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odiozhita perez

Odiozhita Perez - Barbara Alvarez

I have realized that the meaning of life is to treat my neighbor with love and empathy and to perform good deeds every day. I try to make good every day by being kind. But that's not always I succeed. Most of the time, I use to be connected to the Internet as well as write on my website and I aim to create the world's simplest religion as everyone, even atheists and agnostics can be a member of. Currently, I'm the only member.

2000 years ago, there was one person who walked the earth, and had love and empathy for his neighbor. His name was Jesus Christ and in the Gospels, you can read about how much he loved his fellow man. With Jesus Christ's ascension , his disciples continued to have love and compassion for their neighbor. You can read about in Acts and letters.

I have also made some discoveries like the great Youth Therapy and other small discoveries like Breakthrough? so you can live in The kingdom of God? I have stopped to read other religious writings except those written by Jesus Christ companions, which can be read in New Testament. For those interested in religion I can recommend to have a simple religion by reading a chapter from the Gospels morning and evening as well as a chapter from the rest of the New Testament morning and evening. Please do I AM affirmations. Because they are the only religious rituals, I found good in addition to reading the New Testament. Another tip is to pray loud from the heart. Since masters and extraterrestrials want to hear the wishes you have.

As myself, I wish nothing more than to get my hearing back and that I will not be having breathing problems when it comes to clothes. I also want to have open contact with the aliens and make friendship with extraterrestrials and travel with them to their home planet or bases and learn their way of living for two weeks. After returning to earth, I could write a book about my trip and earn money from selling and then I could travel around the earth promote my belief and my political party.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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