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Measurement on a low voltage opposing winding radio frequency transformer. Parts are 1 ferrite rod 141mm long*10mm diameter ferrite core for radio frequencies.

4 pieces DR-2109E 30mm long*10 mm inside diameter coil with 2 litzwire wound coils in serie with 3 connections.

The transformer is made with input coils at the ends of the ferrite rod and 2 output coils between the input coils like Clemente Figuera´s motionless generator. The input/output voltage has been measured with a 30 Mhz 2-channel oscilloscope and a 2 Mhz frequency generator with built in frequency counter has been used as input. The output voltage has been measured over a 10 kohm resistor.

Input Serial Serial Serial
Output Serial Serial Opposing Direction Windings Parallel Opposing Direction Windings
Input Inductance 1mH87 1mH87 1mH87
Output Inductance 3mH35 0mH79 0mH16
Input voltage 1V2 1V2 1V2
Output voltage at Resonance Frequency 2V5/317khz 2V5/874khz 2V5/1Mhz54
Output voltage at 175khz 1V75 1V0 0V5

Conclusion: The Zilano Parallel Opposing Direction Windings seems to work on a single resonance frequency and is a very ineffective transformer outside the resonance frequency. The secret of Zilano free energy generator is probably in a combination of sparkgaps, grounding and Parallel Opposing Direction Windings.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

Hi Hermes,

The Zilano idea won't produce any extra energy than you put in, just a loss overall. These sorts of design have been tried for many years and by many people, and though they might fool your meter into saying there's more energy out, if you try making tea then it'll take longer than if you left out all the "overunity" bits. That's life. Too many other people have tried and failed with this type of experiment for there to be any chance of success.

It will take some time to set up the experiment for gravity control. Maybe some news by the end of the year.

Best regards, Simon

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