Blue Aliens


A Guardian

I boken CoEVOLUTION written by Alec Newald the following information is giving to the earth people by the four feet tall blue Aliens:

The Earth is under siege by a dark force:
Not so long ago after the Aliens, through a joint offer had recreated the Human Race (Homo Sapiens) and after the Alien Wars (The Book of Enoch) our Earth was attacked by a invisible dark force. This "force of darkness" has a pattern similair to our brainwave patterns and it lives off peoples fear. The statement in the Bible is correct according to the Blue Aliens:

"We know that we are the children of God, and the whole world is under the control of the evil one." - First Epistel of John 5:19

The evil one does not only create an unneccessary amount of fear in people minds. It has also tvisted the "religious minds" in history, so they believed in the existence of various versions of pain prisions where the individual would receive punishment after death.

Do you believe there is a punishment for animals after death? Why should there be any punishment? Animals doesn't have religions. Man is the Maker and Master of both Heaven and Hell, becuse man is the creator of all religions that has been, is and will be in the future.

After God had created the perfect life on earth according to Genesis 1:31, there was no death and no hell. Neither after the people had fallen away from the God Way and death was realized, was there any punishment after death. The punishment was experienced under ones lifetime, according to Genesis 3:17-19.

I must also say the cheapest way to rule over the people is to use belief and fear. When the people leave "belief" they can be controlled through Media, Money, Showbiz and Strife over Minor Matters. When the people revolt against that system they will only be controlled by policeforce or by a constructed war that will unite the revolting masses against a common enemy.

Dictators use a combination of control (policestate) and fear.

Throwing out the Evil One is done by removing the causes of unneccessary fear from our society. There are some natural fear that we share with animals - Being trapped and killed. But that is all. Everything else is unneccessary fear. You can figure out yourself if you are under the influence of the dark force.

Everytime you feel fear you should think. What am I afraid of? Is it really something to be afraid of? How great really is the chance that I feel fear for will happen to me or my relatives? There are people who fear infection diseases. I have good news for you. When I was around 12 years. I wasn't sick one single day even if I was at school 9 out of 12 Months. The solution is to drink enough water each day and execise every second day.

The Future: Earth will first be contacted openly by the small greys (who lives underground on a moon in this solar system). Then might the blue Aliens also visit us openly. But this will only happen after Earth has experienced storms with gathering intensity, in random order all over the planet.

The small Aliens wants to be a part of THE GREAT AWAKENING. The greatest historical movement in the history of mankind. When mankind knows what they are and breaks free from all manmade limitations.

The Past: According to (The Book of Enoch) mankind was on the way to enlightment in the past. But unfortunatly a race of Alien Giants begun to mix with people of the earth and the Earth become populated with three races.

The Aliens, The Hybrids and Humans. These hybrids became very Evil and begun to make war against each other. According to the Blue Aliens. The world was populated not only with The Giants, but also with other Alien groups. And these Alien groups had conflicts from time to time.

Anyway, it was somtimes under or after the Aliens left the Earth that our world was attacked by an invisible dark force (known in the Bible as Satan/Devil) that claimed the Earth. It has tricked our DNA and set our natural development back for thousands of years. This dark force lives by manipulating the minds of the leaders, and they in turn creates conflicts which generates fear which feeds the invisible dark force.

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