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Hi Simon,

Hope you are fine and making progress as an inventor?

I am OK and I countinue to collect information from various places and publish them on my website. Thank you for taking time to comments on my links. This time I want to know if Direct Current Motor can become Over Unity:


and if Rick Friedrich has something? He is selling kits, dvd, and books at:


Roll down to read his newsletter.

Best Wishes, Hermes

Hi Hermes,

Things here seem to be progressing, but it takes time to build the kit needed.

On the Don Smith stuff, use a bit of logic. If they'd actually got a working principle, then all the things they built to that principle would work and instead of selling parts for experiments they'd have been running their houses on them. That really applies to all the people who are selling "how-to" books. They're saying what they think might work, but they can't prove it since they haven't actually got anything that demonstrably works and will run itself and a load. They thus sell experimenter's bits. Most probably believe they can get it to work, despite all the experiments that tell them it doesn't. Probably some don't believe it themselves, but are simply profiting from someone else's hope that it's possible.

In order to figure out a way of getting Free Energy for real, you need to properly understand the balance of order and disorder. You also need to sort out the language used to describe work and energy, and understand that kinetic energy is a scalar quantity (in fact all energy is scalar). The direction of that energy is a momentum vector. Changing the momentum vector requires no energy to perform - it's a momentum exchange. The problem thus isn't how to get energy for free at all, because the environment is full of energy all around you, but that energy can't do work for you because it's in random directions.

If you try to impose a direction on that random energy in bulk (which is what the various electromagnetic ideas such as Don Smith and all the others do) then you still have random direction energy with a superposed non-random direction that has cost you directional energy to produce. The sum total of directionality you end up with is less than you started with. The longer you run it, the more directionality you lose, and you end up with totally random directions for the energy, at which point the machine stops.

Instead, what you need to do is to transfer the random kinetic energy to some other particle that is under the influence of a field and thus goes one way down the field. For example, transfer the kinetic energy of a random-direction photon to a random-direction photoelectron that is in a strong electric field. This is the way that solar panels work, and why they work. There are of course other fields you can use to do this, and other particles. As I've pointed out before, fields produce order, and a strong-enough field produces more order than disorder.

Free Energy really boils down to finding a system that naturally tends towards order rather than disorder. Until you understand that, you won't succeed. It's that order/disorder transition that is really important, and how you actually perform it is up to you. For Free Energy, concentrate on the directionality of the energy - random-direction energy can't move anything, but once you have that energy moving in the same direction then it can move something. Work is force times distance.

Logically, the easiest method will be transferring energy from a neutral particle (not subject to the prevailing field) to one that is subject to that field. Thus random directionality comes in and directed energy comes out, and the direction is controlled by the direction of the field you use.

Best regards, Simon

Sorry, I don't give copyright permission for anything, or my pictures. The website has negative comments against me anyway. These comments show ignorance in saying we don't use this energy. I have long demonstrated my use of the technology. It's rather old news. I gave rides on a 26' cabin cruiser boat way back in 2011. The boat ran off of the basic circuit and the batteries were just rotated around for 3 years. Anyone can see these kits work. No one really disputes that.

Rick Friedrich

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