Hans Coler - Stromerzeuger


The Invention of Hans Coler, Relating to an Alleged New Source of Power

The invention of Willi von Unruh and Hans Coler

Robert Norrby - Method for generating electrical energy

I have open the file about Hans Coler - Stromerzeuger because it seems to get energy from permanent magnets at ~ 180 khz. As usual I have ask Simon Derricutt for his opinion, before doing something else:

Hi Hermes,

Chava were interested in Coler, and I'd be surprised if they haven't tested it. They seem to accept that there was no fraud involved, but AFAIK they haven't managed to replicate the stated results or even any hint that there is anything anomalous.

I can't see any source for the energy it was supposed to output - this seems to be something that is supposed to create energy, and isn't collecting energy from some known stream. As such, I don't hold out much hope of it actually working and producing energy at all. The 180kHz frequency stated is also somewhat odd, since if there was any strange thing happening with magnets at that frequency then it would have been noticed somewhere else.

As far as I can tell the Robert Norrby method doesn't work, so there's not a lot of point in trying to work out how it works. It has a patent, but that only tells you that it seems to be a novel idea, not that it works. If it worked, then Norrby would have sold the devices and made a lot of money. That didn't happen....

As I see it, permanent magnets will not be able to generate energy unless you put the mechanical energy in to move them in relation to some wires. If you don't move the wires relative to the magnets, you get nothing out.

The only magnetic-based system that seems to have worked (in that it was checked by a number of people) was that of Floyd Sweet. Although the precise mechanism by which it worked isn't certain, the temperature of the block was around 10C less than ambient and the output was around 100W, and Sweet used it to charge his car. There is a source for the energy obviously there (flow of ambient energy inwards) so although it's not known how it worked I can accept that it may have worked. Brian Ahern is the guy to talk to about this, since he ended up with the apparatus but no instructions on how to make it work. It seems to be based on magnetic refrigeration effects, which rectified the random energy of heat. Obviously violates 2LoT. Then again, using a strong-enough field has the capacity to violate 2LoT, and to produce more order than disorder.

It's obviously your decision as to whether it's worth experimenting with Coler's or Norrby's devices. Personally I think they didn't work. The question to ask is whether they got hotter or colder when working (and of course how that was measured). If they got colder, then there's a source of energy visible even if you don't know how it was converted to usable power. If they got hotter, then it's almost certainly a fraud or a measurement error.

Best regards, Simon

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