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Q: In your publication #237 "Answer to false statements of the Adamski Foundation" you state that you "agree that his new 'brothers' had him under hypnotic control"

How can you be sure that George Adamski had been hypnotized and which year did Adamski show signs of being under hypnotic influence? Do you think it is possible to be Self-hypnotized under certain circumstances like trance mediumship or is it possible to be hypnotized under hypnoses when you search for blocked (false?) memories?

A: Why am I sure Adamski was hypnotized as stated in my Publication #237?

Because of two things: (1) I have been a professional hypnotist for years and understand it thoroughly. (See Publication # 201, page 3)

"In this case I can definitely speak with full authority. I have been a hypnotist for many years. I used to have a hypnosis center in Garden Grove, California where I not only worked with many people desiring to stop smoking or lose weight, but also taught doctors and laymen alike how to use hypnosis in their practice of medicine or their everyday life.

I was the first hypnotist in California to receive credentials from the California State Board of Education to teach hypnosis and operate a school. I also wrote the first standard hypnosis textbook used in my school and many other schools, even today, and it was approved also by the State.

Because of my experience I am fully qualified to state that any good hypnotist can make any normally intelligent person believe anything they might desire for them to believe. I say normally intelligent person because the best and easiest subjects are those of high intelligence. The lower the I.Q. level the more difficult it is to hypnotize them."

and (2) Adamski said it himself in front of many witnesses as quoted in Publication #237, bottom of page 8 and top of page 9.

"Mr. Adamski's claims in regard to the Saturn trip are in complete accord with the same type of experiences that the psychics are reporting every day. It is a perfect portrayal of an astral experience induced by the new "brothers" and uses the same methods I have previously exposed in my earlier writings on FRAUD IN THE UFO FIELD. Mr. Adamski endorsed my earlier writings on the subject when they appeared in the S.P. NEWSLETTER.

Another reason I believe Mr. Adamski was fooled into thinking he had made a physical trip to Saturn, was the fact that about two years before I severed my association with him, he resorted to trance mediumship.

Until that time he had taught against such methods as fraudulent.

I was present, along with several others as witnesses, when Mr. Adamski went into a trance state and claimed Orthon was talking through his vocal chords. He taught against this very strongly for many years but then he started doing it himself. He said it was different in his case, all the others were fraudulent, but not him, he was genuine.

He assured me it was not a regular trance but was a "hypnotic spell" that the "brothers" used to convey information to him.

I say nonsense to the idea that he was acting any different than any other trance medium, but I agree that his new "brothers" had him under hypnotic control. I think his Saturn trip was produced in the same manner, if it occurred at all.

Mr. Adamski even admitted that the new "brothers" used a helmet-like device that made him very tired and produced "mental images" like motion pictures in his mind. If you recall, in his Saturn Report he stated that an instrument was placed on his head that impressed much information into his brain cells. Then, like a tape recorder, he was able to recall the information at proper times."

Trance mediums, if in any genuine trance state at all, are in a hypnotic state, and that is all a trance state really is. Whether self-imposed or induced by a hypnotist, the state is the same.

It is possible to recover blocked memories by using hypnosis. The problem is that most people using hypnosis, and this includes doctors, and psychiatrists especially, do not know how to effectively unblock the memories so that the person under hypnosis is not led to say whatever the hypnotist wants them to say.

See Publication N-101 for my qualifications to express authoritative opinions about the use of hypnosis.

Remember, Adamski's Saturn Report (Publication #221) is a verbatim word for word reproduction of the original Saturn Report that caused so may of Adamski's coworkers to disassociate themselves from his program.

It was the final "straw that broke the camel's back" as it was conclusive proof that Adamski was spreading falsehood. Prior to that it could have been argued both ways on his claims, as either true or false. If publications by those promoting Adamski, in spite of his claim about the Saturn trip, had not been sent around the world, everything would have ended quietly.

As it was, and as I thoroughly documented in my publications, I was forced to explain what happened when they accused me of theft and let on that it was I who was behind the "Glendale Letter" of PO Box 885. In his own letters to his coworkers he "hung himself" by revealing things that only he could have done and by contradicting himself over and over. All quotes in the article are from the actual letters or documents sent out at that time. Remember this, "If you always tell the truth you won't have to remember what you said."

Adamski changed his statements almost weekly and convicted himself out of his own mouth.

Steckling cannot refute the facts and ex-coworkers all around the world verify what happened. I would much prefer to let the incident die and instead promote the good things accomplished by Adamski during the 50s and early 1960s. Steckling should endorse my articles in favor of Adamski's pictures, etc., and not create more animosity by attacking those who revealed the truth so long ago.

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