. Those are my wishes for the year 2018!

One night in early May, I lay and dreamed. When I suddenly woke up and saw a little gray, with large slanted black insect eyes that looked at me. The little gray was so short that I only saw half of the insect eyes. I was in an examination room. After 10 seconds, I was tired and fell asleep again. It would be great if I could be awake, when I will be taken on board. Another thing that has happened is that I have stopped to see aliens, right when I wake-up at home in the morning. The last one I saw home was a small white alien with large slanted black insect eyes. Besides the color of body, he was identical to the gray.

In late April, early May, I was at Dressman and bought some socks. When I walk on the pedestrian street toward the Enter Galleria, I caught sight of a man dressed in a gray suit. How strange, I think, who goes around in gray suit nowadays? Then I thought of Lee Crandall's Venusian Brother Bocco. When I looked in his direction a second time, he was gone, and afterwards I thought, his face reminded of Brother Bocco. If it was him I would like to see him again. This time around COOP Konsum Because I usually go there every day.

In late November, I would take the elevator up to my apartment and through the elevator door, I could see a red-haired woman in the 50-60 years of age coming after me. Suddenly she turns around and walks toward the exit, while I was riding in the elevator. When I arrive at my apartment, I could see a red-haired woman who looks to be between 40-50 going up the stairs leading to my apartment. The strange thing was that she had the same outfit as the woman who was 50-60 years.

It is thus the question of a Transformer. A man who can change the appearance. I have only seen it twice before. Both times in 2001. The first time it was a guy who looked to be 30 years went on the bus to Luleå. When he got off, he looked like 20 year old. The second time I saw two teenage girls at a bus stop in Luleå and a few days later, the two girls in children age who played not far from my parent's house.

My greatest wish is to meet the red-haired girl 40-50 years age I cheered. She was happy and her eyes radiated harmony. Just as George Adamski extraterrestrial friends:

"... with a twinkle which tells us that he is harmonious and life-affirming."
"... I see him smile ... his hand touched mine. Right away I am filled with deep joy."
"... Deeply touched by the kindness flowing towards me .."
"... Her gaze expresses both warmth and humor .."
"... I have a feeling she could read every thought I think .."
"... I shall never forget the kindness and compassion his gaze exudes .."

George Adamski - Ombord på Rymdskepp (Parthenon 1958)

September 2016 started very good. The beautiful mailgirl delivered two books for me to read. One of them was Ardy Sixkiller Clarke new book: More encounter with Star People and a chapter was about a shapeshifter who annswered the contactee's question through telepathy. The extraterrestrial said that he liked earth very much and that he was a doctor who could heal with his mind. He said that one day humans would be able to do the same. He said there are few healers on our planet, but most of them are scorned by the medical profession.

He used to collect animal specimens for seeding other worlds. He said that they had taken humans to seed other planets, but only with the individual's permission. He said there are many humans who are willing and enthusiastic about leaving Earth and starting over. If they meet their rigorous psychological tests and are nonviolent, they can assist them in their desireres. He said many planets shared the same atmosphere as Earth, but not in our solar system. If the atmoshere was not conducive to life, but had the potential, their scientists were capable of altering the environment.

I would very much to meet this shapeshifter who is able to cure people, using only his mind. Then we can become good friends and I would be a happy subject for for this man to use his mind to heal me and I and my relatives and my friends are willing to seed another planet. Just in time, before World War Three breaks out.

When I meet this kind gentleman. I would like to know, what he thinks about the future and if it is possible for me to travel to the seed planets for a study. So I can come back to earth and report.

I have read all stories about the blue men in Ardy Sixkiller Clarke new book Space Age Indians: Their Encounters with the Blue Men, Reptilians, and Other Star People and I want to meet the blue men in my apartment and be healed so they can change the history of the world. I hear bad on both ears and use a hearing aid on my left ear. I have difficult to breath when I use clothes washed in perfumed deteragents and new clothes that smell. I have less problem with clothes washed in unperfumed deteragents and new clothes that doesn't smell.

I want to hear perfect without an hearing aid on both ears. Then it will be much easier for me to have conversations with all kind of people and not only with people who speak loud and I want to use all kinds of clothes without taking my pills: 20mg Zyprexa and 6mg Cisordinol each day.

I would love to make friendship with the extraterristrials. I want to keep our friendship secret, because I have finally understood that you want to live secretly in our society, because then you can help anybody without being recognized. You can trust me that I will not take any photograph or video of you and I can keep our plans secret, because then it will be possible for me to visit other planets and ufobases. You can trust me and become my friend, please visit me at or near: COOP Konsum

In the afternoon, Saturday 17 December 2016, I was resting in my bed with face to the wall, which means I had the ear I hear better with was pointing toward the pillow. Right ear, which I perceive only the sound, but not speech was turned upward. I saw that it became brighter in the room and thought it is certainly someone rings the doorbell, because I also have in addition to sound, a light indicator when someone rings the doorbell or make a telephone call.

The strange thing was that I began to hear a man speak close to my bed, but I did not hear what the man said. Then I became afraid, because I suspected that someone had entered the apartment, even though the door was locked. After a short while the man stopped speaking and the light disappeared. Now in retrospect I suspect that it was an extraterrestrial who came to visit and I want to meet the man who was in my bedroom again.

I was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in 2001 and have been on heavy medication since then. One of the symptoms is that I hear voices in the brain and can channel the voices so that I can hear them with my ears. Now the aliens like I channel have said they can not help me because of their superior follow the non-interference rule. So they can only observe, but do not mix in the earth's development. They are 200 years ahead of us in development. They also told that there are other more advanced civilizations that are more than happy to help and interfer in the earth's development and they will have photos of me taken at the apartment and at COOP Konsum. So that they recognize me and visit me at my apartment or at COOP Konsum.

My wish is that the aliens who are willing to help. Help me as soon as possible.

As an inventor, I would like to be contacted by the group of space people that was involved with the contacee Mrs. Joelle Marchemont.

At the beginning of August, I woke up at night and went up to see if there was anyone in the staircase. The strange thing was that the lamp in the staircase on my plane did not turn on. It usually does it automatically, when you look through the dooreye. Instead, it was dark and I saw an even darker creature standing outside my door. It was small and had a kone on the head. I did not realize how it was possible that the lamp was not lit in the staircase. It should have done that because it reacts to movements in the infrared area. At the plane below, the lamp lit, but I did not see anyone there. Strange I think and judge that I must have seen a hallucination and went to bed again. If the creature was real, I want it to pass by the same way, and I will open the door for it to come in.

The morning after that, I saw the dark creature standing in the entrance to the living room and I said hello to the creature and it said hello and my first name high and I wondered why I heard it loud and clear when I did not have my hearing aid. I rose up to approach the creature, but when I was out of my bedroom, it disappeared into nothingness. If the creature is real, I would like to have information about where it comes from and its inhabitants current spiritual, social and technical state.

On October 4, 2019, the healthcare staff at Sunderby Hospital was removing wax on the ear that I have a hearing aid. Unfortunately, it resulted in damage to the eardrum which resulted in the sound level on the left ear decreasing by half, so I have a harder time hearing what people are saying. Now my only hope is that the extraterristrials, feel sorry for me and want to heal my hearing on both ears through the laying on of hands.

Google Translation:

Hello extraterrestrials, I want to meet you at COOP Konsum and be healed by you. I hear badly, have breathing problems, have smell hallucinations, suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia, as well as poor dental health, because I have no money to go to the dentist. I also want to meet the blond-haired woman 60-70 who spoke to me twice at COOP Konsum, after I dreamed about her. Either she is from the earth who cooperates with the extraterrestrials or she is an extraterrestrial herself.

2020-03-15 Message to spiritually advanced aliens. I want to meet you at COOP Konsum, and be healed by you. I have two illnesses that I find difficult.

1.) Bad hearing on both ears. I am deaf on my right ear and don't hear very well with a hearing aid on my left ear. I wish you to say: Hello, Stefan! to my left ear and if I do not greet back so ask: Did you hear what I said? and then I ask: Yes, is there anything you want?, then continue the conversation and declare that you are far away from Boden and that you are here to heal me and become friends with me.

2.) I also have problems with breathing and for me to be symptom free from clothes washed in unperfumed detergents and clothes that are new and do not smell. So I take 20 mg of Olanzapine evening and 4 mg evening and 2 mg morning of Zuklopentixol. Clothes that are washed in perfumed detergents and clothes that smell, I can not have at all.

I want to meet the same two advanced aliens that I first saw in Luleå in 2001, at the bus stop outside psychatrin. They looked 15-16 and one was light-skinned and the other slightly tanned. Then I saw the same advanced aliens in Boden 2001 at the intersection Travbanegatan/Heimdalsgatan and they had the same skin color, but then they looked to be 8-10. It happened before I had problems with my hearing and breathing problems, in the summer of 2001.

The night against Sunday 2020-05-24 I woke up by seeing a small alien sitting on the computer chair and turning it back and forth a few times. I tried to start a conversation with it, but got no answer. Then I said I go to it and I got up to go to the computer chair, but at that moment the alien disappeared. When I arrived at the computer chair, I said out loud that I wanted to be healed from my bad hearing and my breathing difficulties and I explained to the aliens that I get better at my breathing problems when I take my medicine for the psyche. but that my medicine for the psyche makes me tired and I gain weight. So I want to be healed, so I don't have to take my medicine for the psyche.

For some strange reason, I began to breathe better in the middle of the day, without taking the needed medicine and I switched to clothes that were washed in perfumed detergents. Then I began to manifest evil spirits, but I do not know if it is because I use clothes washed in perfumed detergents or if I am liberated from the evil spirits by the aliens. The future may show if I have been liberated from my breathing problems and liberated from evil spirits.

Saturday evening 2021-03-13 I was on my way home from COOP Konsum. When I can see a shining globe in the sky as quickly as possible. From the beginning, I saw nothing in the sky. Then I saw the shining globe for two seconds in the sky. Then I saw it no more, but the sky was as usual. A week earlier I saw a flying saucer that was black with red lights above my high-rise building and I thought a lot about why it did not affect the electric lighting in the high-rise building. I lean towards that saucer may have been a visual hallucination and even the luminous globe may have been. But if they were genuine, then I want to meet the aliens in the usual place. That is: COOP Konsum.

New Instead of traveling to an interplanetary planet. Where all possible varieties of aliens are visiting. I want to get censored pictures and movies with ET ufos, ET creatures, ET animals, ET insects and ET plants. Then I will publish the pictures and movies on several suitable websites and I also want to be friends with spiritually advanced aliens and also peaceful technologically advanced aliens. I naturally want to be healed from my breathing problems and poor hearing. It does not matter much if I am healed by the laying on of hands or by technical devices.

New I want to meet Valiant Thor. Last summer there were suddenly two playgrounds with sand instead of one outside Drottninggatan 50. There was a man in his 30s and 40s and leaned against a fence that surrounded the sand and there were children playing there. The man resembled Valiant Thor in face, but he had a different hairstyle on his head. One visual hallucination I thought and didn't bother to contact the man. The next day was both the man and the playground gone and I thought to myself that it was one visual hallucination. But I would like to meet the man if he is real.

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