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US1991236 electrostatic generator

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New US2697793 Induction-conduction charging of electrostatic generators

US2992905 Apparatus for reducing electron loading in positive-ion accelerators

US3289066A High voltage electromagnetic apparatus having an insulating magnetic core

US2675516 High-voltage electrostatic generator machine

New US3013201A Self-excited variable capacitance electrostatic generator

New US3107326 Variable capacitance electrostatic generator

New US4054826 Method and apparatus for charging batteries using variable capacitors

New US4151409 Direct current variable capacitance electric generator

New US4897592 Electrostatic energy field power generating system

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1 000 000 VOLTS Felici's electrostatic generators, circa 1960

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Hi Simon,

Do you think it is possible to build a free energy machine using high voltage?

http://gratisenergi.se/estatic.htm The following link might interest you as it is partly in French:

1 000 000 VOLTS Felici's electrostatic generators, circa 1960

Best Wishes, Hermes

Hi Hermes,

Not much chance, as far as I can see. There's some chance of changing the rate of nuclear reactions using high voltage and high voltage gradients, but there you need a fuel that gets burnt.

Note that you can buy small 1 million volt generators for around the 10 euro mark from China, so it's a lot easier to play with high voltages than needing to build all the various electrostatic machines. probably more efficient than the older methods.

Best regards, Simon

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