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Investors - be aware!

Some philosophy on work, and how we might get it for free

Free Energy ideas – show me the data!

Free Energy By Simon Derricutt

Back To Work Again

Proven Technology

Brilliant Light Power

Andrea Rossi - cold fusion

New Nickel

New Lithium

New Aluminium

New Hydrogen

An Impossible Invention - En Omölig Uppfinning - Mats Lewan Shop

Brillouin Energy Corporation

Integral Molten Salt Reactor (“IMSR”)

Lead Cold Reactor

Health and Safety Aspects of Thorium Production

Thorium Products

Thorium Sources

High-efficiency spray-on solar power tech can turn any surface into a cheap solar cell

Build a Proof-of-Concept Flynn Parallel Path Magnet Device

QM Power Updated 2015-June-19

Paramahamsa Tewari's Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) prepping for commercial roll-out

Paramahamsa Tewari's Reaction Less Generator

Paramahamsa Tewari's Flux Cancelled

Paramahamsa Tewari - Reduced Reaction Rotary Alternating Current Generator USPA 2015/0084467

The Adams Active Thermo Electric High Voltage Pulsed DC Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Electric Motor

Renaissance Charge, LLC

The improved inventions of gpe ab Updated 2015-July-14

Under development

Support the future - Support the clean energy researchers Updated 2017-March-06



Magnet Man

Russ Gries runs Bob Rohner's Noble Gas Popper replication on Hydrogen

Focus Fusion

Induction Fueled Power Plant Design by Phoenix Energy of Nevada (PENV), LLC

Hi Temp Induction Water Heater

Welcome to Free Energy

Gary C. Vesperman Website of Interest

Zero Point Energy

Energy Bat labs



AlternativeWorld Energy

The Quantum Key - Aaron Murakami

WO91/18495A2 Cold Electricity - Tibor Kemeny

A & P Electronic Media


2017 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Rick Friedrich

Free Energy Patents (2015-05-07) Updated

The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Project

Energy from the Vaccum - Tom Bearden

Alexander V. CHERNETSKII [ Chernetski / Chernetsky ] Self-Generating Discharge Plasmatron

Chernetsky’s Plasma Generator

Edwin Gray’s Energy System

Ed Gray’s Radiant Energy Motor

The Spark Gap - Toward Overunity? Edwin V. Gray - Alexander V. Chernetskii - Smokey (2016-05-13) Updated

Alperen Group's TurXotor

Är Barack Obama en falsk miljöaktevist?

John Bedini's Radiant Energy


John Bedini Free Energy Convention

Gary Magrattan's PEMM Electric motor

The Chung's Negative Resistance experiment

The Chung's Negative Resistance experiment

Book - Don Smith - Resonance Energy Methods

Simulation of a Parametric Resonance Circuit, Part 1

Simulation of a Parametric Oscillator Circuit, Part 2

KAPAGEN, the Tariel Kapanadze's generator

Ismael Aviso Self-Charging Electric Car

Wesley W. Gary's Magnetic Motor

Motor - Generator Technology (2013-09-23)

Jack Hildenbrand

Clemente FIGUERA, et al. Infinite Energy Machine


Chava Science

CEMEC - centre for electro - magnetic energy conversation

Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over

Thane C Heins bi-toroidal topology transformer

Black Silicon Solar Cell

The Vallée Synergetic Generator

J.L. Naudin Claims to Extract Free Energy Using Moller's Atomic Hydrogen Generator (MAHG)

New Occult Ether Physics by William Lyne

New The Works of Maurice Cotterell

New Hydrogen

New Oxygen

Methods of obtaining Energy from Water (2017-04-14) Updated

All About the Bourke Engine and How it Works

Scotch yoke


Edward Leedskalnins' - 'Perpetual Motion Holder'


Deluge - Revolutionary Green Engine Dramatically Reduces Costs and Emissions

Searl Proof of Concept Video Posted

Neal Tank


Kasgis Windturbine

Waters Windturbine Homepage

The Josef Hasslberger Over-Unity Pages

Rosch Innovations KPP

Veljko Milkovic Two-Stage Oscillator

Ken Rauen Superclassical Heat Engine

Where in the World is all the Free Energy?

Free Energy Plans - Scam Review


Rex Research

Free Energy Info

Zero-Point Energy Breaking Energy News


The invention of the electric motor 1800-1854

The invention of the electric motor 1856-1893

Jacobi's Motor - The first real electric motor of 1834

online Nikola Tesla information

The Nikola Tesla Collection

Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines
A Scientific View into the World of Free Energy from Electric Charges and Magnetic Fields
Jovan Marjanovic, M.Sc.

Electricity and Magnetism at MIT

New Copper

New Iron

New Nickel

New Barium

New Strontium

New Samarium

New Cobalt

New Neodymium

New Boron

Electrical Steel

Eddy Current

Negative resistance

Revealing the Mystery of Circuits with True Negative Impedance


Pulse transformer operating principles

Triggering And Gate Characteristics Of Thyristors Application Note


Student-Hobbyist Electronics Projects Tutorials

Resonant inductive coupling

Ferromagnetic resonance

Electron paramagnetic resonance

UCLA BPPL - Magnetic Field Anhilation

New CVT-Constant Voltage Transformer

New Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) or Ferroresonant Transformer (Ferro)

New Ferroresonant Transformers as Pre-regulators in DC Power Supplies

Free Science Books Online

E-books in PDF format, rare, censored, banned and unknown

NEW SCIENCES FOR A NEW ERA: Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Discoveries of Ruggero Maria Santilli

United States Patent and Trademark Office - Patent Full-Text Databases

Download U.S. patentnumber as one PDF file

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Hermes Free Energy Coil and Free Energy Motor (2010-02-28)

Småskalig kärnfusion kan bli ny energikälla

Solenergi är snart billigare än kolenergi i Indien

Svenska Uppfinnareföreningen


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