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Hi John,

As I know you suffer from dyslexia, please print this e-mail and give it to Maria Helena Braga so she can read it for you. I read about you and Maria Helena Braga work on glassbatteries at:

Have you and Maria Helena Braga ever thought of creating a battery that is electric as a permanent magnet is magnetic? I mean a permanent electric battery? Not those used in electret microphones, but a more powerful battery.

In late 1980's I for the first time came across Nikola Tesla technology and Arthur P. Summera book Solar/Cosmic Radiant Energy and the Electrinium Battery The solid state, high voltage battery that is electric, like the magnet is magnetic.

Of course it is not an easy task to create such battery. But you and you team might stumble on it. I suggest you buy a piezoelectret and attach it to the glassbattery and send positive halfwave rectified current throught the piezoelectret. Measure the output current by having an oscilloscope probe over a currentshunt connected to the glassbattery. Be careful and use only lowpower or you could shatter the glass to pieces.

Try 42800 Hz. That is the ether frequency according to Keely, John Ernst Worrell

Either you invent a battery that converts slow material decay to electricity using the principles in Gustav LeBon both excellent books.

and John Moray book:

or you could find out like the electrinium battery how to rectify Cosmic Rays by using combination of different materials. Then you have to study Nikola Tesla work with radiant energy. I qoute Arthur H. Matthews:

"The lectures which Tesla gave in London and in America between the years 1889 to 1894 contains all information that is needed to construct virutally all devices patented by Tesla"

You might find more useful information at my free energy page:

Best Wishes, Hermes

P.S does the name Andrea Rossi mean anything to you? Well he is showing the test of his E-Cat QX on november 24 around 12 pm Miami Time. The test will be streamed but delayed for several hours at:

Andrea Rossi needs a good battery as an electric source for his E-Cat QX

Hi Hermes,

You can produce a permanent magnet, but once you have then it is conservative with energy. It will give out as much as you've put into it, and no more. You can also produce an electret, which will hold a permanent electric charge between its two faces, and that is also conservative with energy - you can't get any more energy out of it than you put in.

Keely was a fraud, and after he died the air-lines that drove his inventions were found. Of course some people still think he had something that really worked, but it was a scam.

Not enough power-density in cosmic rays - if there was we'd be dead. It's relatively simple to harvest that energy, but it would cost a lot more per kWh and be pretty large, too.

Rossi's QX device will not be proven to work - again that's a lot of smoke and mirrors combined with bad measurements. It will no doubt get a lot of words written about it, but in another year or two Rossi will drop it quietly and have something totally different about to be mass produced. Look at the history of what he has claimed over the years.

It really is time that you accepted that all those free energy claims have never panned out. Energy is conserved. That doesn't however stop us recycling the energy we already have, or achieving a practical perpetual motion machine that converts environmental heat back into usable energy. What is important is that there's not a lot of point in keeping on trying projects that failed to deliver every time they've been built. If they'd worked, they would have been sold. We should learn from the past, and not repeat old mistakes. That doesn't necessarily mean that we won't make new mistakes or that a completely new idea will necessarily work, but it does have a better chance of succeeding since we don't know it's wrong until it's been tried.

John Goodenough's work is based on energy being conserved, and he's doing new stuff with new ideas. Not a lot of point in trying to tell him to try things he can see won't work.

Instead of looking back at claims that either have never been shown to work or have been shown to not work, it's better to look at reality and to develop new ideas. The various websites you refer to are repositories of stuff that didn't work, so use them instead as a compendium of what not to do. In a practical sense, even Free Energy isn't free because you need to build a device to harvest it. Solar panels are a good example, since that is Free Energy by any reasonable definition. The idea is to get energy more cheaply over the lifetime of the device than it costs you to get it from the wall-socket. You also want something that doesn't pollute. Whatever device you make needs to be cheap to make (not much time, not much material) and to last long-enough that the cost per kWh over its lifetime is less than around 5 cents/kWh. If it costs you $2000 and gives out a watt of Free Energy then that's really very expensive.

Best regards, Simon

New On Aug 8, 2018, at 2:30 AM, Hermes Atar Trismegistus wrote:

Hi John,

First, althought a little late I want to congratulate on your 96 birthday and still going strong with no thoughts or retirement. In Sweden we have a blogger called Dagny who is 106!

and still going strong. I don't know if she understand english?

Anyhow I want to congratulate to your and Maria Helena Braga's solid state battery improvements lately.

23,000 cycles is impressive and the fact? that the capacity is rising the more the solid state battery is charged/discharged!

Can your solid state battery deliver a charge of more than 60 Ampere for short times? I am wondering, because Alexander V. Chernetsky his friend Yuri Galkin expremented with a basically new type of a high frequency, high current electrical generator. It gave out almost 5 times more electrical energy than you put in.

Anyway I wish you and Maria Helena Braga good luck with future improvements of the solid state battery.

How many years is it from the market?

Best Wishes, Hermes

Hi Simon,

I have done some experiments yesterday to find out if there is some unusual behaivour of an special winded high frequency transformers. I used low voltage because I don't want to be electrocuted. Do you have any comments?

Best Wishes, Hermes

P.S how is your gravity control experiments going? Have you ordered and downloaded David Alzofon presentation?

P.S It is more fun to do experiments than surfing Internet. Besides, you can always learn something with experiments. The world needs clean and cheap energy more than ever and this is the reason for doing experiments.

Thanks for the encouragement. From the time someone licenses to develop a prototype, about 3-5years.

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