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“EMP” Magnetic flux annihilation/reconnect phenomenon!


From my early experience with “old time magnetos” up through advanced research into the “magneto-electric” phenomenon, I have been able to replicate the effects in hardware form proving the proverb, “As above so below”!

Up to date, recent research has enlightened us to just how the plasma magnetic flux produced by “sun spots” coronal mass ejections really work resulting in EMP events. As we have all learned regarding the Laws of Conservation of Energy, energy cannot be destroyed but can change forms. Over the last 20 years of encountering this strange phenomenon of “EMP” events associated with everyday commercial/domestic equipment, I was able to successfully replicate the event in the lab with high reproducibility rates.


In order to fully grasp the workings of generating an “EMP” event as found in the coronal mass ejection event to the conventional (non nuclear) EMP weapon systems, you have to study the fundamentals as to how energy can change forms from ordinary “electromagnetic energy” into “magneto Electric energy”.


Our old time friends and colleagues, Dr. John Milewesky (Super Light) & Moray King’s work with the “EV” plasma phenomenon have been very enlightening and helpful in my pursuit of this line of research. Many researchers have encountered this event in their experimentation with magnetic devices and conventional electric motors, both AC & DC but had no clue as to what they had observed as a real “phenomenon” which I intend to shed some light into. Their explanation is “Cold Electricity”, phenomenal power over small conductors and the cooling instead of heating effects.

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While the photo below shows a pulsed pure DC plasma arc, you have to understand how his arc is folded back on itself creating the anti-parallel magnetic flux flows which, by Alfven Wave compression create the annihilation-reconnect event at the precise crossing angles. see:

emp arc


Contrary to popular belief, in a HVDC, unidirectional pulse or train of arc discharges, there is no oscillation occuring. The very powerful magnetic field created by the discharge PLASMA causes the in-folding of the arc back on itself creating the conditions for the Annihilation- Reconnect Phenomenon with the attendant release of the kinetic energy and heat. It is a real EMP event with very penetrating energy propagation.


The yield from this event is a burst of high energy photons from the direct conversion of magnetic flux into kinetic energy! The ability to directly convert magnetic flux field energy into kinetic power is exactly what Tesla had envisioned. The governments have weaponized this technology so you won't see it in home powering generators anytime soon. Sad truth. Norm


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Since I will not deliver my presentation at the Tesla Tech Conference, I will share some interesting experiments which were in the presentation. Mick ,Correct in your observation that a DC arc discharge sounds quite different from an AC discharge with the characteristic Hot vs Cold signatures. see: Apparatus that I built to study the plasma arc phenomenon. With the 24 inch parabolic mirror you can study up close the arc in real time. A pure, unidirectional DC pulse plasma is a loud crack because the anti-parrallel annihilation and reconnect phenomenon occurs. See


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See attachment-

It has to do with wavelength and modulation, Hector is right! The other side of things is expansion or compression the concept of ionic charge and Norm is right! A negative spark gap will sound diff than a positive.

The rest is yacking without backing, anyone can slap their gums together who has not built things on the bench and make all sort of insults while basking in the shadow of another. At least Hector is funnier than hell and already gave big time engineer-able data for those who were building and listening.

and merlynn and lorne and some lurkers with faith in joe on the other.

So whats it gonna be?
Foul mouths leading the pack of free thinkers?or merlynns tone????_._,_._,_

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A great practical method of EMP production

Helmholtz coil - Wikipedia

Magnetic Field of a Helmholtz Coil

Laboratory investigation of particle acceleration and magnetic field compression in collisionless colliding fast plasma flows

Please read carefully and grasp how the Alfvin Wave Compression causes the thin sheet anti-parallel magnetic flux annihilation-reconnect in the lab environment.

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