Radiant Energy

Hi Mick,

Wilbert Brockhouse Smith talks about coherent fields in the way of storing energy. He gives the example of energy in a magnetic field like in a coil. When two similar coils have the same current through them they each may represent one unit of energy. If then the same two coils share the same space (i.e. wound on the same core) and still share the same current they suddenly store four units of energy instead of the two units when wound on two separate cores of still the same type. This shows that when the field becomes coherent it stores double the energy of the same two fields when incoherent (separate or just added). The trick is to input the energy as separate fields and then mix them into a coherent field. This is what I believe Pierre Cotnoir has achieved. Several free energy devices are using this principle.



Coherent fields

In a coil it is clearly seen that the field is coherent as doubling the turns number quadruples the stored energy at the same current. Doubling the turns number quadruples the inductance of the coil. The energy stored in an inductor is (1/2)LI2. Thus quadrupling the inductance L at the same current I quadruples the stored energy.

If on the other hand the turns number is doubled by just putting two similar coils in series without having their magnetic fields share the same space in the same direction the inductance is just added up (doubled). Thus the stored energy is also only doubled. The trick is to input the energy as separate waves and then mix the waves into a single coherent wave before extracting the energy. Several free energy devices looks like using this principle which Wilbert Brockhouse Smith calls

'The Principle of Inversion in The New Science - Chapter X - Forces.'

Energy in an inductor:


Inductance formulas:




Hi Ole,

Do you think it is possible to have coherent fields in Nikola Tesla Bifilar Coil for Electromagnets or like the modern version Bifilar Electromagnet Experiment?

Best Wishes, Hermes

Hi Hermes,

As long as separate turns of a coil shares the same current and the same magnetic path of the core the resultant magnetic field is coherent. The current also has to flow in the same direction around the core. Thus for a bifilar coil the current has to go in the same direction in both wires to make the resultant field coherent. It doesn't matter if the coils are wound in the same direction or in opposing directions. Only the direction of the current around the leg of the core matters.




This is very interesting about these two fields. I wonder if there is a simple experiment where we can observe this phenomena for ourselves? Perhaps a bifilar Bedini coil can be used? Essntially, it is just a solenoid wound with two twisted magnet wire filiments around a core, for ease of availability, a bundle of soft steel wire gas welding rods, or straight. steel wires you have handy. Yes, one could even likely use lamp cord, or speaker wire. How would you wire up this test circuit?

Cheers Warren

Hi Warren,

"I wonder if there is a simple experiment where we can observe this phenomena for ourselves?"

Of course there is.

If not wanting to wind coils the experiment can be done by using a 1 to 1 transformer. Use one with two similar secondaries and leave the primary open. Just be careful not to touch the primary during experimenting as any kick backs on the secondaries are transformed to the original primary too.

To measure the energy stored in a coil there are two easy ways. One is by calculating the energy when the inductance of the coil is known as well as the current through it. The other way is by dumping the energy of the coil through a rectifier to a capacitor to calculate the stored energy by knowing the capacitance and the voltage across the capacitor. The current continues flowing in the same direction it was started when interrupted (Lenz' law). The diode has to point in that direction.

Part one

Have something to limit the current. Then let the current go through first one of the coils then through the other coil and calculate the energy using any of the above mentioned methods. If the coils are similar the stored energy is the same.

Part two

Connect the two coils in series with the current going the same way around the core. The current is adjusted to the same level as used by the single coils in part one of the experiment. Then calculate the stored energy the same way as before. This will give four times the energy of each of the single coils in part one of the experiment.

The energy can also be measured directly by dumping the current through a rectifier to a resistor and using a digital storage oscilloscope with multiplying and integrating functions.

The energy E in a coil and capacitor:

energy inductance energy capacitance

L is the inductance, I is the current, C is the capacitance and U is the tension (voltage).



Hi Hermes,

Best look at what results people have found when trying to implement these ideas. Unfortunately for theorists, they cannot affect what actually happens in nature by producing a nice idea. All these attempts to use "radiant energy" actually failed.

You say:
"Several free energy devices are using this principle." Not quite right. These aren't free energy devices, they are attempts that don't work. You have to look at the results, not what people thought would happen and can't prove.

Note that Marathonman has not come back to say his Figueras replication works, even though he was absolutely sure he'd get it working a few months ago.

That's life. You have to look at what's actually happening, and not at the false claims.

Best regards, Simon

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