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COP26 Glasgow Skottland

Thunberg: Klimatmötet ett stort misslyckande

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Confusing Greenland warming vs global warming

Zero-Point Energy

Proven Technology

Brilliant Light Power

Andrea Rossi

Dec 9th Ecat Presentation Thread

New Presentation of the Ecat SKLep and Ecat SKLed (Dec 9, 2021)

New Solid verification of the Ecat is still missing

New Performance of SK-Ecat prototype on a six hours period.

New Measurement of SK-Ecat performance in a series of sessions from October 20 to November 19 2021.

New Get clean, compact, fossil-free electric power 24/7

New FAQ Ecat

New Ecat Q&As Completed

E-Cat SK värme till salu

Ecat SK demonstration Video Full - Audio Improved 2:53:21





Q Hydrogen

H2 Innovation Lab

An Impossible Invention - En Omölig Uppfinning - Mats Lewan Shop

New Energy World Symposium

Brillouin Energy Corporation

Integral Molten Salt Reactor (“IMSR”)

Moltex Energy

LeadCold Reactor

”Satsa på framtidens kärnkraft”

Är kärnkraft den nya energin?

”Vårt kärnavfall är en värdefull energiresurs”

”Svensk teknik ger ny kärnkraft med miljövinster”

Health and Safety Aspects of Thorium Production

Thorium Products

Thorium Sources

A fossil fuel technology that doesn’t pollute

Oil & Gas Journal - Comparing battery electric vehicles with internal combustion engine

Forskarnas uppfinning kan rädda dieseln

High-efficiency spray-on solar power tech can turn any surface into a cheap solar cell

Inresol varvar upp 200 år gammal stirlingteknik


QM Power

Paramahamsa Tewari's Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG)

Paramahamsa Tewari's Reaction Less Generator

Paramahamsa Tewari's Flux Cancelled

Tewari Reactionless Generator Video

Paramahamsa Tewari - Reduced Reaction Rotary Alternating Current Generator USPA 2015/0084467

Paramahamsa Tewari - High Efficiency Alternating Current Generator WO 2016/170384

Bert Ivan Harju - Motor-or a Generator-Related Arrangement USP 7786634

The Adams Active Thermo Electric High Voltage Pulsed DC Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Electric Motor

Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator: Theory & Tips

Renaissance Charge, LLC

Prof. Dr-lng. Konstantin Meyl SCALAR WAVE TECHNOLOGY

Tesla's wireless power transmission - Steve Jackson

The Wireless of Nathan B. Stubblefield

The improved inventions of gpe ab

Heat making technology Updated 2021-October-09

Under development

Support the future - Support the clean energy researchers Updated 2021-October-01

The Quest For Overunity (c) JLN Labs 1997-2013 - by Jean-Louis Naudin

Radiant Energy and Over-Unity by Dan Combine Version 6 – October 2006

HOW TO BUILD A ZPE RESEARCH LAB AT YOUR HOME Version 1.27, 2004/07 by Hector (ARK Research)

Energetic Forum

Overunity Research



Free Energy Planet

Magnet Man

Petrus Peregrinus de Maricourt

History of the compass

Magnetic compass: Wikis

The Secret World of Magnets by Howard Johnson

K&J Magnetics

Magnetic refrigeration

Electrocaloric effect

Piezoelectric elements

Metal Wire

Fusion Power without radioactivity

Norman L. Wootan - “EMP” Magnetic flux annihilation/reconnect phenomenon! Updated 2022-January-07

Investigating the claims of Andrei Melnichenko Updated 2021-November-13


Research company Faraday Ltd - Alexander Frolov

Infinity Sav

Gary C. Vesperman Website of Interest

Intalek Library

How to Build Solid-State Electrical Over-Unity Devices by William Alek Intalek, Inc.

Energy Bat labs

Ismael Aviso Free Energy & Aesop Institute Free Energy Technology


Tamas Eduard

free energy device self running powering lightbulb - RomeroUK Muller Motor - Generator Updated 2021-October-09

Kone Free Energy Motor Generator

Alternative World Energy

Rotating Disc Invertors

Flyback Combined with Induced Generator Coils into Cap and Load

Rotovertor 3ph motor conversion

Blacksand and Aircored AC Flat Disc Rotor Motors on Rotoverto AC Motor shaft

Rotovertor AC Motor with Flat Disc AC Motor on shaft

Rotovertor Motor and Muller Generator on shaft with Rotating Disc invertor

Electric Motor Secrets Part Two Understanding the Lockridge Device

Free Energy Electric Permanent Magnet Motor Generator Updated 2021-August-31

Vol. I - Direct Current (DC)

Over Unity Direct Current Motor

Steorn Orbo Motor

Multiphase Free Energy Generator

The Quantum Key - Aaron Murakami

Cold Electricity - Tibor Kemeny

John Bedini’s 3 Battery system

3 Battery by David Bowling


Rick Freidrich Over Unity

Technology of Free Energy Multiplier

Over Unity? Battery Rechargers Updated 2021-May-18

Flyback converter

Forward converter

Joule thief

Magnetic Battery

Lithium Titanate (LTO) Cells - Technical Advantages

Scientists develop a better redox flow battery

Bipolar-stacked lithium-ion battery, all polymer, saves 90% in manufacturing costs

New Battery Can Self-Charge Without Losing Energy

Silicon Joule® technology

Battery University


Hans Coler - Stromerzeuger

Chris Sykes Guidelines to Bucking Coils Version 2,7 – 26/02/16

Bucking Coils produce Energy Gain Cyril Smith, 2015

Reference Inventors

Floyd Sweet VTA

Electric Field Utilization Systems

Osamu Tanaka - Magnetic Loop Antenna with Diamagnetic Properties USP 4290070

A & P Electronic Media


2021 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Free Energy Patents

Iyad Baghdane, Alexis Herrera - High efficiency power generation system and a method of operating same USP 10,770,937

The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Project

The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)

Energy from the Vaccum - Tom Bearden

The EVO Phenomena at the Heart of SAFIRE (‘The Director’)

Electric Arc Gap Plasma Power

Edwin Gray’s Energy System

Ed Gray’s Radiant Energy Motor

Edwin V. Gray

The Spark Gap - Toward Overunity? Edwin V. Gray - Alexander V. Chernetskii - Smokey Updated 2021-November-14

The Free Energy Secret of Cold Electricity by Peter Lindemann

Electrostatic Generators

High Voltage Technology

Negative Ions Experiments

Control gravity with present technology

The Otis T. Carr Spacecraft Construction Manuscript

Är Barack Obama en falsk miljöaktevist?

John Bedini's Radiant Energy

Radiant Energy Updated 2021-May-13


John Bedini Free Energy Convention

John Bedini's Free Energy Generator

Bedini Simple Science Fair Motor

Coefficient Performance of Battery Running and Charging by Magnet Generator Bedini

Peter Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor

Synchronous condenser

EV Energy Consumption

The Chung's Negative Resistance experiment

The Chung's Negative Resistance experiment

Oscillations and Regenerative Amplification using Negative Resistance

Electrical resistivity and conductivity

Black Hole Antenna JF Sutton and GC Spaniol 1993

Don Smith - Books and Videos Updated 2021-November-12

New Vladimir Utkin Free Energy

Zilano Free Energy

Simulation of a Parametric Resonance Circuit, Part 1

Simulation of a Parametric Oscillator Circuit, Part 2

KAPAGEN, the Tariel Kapanadze's generator

Wesley W. Gary's Magnetic Motor

Counter Electro Motive Force from an Inductor and Counter Electro Motive Force in a Motor/Generator

What is Electromagnetic Induction? | Faraday's Laws and Lenz Law | iKen | iKen Edu | iKen App

History of the Solid-state Electric Generator

Clemente FIGUERA, et al. Infinite Energy Machine

Clemente Figuera Board

Chava Science

Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over

Thane C Heins Updated 2021-November-27

Bi-toroid Transformer replication (over unity transformer) - André Coutier Transformer Video

1932 Coutier Device

Black Silicon Solar Cell

Cosmic Ray Battery

The Vallée Synergetic Generator

The Carbon-Based Vallée Synergetic Generator Free Energy Experiment

J.L. Naudin Claims to Extract Free Energy Using Moller's Atomic Hydrogen Generator (MAHG)

Occult Ether Physics by William Lyne

The Works of Maurice Cotterell



Methods of obtaining Energy from Water Updated 2020-September-02

Fuel Cell for Cars 1,500 miles range. 6 times cheaper than a lithium-ion battery.

All About the Bourke Engine and How it Works

Scotch yoke


Deluge - Revolutionary Green Engine Dramatically Reduces Costs and Emissions

Neal Tank


Waters Windturbine Homepage

Josef Hasslberger

Veljko Milkovic Two-Stage Oscillator

Where in the World is all the Free Energy?

Free Energy Plans - Scam Review


Rex Research

Simple Guide to Free-Energy

Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices Breaking Energy News

Steps of the Scientific Method


The invention of the electric motor 1800-1854

The invention of the electric motor 1856-1893

Jacobi's Motor - The first real electric motor of 1834

Electric Motors - El Motorer

Bipolar electric motor

Charles Proteus Steinmetz

online Nikola Tesla information

The Nikola Tesla Collection

Nikola Tesla Page, tesla coils

spigelLab Tesla's Experiments, Free Energy, Overunity ...

Spigel Branimir Tesla Videos

Tesla's Fuelless Generator

Tesla's magnifying transmitter principles of working by Dr Jovan Cvetic

Recommended Alternative Energy Resources

Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines
A Scientific View into the World of Free Energy from Electric Charges and Magnetic Fields
Jovan Marjanovic, M.Sc.


Electricity and Magnetism at MIT

Electromagnetism 1 by Ivor Catt

William J. Hooper Motional Electric Field

Electrical Academia

Hall Effect Sensor

Lectures by Walter Lewin

Electromagnetism calculators

High Power Magnetics










Iron Powder

Iron Pentacarbonyl

Annealing (metallurgy)

Electrical Steel

Eddy Current

Negative resistance

Revealing the Mystery of Circuits with True Negative Impedance

Design Center Circuit - Design Tools & Calculators - LTspice

Simuleringsprogrammet LTspice

Electrical reactance

The Inductor

Inductance of a Coil

Mutual Inductance

Inductors in Series

Inductors in Parallel

LR Series Circuit

Inductive Reactance

Magnetic Hysteresis

Saturable reactor

Homemade Magnetic Amplifiers



Electromagnetic induction

NASA Electromagnetic induction

Chapter 29 – Electromagnetic Induction

Magnetic energy stored in an inductor of inductance L and current I

Induction heating

Magnetism: quantities, units and relationships

Power from Magnetism © Harold Aspden, 1994

Uses of Electromagnet - Electromagnetic Relay

Electromagnetic field

Magnetic Fields and Maxwell Revisited

Electric energy stored in a capacitor: here C is the capacitance and V is the voltage

Capacitor Energy Calculator

Online beräkning av energi i en kondensator

LC Circuit

Series Resonance Circuit

Simple Series Resonance

Series Resonance

Parallel Resonance Circuit

Simple Parallel (Tank Circuit) Resonance

Parallel Resonance


Q quality factor

Q Factor and Bandwidth of a Resonant Circuit

Resonant Frequency Calculator

Pulse transformer operating principles

Active Transistor Constant Current Source

Triggering And Gate Characteristics Of Thyristors Application Note


Student-Hobbyist Electronics Projects Tutorials

Electronics Notes

555 Oscillator Tutorial

555 Timer Circuits

Texas Instruments

Resonant inductive coupling

Ferromagnetic resonance


Ferrite Core Inductor - Losses, Characteristics and Applications

Electron paramagnetic resonance

Magnetoelectric effect


UCLA BPPL - Magnetic Field Anhilation

EH Antenna Systems

Power measurements

Power Measurement Oscilloscope Style

Active Power Factor Correction Verification Measurements with an Oscilloscope

Power measurement techniques for non-sinusoidal conditions

Power and Power Factor in AC Circuits

Vol. II - Alternating Current (AC)

AC power

Root mean square

Residual-current device


Transformer and inductor design

Gennady Markov - Bi-Directional Current Transformer: CA2224708

CVT-Constant Voltage Transformer

Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) or Ferroresonant Transformer (Ferro)

Ferroresonant Transformers as Pre-regulators in DC Power Supplies

Distribution transformer

Free Science Books Online

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

NEW SCIENCES FOR A NEW ERA: Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Discoveries of Ruggero Maria Santilli

Examination of a new physics proposed by Wilbert B. Smith

The New Science by Wilbert B. SMITH

Table of Contents by Wilbert B. Smith

Thomas Jefferson Jackson See

See, T. J. J. 1917, Electrodynamic Wave-Theory of Physical Forces, vol. I

See, T. J. J. 1922, Electrodynamic Wave-Theory of Physical Forces, vol. II

Coherence (physics)

Nikola Tesla Dynamic theory of gravity

United States Patent and Trademark Office - Patent Full-Text Databases

Download U.S. patentnumber as one PDF file

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