The divine life

Asmita Sood

Asmita Sood

The only way to estimate my age is by looking at the bags under my eyes and my beard has become whiter. I have lived 52 years when I write this page and the rest of my face looks younger. How is that possible? I think that depends on the practice of my religion.

I'm trying to be loving but it's not always i succeed and likewise it's with joy. I am often happy, but sometimes I can be serious. Good deeds I try to do so often as I get the opportunity, but it rarely happens.

I and Gösta Ċhl meet once a week at the city center and my brother Nisse I meet at the beginning of the week in my apartment. Both times to hear what has happened in our lives. There is a chance to be a good listener and make suggestions how we can improve our lives.

Every day I walk for at least 30 minutes and then I go 1-2 times to COOP Konsum to shop and exchange some words with the treasurers and check if there are any extraterrestrials in the store. I usually also visit Pizzeria Take-Off to shop Pizza, one to twice a week. That's how my week look like.

My biggest work is to write and update my homesite. Often, I get my ideas when I read interesting books that I review on my bookshelf. And as a hobby, I use to build electronic circuits after patent and patent application.

In the field of health, I try to understand the connection between mind and body. I have came to the conclusion that my disorder in broken personality in 1996 was due on the influence of mold and that I used Eeman silk circuits. It was only in 2000 as I could no longer handle a job that I was visiting and in 2001 received the diagnose - Paranoid Schizophrenia and I am on heavy medication since then.

My disease is "incurable?" and the medications can only be used to suppress symptoms.

I have been testing Christian Prayer for 22 years and mine breathing disorder has been improved several times before returning, the same with my bad hearing. I have temporarily become better in hearing, and then get worse again. My only hope is that extraterrestrials will heal me through prayer using their healing hands

The awaking hours during the 17 years that I have been on medication, I have been devoted to thinking and I have arrived some conclusions:

1) By living his life in silence, there is nothing that can prevent man from receiving solutions in the form of ideas and thoughts from God.

2) In order to receive more ideas and thoughts from God, he must give out those ideas and thoughts he already received from God, in the form of ideas, thoughts, words and actions to her next.

3) There is only one goal for man and it is to spend our lives to help our next by transferring idealized thoughts to our next.

4) It is from God that idealized ideas and thoughts about our next is coming from. How important is it then to abandon our selfish life and to let God live through us. Then God within us can help our next to an idealized life and we ourselves are influenced to becoming more and more idealized individuals because what we are giving out comes back to us.

5) It is by expressing God through us that we will help our next in the best possible way. God sees the whole being and can transform the whole being and not just the problems the being has.

6) How do I know what are God's ideas and thoughts? God is 100% Good and 100% Positive. If I get an idea or thought that benefits my next or myself, then it is from God.

7) God is both our mother and father. The spiritual biosphere is the divine mother and the energy is the divine father. God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. God is power, substance and intelligence or in spiritual terms wisdom, love, truth, happiness, peace, freedom, health, life, spirit, light, spontanity, change and all goodness.

8) God wants us to help our next by expressing God within us who we are one with. It is to live the unselfish life. The selfish life is centered around the self and what I get out of life. If we can not help our next, let's not hurt our next anyway.

9) I have discovered that a human being becomes what he is living. A person who gives out unconditional love becomes a loving person. A person who makes other people happy, become a happy person. A person who does good deeds will be a good human and so on.

I have also realized that a human being is affected by how she looks at reality. Does she see other people like friend or enemy? Is she interested or suspicious of her fellow human beings? And there I have often missed the goal. It has happened that I missed the opportunity to contact the extraterrestrials because of my suspicion. However, I am easier to be contacted by the aliens like my meeting with the blondhaired woman on July 20. Now I know where I have seen her before. In one of my dreams, she is either a person who is in contact with the extraterrestrials or she is an extraterrestrial.

For those who suffer from loneliness or suspicion, I can give the following advice. Start asking questions with the one you are interested in. You notice quickly if the person in question is interested in talking and you can quickly make an opinion about the person in question is a friend or an enemy. If the person in question is a friend, you can give the person your business cards if you have anyone. Otherwise, you can ask if the person likes to eat on a restaurant or have a cup of coffee at a cafe. Propose a time you can meet in a place.

A person is also affected by how she sees the possibilities in reality. If you are grateful for having a housing, food on the table, a working economy, health, friends, and are happy. Then you are satisfied and need nothing more in life. If you miss something, you can submit your need when you pray laud in the evening to Jesus and the Extraterrestrials before you going to bed. Pray that you will dream the future and that your problems will be solved by others people's intervention. Then it's just to be open for help and changes in meetings with other people.

It's good if you're confident you'll get help from other beings while waiting for help, so you do not walk around and living with dark thoughts. If you live alone and have good finances and are not allergic. Think you should get a pet like a dog or a cat and thus get company. Then you can overload the pet with love and thus train yourself to give unconditional love. Do you want to have fun, spend time with children and if you want to do good deeds you can give money to those who starve and are thirsty so they can buy food and drink clean water.

New 10) A person feels best when she emits and treating her next with love. A human need social stimulus and this is best done by meeting her next between four eyes, whether it's another human or an animal. The advantage of the human meeting is that she can exchange ideas and thoughts. The advantage of an animal is that it gives comfort, joy and love. Especially if it's a dog, but also other animals can do it. Each one according to their ability.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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