The High Bridge Incident by Connie and Howard Menger

Alien lifeform, Howard Mengerand Connie Menger
Alien lightform, Howard Menger & Connie Menger

Howard Mengers story as a contactee begun as early as in 1932 at the age of 10. When he was walking toward his favorite spot in the forest, he saw a beautiful woman at the age of 25 sitting on a rock. The woman addressed Howard by name and told him many things which he didn't understand at that moment. She promised Howard that they would be meeting again in the distant future.

It was in 1942 the next contact accured. It happened while Howard was in the Army. At Camp Cook In California, Howard heard his name been calling from a man in Khaki uniform althought the man's lips where not moving. Later Howard learned that the man had use telephathy in contacting Howard. The man extended his hand and greeted Howard.

The man in the uniform said: "Long before the time of the Conquistadors, we made contact with the Aztecs. We helped these people in many ways and it is too bad the conquerors came in war instead of good will and friendship; for there were many things the Aztecs could have taught them. Instead they withheld these secrets and these perished with the civilization."

Extraterristial Women touches her belt

Extraterristial Women touches the invinsible control at her belt

Just before Hiroshima, Howard had another contact. The teaching was as follow: "Actually, Howard, there is no death. Only the physical body, or the shell, dies, and even that is not really destroyed. The soul lives on eternally, learning by its mistakes, always progressing. The good that is done is accredited to that soul. The mistakes are forgotten."

"Remember that the murder of one man or mass destruction is one and the same. Evil is not gauged by the magnitude of the crime. The evil intent which goes against our Infininte Father's law will turn the same laws against your people. However, our Infinite Father does not punish, destroy, or put any discomfort in our way. Man himself creates such and blames God for his own discomforts. He even ask the Creator to punish others for their wrongdoings."

"Man must learn what he is, where he came from, and what his real purpose is here on this planet.

Extraterristal women begin to dissapeer

Extraterristal women begin to dissapeer from sight

In June 1946, one year after the war Howard got a strong impulse to visit his boyhood area in High Bridge, New Jersey. He went there and saw a huge fireball that later turned into a bellshaped saucer that reflected the sun like a mirror when it had landed. Out stepped two men and later a girl and the girl was a real surprise to Howard:

- "Are you actually the girl...the girl on the rock?"
- "Yes I am. The same girl, Howard."
- "But you're no older."
- "Oh, but I am. Guess, Howard, how old I really am."
- "I'm more than 500 years old." she said. "Now you can refute anyone who says a woman tells little falsehoods about her age."
- "But you haven't changed."
- "Of course not."

Her teaching was as follows:
She said that in the past ages man had lived a life span of hundreds of years on this very planet, when the atmosphere was similar to the one which now exist on her planet. It was not only the atmosphere of her homeplanet, she hastened to add, but the way people lived, thought, and ate, which was responsdible for such longlivety.

"When we live according to the laws of our Creator we are blessed by the gift of longlivety. But this is not the greatest one. It is only a by-product of our blessings."

40 feet UFO 1956

40 feet craft is landing in the field of
High Bridge, New Jersey in Spring of 1956

In late August 1956 Howard had a meeting with a levitating master. The Master conveyed his message to Howard in form of mental pictures instead of spoken words:

Son, we have not seen the Supreme Intelligence in the sense that It has a particular form or shape. God is not a man. To call God a man is to limit that God. God is All.

Man is limited, but God is unlimited, infinite, expressing in all humankind, all forms. Men are student gods, going through a school of expression on this planet and many others, seeking knowledge and wisdom so that he may serve his brothers and sisters and the Infinite Father of Creation. Humankind continually progresses up the ladder toward perfection and though a rung may break under the weight of many errors, the goal is to reach the top and the oneness with the Infinite Father. The soul records every experience, all thoughts, mistakes from the time it becomes a soul. A Human's soul, as with the lower forms of life, such as dogs, cats, cows, horses, etc., is the sum total of a process of evolvement of consciousness.

Saucer over domebuildig at the moon

Photo of sacuer and domebuilding at the moon.

Everyting created has a consciousness and the consciousness evolves to the soul point, where it expresses in higher forms, humankind beign the highest.This doesn't necessarily mean one evolves from the other, but there are many cycles of evolution. Infinite spirit is perfect and uses a finite body in a given dimension possessed of a soul, the recorder (closely related to the mind) which does the thinking, using the finite brain as the instrument of perception in the conjuction with the five senses.

Death is not the end of the consciousness, but a continuation of a different type of experience leaving certain "senses" behind on the physical plane becoming aware of more enlightened consciousness.

You discover that you are still thinking without the instrumentality of the brain. Son, I say to you, there is no death, for if there were, you would not be here now, for you always were, always will be, you are, as it also is with the universe, as it is with our Infinite Father of Creation ......a continual recycling of universal energy; never destroyed, only changed!

Spaceman in front of saucer

Spaceman in front of the adamskisaucer

The book The High Bridge Incident by Howard and Connie Menger is divided in three parts. Part One contains the main chapters from the book: From outer space to you by Howard Menger - 1959 Part Two contains the main chapters from the book: A Song of Saturn by Connie Menger - 1968 and Part Three is entirely new and is about Howard Mengers research and ideas.

Venusian 1956

Howard Mengers Venusian friend 1956

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