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Peter Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor 2a

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New Hi Simon,

2007 is 11 years ago and no sign of the motor on the market.

Does it really skip Lenz Law?

Best Wishes, Hermes

New Hi Hermes,

You've answered your own question, really. Nope, it's doesn't get around Lenz's law. It's not OU, and at the frequency it runs you won't see any odd effects.

Simply running at a high frequency (up in the GHz region) won't necessarily win you anything either. Maybe you should re-read my article on Conservation of Momentum and try to understand the principle there. Bedini and Lindemann keep trying different implementations of a principle they think will work but never actually did work. It's easy to get the measurements wrong with spiky waveforms.

Instead, try to work out what's happening with the forces and their directions. If you can produce an imbalanced force, then that's a good start.

Best regards, Simon

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