Over Unity Direct Current Motor


Mick, Ole, Kone etal! I have been thinking a lot about my Locked Rotor experiments and did a lot of reading to come up with a fool proof Lenz free motor/generator combination which is so easy to build and proof test! First of all you should read what we know as facts! See the following articles:

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Electrical resonance circuits for high efficiency direct current motors

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Kone loves to play with the very powerful Neos as found at K&J Magnetics and shown in the video of the Ray's LENZ free generator. What I will propose is very simple application of DC motor principles as read from the cited references. First you make your LENZ free motor which is in reality a LINEAR MOTOR (Solenoid) which will give the necessary stroke length to drive the LINEAR generator (Coil oscillating within the drag free, LENZ free area of the Neo magnets). Stroke of the solenoid is controlled by Hall sensor and IGBT drive switch to give an excursion rate (stroke) at a frequency of 60 HZ. By using a DC pulse to drive the solenoid coil it is tricked into being in LOCKED ROTOR condition, thus no LENZ effect. Has the light come on yet?? We know that Ray's generator puts out a sine wave output (AC) with no LENZ drag. Following the DC motor principles as applied to the solenoid driver, you have a motor that is LENZ free also. The combo should give an Over-unity output. Now the tricky part! We know as Ole will agree in that when you switch the solenoid power to off state as magnetic flux is building toward saturation there will be a huge voltage spike (Neutral Spike) which we have to capture and not send to ground as ordinary practice in solid state switch design (snubber diodes) The capture of the SPIKE energy (HV) which occurs naturally will be the over-unity factor here! Interesting concept! Think about it! Norm Mick! (accumulator HV caps)!

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