Len from Loom



Throughout your life runs a thread called love, if you are going outside that thread or abusing its opinion, there is unfortunately no hope for your continued existence, but however, when you learn what love really means, you can take the next step.

First you must learn to love your fellow human beings and all living things, yes your whole planet, if you can not do this, then again all hope is out.

But what do you do, you abusing one of the most important commandments in the universe, you fight for the sake of gain, you torture and maim your neighbor, you misuse the only nature you have, you plague your whole atmosphere with all that poison you can muster, and why, because for something as pathetic as money and power, they are many existences in the universe, but none of them have sunk so low that they would even try to hurt someone another for their own personal gain.

What do you think your children and grandchildren will live by when your whole planet is destroyed, of money and power, no, they would curse you for what you did, they must have a chance of survival in a pure and beautiful world. And honestly, would it not be a greater pleasure to hand over a healthy planet for posterity than one big rubbish heap, you can actually live a little easier, believe me, I know.

- Len from Loom alias Ante Jonsson spacecontact Jenny.

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