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how to use a pm alternators as a motor

Easy Alternator from electric motor conversion DIY neodymium magnet install

Hi Simon,

Can an Electric Permanent Magnet Motor be used in a Free Energy Motor Generator? The field coils has been replace by permanent magnets in the rotor, so it use less electric energy. If Robert Adams Motor/Generator works, why isn't it on the market?

Best Wishes, Hermes

P.S Andrea Rossi will show his E-Cat SK on internet, January 31, 2019 time unknown

Andrea Rossi
October 20, 2018 at 3:53 AM

Personal attendance will be useless, because we will show in internet videos of the Ecat SK in operation and we will answer publicly all the questions we will receive from the attendants in internet. Since we found serious problems to get authorization to put in operation the Ecat SK in a conference room, we have to show it by a video, which makes useless to organize a convention in a conference room. We decided to go only on internet for this reason. There is nothing that we could do in a conference room that we cannot do in internet by direct streaming and everything will be easier and faster.

Warm Regards,

Hi Hermes,

People have been trying to do this for centuries, and it's never worked. That makes it pretty certain that the principle doesn't work, and there's not a lot of point in trying. That's not going to stop people thinking they can do it, and I expect you'll find lots of people are still trying (the QEG was one of these). There will be people who will claim to have succeeded, but investigation of the claims using correct measurements has so far shown that the inventor got the measurements wrong and that the batteries run down.

As to "why isn't it on the market?", the simple fact is that it doesn't actually work. If you build one, you'll get the same results as everyone else has done.

As I keep telling you, one thing we find in science is that if we do the same thing, we get the same results. That seems a basic law of nature that cannot be broken. Life would be pretty difficult if that didn't happen, too.

As regards Rossi, it's just a scam so don't get your hopes up. That should have been obvious if you take the time to read the court documents from Rossi versus IH. The data for Doral was made-up, and not a recording of real measurements, and that can easily be verified if you looked at the claimed output of the "reactor" when it was recorded as being disassembled for maintenance, even if you can't see that dissipating 1MW in that space would have cooked the people in the warehouse. The story is simply not possible, given what we know about steam heating.

Best regards, Simon

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