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Hi Warren, Ole,

According to those patents and some other Russian information from friend Alexey on Ferd site.

This is how it goes....For BLDC Outrunner motors we can take apart the windings and rewind each pole as a bifilar winding. One winding is then a primary the other is a secondary. Hooked in Star or Delta as required.

Each pole around the outside becomes a little power transformer of it's own. Only the magnetic field from each transformer is chased around the outside by a rotating magnet (the outer rotor). Amplifying the input field.

We can rewind 3 phase motors by same way doubling up the winds (with a primary and secondary) if there's space to do so.

The drawback with 3 phase motor's is it sucks much energy out of the input field.... just to mechanically rotate the rotor which has large slip angle & is driven by Eddy currents.

So again each 3 phase winding is then an input and output transformer with ADDITIONAL extra external magnetic field not used in a normal transformer. This EXTRA field rotates around the circular core at exactly same speed as input current's field and arrives back at each coil/transformer just in time to re-enforce the original field. This apparently amplifies the original field.

So main thing with 3 phase motor is to remove the energy sucking rotor & fill the space with low eddy current but good conductor of magnetic field. In the patents they say stacked laminates ....but thinking stuffing the space with Ferrite powders even Iron filings in epoxy might work.


Hi Hermes,

He's only measuring voltage and current, so he's not taking account of the phase between them. Standard problem in such attempts to get Free Energy with transformers.

If it really worked, then it would have been noticed earlier. The 36-coil motor stator simply makes it more complex - all he's made is an inefficient transformer and a single phase on that would work as well. What you've actually got is a transformer being driven with a square wave. The standard meters assume a sine wave, so the volts and amps display are both wrong relative to a true RMS calculation. On the output, it's likely to be a somewhat triangular wave with a phase shift between volts and amps, so again the meters will mis-read.

In short, this is a measurement failure, not Free Energy.

As usual, you are free to try to replicate it, and then you'll find the truth. Measuring AC with strange waveforms is not as simple as putting a cheap meter on the wires.

Best regards, Simon

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