The Invitation - Sixto Paz Wells

The Invitation by Sixto Paz Wells

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In 1974, a group of teenage Peruvians became part of a facinating journey through the remote mystical places of Peru. Through the narrative of Sixto Paz Wells, the reader is confronted with one of the most complex cases of ET contact ever documented. A rare case which has astounded journalists, from nearly every country, as they defiantly witnessed the undeniable physical presence of an advanced civilization. The invitation stands as a document so provocative and upsetting to our routine lives, that the author's work has been surpresssed by organized agencies trying to destroy it. The question is : Why? Its pages are filled with the messages of hope, renewal and self-actualization. The humility of the author's revelations gives us the powerful tool to understand the great glory of being human. It compels us to share that unique glory with our brothers and sisters from beyond our planet and perhaps beyond time and space as we know it. After THE INVITATION, you will never see the world the same way.

Some of the teaching by the extraterristials:

We make reference to Jesus Christ, because to you He represents a familiar embodiment of Divine Love. He is one of many who have chosen, throughout the course of human history, to incarnate on Earth and teach the message of Love. Joshua, Jesus, Immanuel or Iza, in the beginning and thereafter. He is the Christ as you know him. He proceeded down to your planet from higher spheres by an act of supreme love for Man, to touch his hardened heart and give him the chance to rise above his state of ignorance.

1,300 years before Him, Moses had given the laws in written form to guide his people. Those laws are and have always been inherent to human progress, they are natural laws. But in his weakness, man wanted to free himself from the responsibility of obeying his conscience by saying: Where are the laws? We cannot see them, we cannot touch them, they may not even exist; therefore we cannot be blamed for transgressing them.

Joshua came to quiet the transgressors. He manifested Himself in the flesh and showed them by example what He expected of man. He did not come to change anything, but to accomplish a mission, while respecting the freedom of choice of each being. Not all the worlds have been as ungrateful and recalcitrant as the Earth. For this reason The Creator, The Architects and Builders of Galaxies, the Watchmen and the Guardians, and the Masters of Karma appointed many other highly evolved human beings, to come and lend a hand to Mankind.

In Joshua's life, through inspiration from the Profound Love of Cosmic Consiousness, we coordinated His birth, His body and His family, and the messengers who would give the different signs in the astral and material plane. One of the spaceships of the Confederation accompanied the teachers and the protectors of the Christ Child. These teachers were masters of various secluded retreats of The White Broderhood, who function as the Internal Positive Government of the Planet and maintain the necessary equilibrium while awaiting the New Era.

On the final days of His Resurrection, another spaceship picked Him up, and at the present time, He is moving on his own accord through the various dimensions, preparing the day for His Second Coming and the final reorganization of humanity as an ascended race on an ascended planet. He does not need to reincarnate, for He actually possesses a glorified body of light, in which He will come to you. Be patient and take advantage of His simple and profound teachings; they are the example which He has left you.

Always remember, that even the most ascended ones, when incarnating in the material plane, make humble vows to accept teachers who remind and prepare them. Every Master or Guide of Light observes the following law: "No one can guide without being guided first."

Our work consists of preparing with you, the return of Christ, Master of Time and Space. Who is above towns, races, civilizations and planets. There are the forces of ignorance, deceit and darkness on Earth, tempting you toward arrogance and seperation. Therefore, above all, strive for purity within your hearts and bodies and uphold your togetherness. You will learn to be Brothers if you develop a true friendship among you.

- one of the elder extraterristials addressing Sixto Paz Wells, page 76-77.

"There are four kinds of people at the threshold of the spiritual path. The first kind are the ones who have not yet awakened to the need of drinking the sweet water from the spring of life. They do not yet feel the need for living water, the only water that could satiesfy all their needs. These people live in the world and for the world; they love that golden prision they have created and which the system assaigns as a share for their voluntary lack of consciousness. These people have one god and many gods, created in their image according to their whims. They are like the birds of prey in the jungle of civilization, or rodents scavenging for leftovers of the kings of this world. They will evade more than once the responsibility of discovering themselves as humans beings, in order not to become separated from the mud of their lower instincts in which they roll like fattened pigs that some day will be shipped to the slaughterhouse. This first group, tied to this plane, will repeat in other worlds the cycle they could not take advantage of, since they rejected the opportunity to define themselves that this plane offered them.

The second category consists of people who already woke up to the need of confronting their spiritual path, but are so oppressed by the system, by their lower passions and ego manifestations, that they are prevented from accomplishing their own commitment of realization. They tend to limit themselves to questioning others instead of committing themselves. They are the ones who look for someone who could guarantee a secure life free from risks; they follow a thousand and one groups, but are incapable of sacrifing anything. If there is someone who is prepared to live and die for them, they will follow him/her, and will help him/her even to die. They are walking around in circles, because they have not yet developed the capacity of facing and accepting their mistakes, much less overcoming them; they do not know how to forgive, since they would have to begin by forgiving themselves and give themselves another opportunity. These people still look to fulfill their desires, which they falsely interpret as living the love.

The third category is formed by those who take initiatives and seriously weigh the consequences of their decisions. They are often wrong and stumble about, sincerely looking for the light in one way or another, only in place it can be found inside themselves and in relation with their fellow man. This third group can raise above discouragement and evolve more rapidly, because they have already developed the capacity of forgiving. These are the ones who, through hard times, have learned to accept and to love everyone exactly the way they are.Their great virtue is perseverance, because on the spiritual journey, triumph is only guaranteed to those who reach the goal. There is still much darkness that needs to be shed before they walk in the light. These people already started to die in themselves, since they are conscious of their task of showing the path through personal example.

The fourth group is formed by those who have died for love, crucified selfishness, and overcome their link with the world and the empire of the senses. Only when our love grows stronger than one's attachment for life - only then will we learn to live fully without the need to ask for the living water, for we will be like inexhaustible springs with a beauty beyond comparison...." - One of the Masters, dressed in shining clothes, addressing Sixto Paz Wells when he did an astral trip. Page 200-201

On eight occasions, Sixto Paz Wells actually met the crewmembers of the so-called UFOs, and visited the inside of their spaceships during three of these encounters. He has frequently been witness to the appearance of these spaceships, both in Peru and overseas. - Lima, October 27, 1997.

I give The Invitation by Sixto Paz Wells

Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle
Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle Goldencandle

of ten candels. It shuld have been ten candels, but because of the lack of photographs of the Extraterristials and their Flying Machines it is worth only eight.

Sixto Paz Wells

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