UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity


UFO investigator

Enrique Castillo Rincon

"One of the great mistakes of your civilization has been to classify Man as a 'rational animal', lowering him to the level of the beasts. If you could grasp the principles of His creation, you would comprehend then that Man, within the scope of His Life, can degrade himself to the animal level, or upgrade himself to the level of the Gods."

"Scientist and wise men on Earth should already take for granted the existence of intelligent life on other planets. The great majority knows well that there are very good reports on ‘sightings’ of ships, called flying saucers or UFOs, by reliable and respectable witnesses, who have been ridiculed, slandered, vexed, and forced to shut up, to maintain the belief that you are alone in the Universe. The miserly minds of some politicians and organizations have profited by this forced silence, capitalizing in their favor on the time factor, in order to obtain superior technology and progress never dreamed of before, through investigations in genetic engineering and medicine. Some governments, military, and scientific groups have already achieved considerable progress in this direction."

I interrupted him at this point, "How, without anybody knowing? To me, it seems difficult to keep secret!"

Yes, Enrique, the details and particulars of certain events that originated several years ago, have stayed occult. I will inform you only in ageneral way. Some ‘crashes’ of ‘explorer ships’ belonging to other races have taken place here on Earth, from where the lifeless bodies were extracted. On other occasions, living crew members have been captured and kept captive by the military of some of your governments, and subjected to merciless interrogations, forcing them to reveal formulae and knowledge on several scientific specialties. This could be all right if humankind wére ready to access superior knowledge that could benefit all peoples, but IT IS NOT SO.

"Man, through his multi-staged process of evolution, and by natural curiosity and investigative spirit, has manifested in various forms his desire to discover new frontiers; it is as if something propelled him to obtain answers to the riddles that have concerned all races of the Earth. This drive or compulsion is GENETIC, and as such it generates an unquenchable thirst for answers. For this reason, when Humankind reaches THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW, as never before Man will have the values to handle the superior knowledge that will lead him, first, to self-knowledge, and second, will open the way to the Stars.

"Furthermore, Enrique, terrestrial scientists should realize that developments such as exist on Earth in the flelds of electronic technology, computers, medicine, genetic engineering, and science in general does not normally develop in such a short time. Therefore, it must be imported."

Here, I interrupted him again to ask another question that was pressing in my mind. But his dissertation interested me so much that I begged him to excuse me and go ahead with it.

He continued, It is said that interstellar trips are impossible. The narrow minds among your scientists only blunt the wholesome development of intelligence. They have subdued humanity and robbed it of its spirit of self-improvement. The imagination has been blocked. This has contributed to what the religions around the world have done.

"You should know, Enrique, that there are inter-spatial tunnels of’plancton’ energy, which are detected by our ships and utilized for their displacement, at speeds inconceivable to your scientists. This depends, of course, on the type of craft used, because our science and technology has permitted us to develop systems that are utterly fantastic. This is one of the reasons why, in the past, our presence on Earth was taken as visits ‘from the Gods.’ Our presence here on this planet will not be revealed openly until after the end of the present century."

page 96-97
Pleiaden Girl

Pleiaden Girl

HELP FOR THE PLANET - PHASE TWO: When the conclusion was reached after many years of observation and analysis of your world - that its inhabitants should have assistance in order to advance in the Cosmic Evolutionary Scale, there was a moment, when, according to the available information, a final conclusion was reached, after seeing the ferocity with which men continuously waged war, how they mercilessly ignited cities with incendiary bombs, how they destroyed and tortured men, women, and children, and how the governments and spiritual leaders showed no concern and witnessed the starvation of children, both during peace time as during war time.

The conclusion was that humankind, with few exceptions, were a barbarian horde, sanguinary and blood thirsty, from the deepest levels of their spirit, and utterly incorrigible. Nevertheless, because of the merit of a few, it was favored with assistance to combat effectively the unscrupulous seekers of riches and power who, sheltered by the same forces already mentioned, took unfair advantage and plunged other men and their own brothers into extremes of chaos and violence. We are aware of the enemy’s strength; we know when and with what weapons it fights. At this time, the circle is closing around it. The enemy knows it, and in its desperation to survive, it will take Earth and its inbabitants to a final showdawn, along with its standard-bearers, whole peoples and tribes, to their selfdestruction.

PHASE THREE: This phase involves direct help to many men, instructing them. It requires in many cases their evacuation from this planet, to a special place where they will be provided with a new conscience, to be transmitted afterwards to their fellow men on Earth. These men, on account of their values and courage, are elected to help the world through this great task. The disappearances of such people from Earth have already begun.

With your help, in this new dawn, surely many will glimpse this future world and become very important factors in this struggle, where the two forces are facing each other.

All those who have been instructed in the beginners’ stages will be given frequent telepathic instruction. We will seek these people earnestly. In many cases personal contacts will be required; there will be dimensional projections, and they will receive strength and spiritual assistance.

This procedure holds the key to the future of your planet. Your brother, Krishnamerck, Scientist from the Pleiades, Member of the GREAT SOLAR COSMIC BROTHERHOOD.

page 180-181

Cyril, Enrique and the Contactee group

The true stoy of the Contactee - Enrique Castillo Rincon get
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It only lacks photos of the spaceships and the photos of the spacepeople from the Pleiades.

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