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Stefan Johansson 2006

Stefan Johansson - Party Leader

New To cure Corona?

I want to change the world, through the following proposal:


Divide the finances into three partition according to Glass-Steagall-law June 16, 1933. Banks of commerce, Finance companies and Insurance Companies.

Banks of commerce shall be own by the government and fund by governmental money. The Banks of commerce shall deal with loans, savings and support companies with longterms credits, with low economic rent for productive investment. Finance companies will not get any loans from the government banking of commerce. They have to rely on their casinoeconomy. If a finance or an insurance company goes bunkrupt, It will not effect companies or private persons.

Welfare is more important than financial speculation "If you want to avoid social turmoil and unrest, there is actually a proven way out of crisis and it is relatively simple: Instead of letting the country go bankrupt or slimming down to the brink of starvation, you can introduce a bank-sharing kind."

That financial bubbles are built into the capitalist economic system is not news. Financial crises as a result of bursting financial bubbles is something that regularly recurred throughout history, ever since tulip swindle in 1600-century Holland to today's Greece Crisis. After the Nixon administration in 1971 dissolved the Bretton Woods system and thus decoupled the dollar from gold, one can say that the West's economy gradually came to lose his footing in the real economy. Step by step, and crisis to crisis, we have witnessed the emergence of world history's biggest financial bubble that now threatens to braise. If the loans had gone to productive purpose would be the situation is not so alarming, but the debt mountain is the vast majority is made up of something that can best be likened to gambling debts as a result of too extravagant speculation in all kinds of financial instruments, derivatives and the like - that is, the air .

Continue to pump even more cash in this bankrupt system is no longer a viable route, but would lead to an inflationary bomb, which the banks naturally want to avoid. So to save the banks now advocated austerity and cuts in welfare, which combined with the realization that banks speculated away people's retirement money, not exactly conducive to people's willingness to set up.

If you wish to avoid social turmoil and unrest, there is actually a proven way out of crisis and it is relatively simple: Instead of letting the country go bankrupt or slimming down to the brink of starvation, you can introduce a bank-sharing kind that separates financial speculation from normal banking operations, which course is essential for the real economy to function. This can be done by reintroducing a new version of the so-called Glass-Steagall Act, which FD Roosevelt introduced to overcome the contemporary crisis of the 1930s. By parallel with the banking division of nature also invest in high job-creating public investment succeed you then get the West back on its feet.

It is encouraging that more and more economists and politicians from both blocs in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe are now beginning to speak in favor of the introduction of a Glass-Steagall Act. But such a solution would obviously hurt the bank book the skin of those who prefer that we taxpayers should take the hit.

Henry Söderström sourze 25 oktober 09:49


Jesus - Socialist


There is much talk about stress in school, both teachers and students. The reason seems to be the amount of information that passes the brain of both teachers and students.

I believe that students in the school of the future only have to do a knowledge test and a presentation by topic and termin. Each topic will therefore consist of three grades. One for the knowledge, representation and knowledge acquisition.

It is important to rate the acquisition of knowledge than the knowledge itself as students in a future cleaning jobs need hardly be Sweden's history, but in knowledge as the job requires new skills.

Deciding National referendums:

The European elections and to the Swedish Parliament 2014th Why not take the opportunity to simultaneously hold a referendum on Sweden continue to be in the EU?

We can also take the opportunity to vote whether Sweden should join the EMU and adopt the Euro.

Around the same time, we also face a decision on whether Sweden should join NATO? and if we are to contribute to a european army and whether Sweden should build new nuclear power plant or investing in renewable energy!

Energy Medicine and cheap medication

Now that the big drug companies will cut back on research and dismiss thousands of chemists and biologists, it may be time to form a government medical companies with an annual budget of 10 million SEK. The money will be used to evaluate energy medical inventions like Dr. Royal Raymond Rife - Plasma Beam and Universal Microscope, Bedini RPX Sideband Generator, Georges Lakhovsky - Multiwave Oscilliator,

The Healing Code Book, Dr Alexander Loyd, Gordon Dougal - Infrared Therapy and Robert O. Becker - Blood Purification Device. Then, ordinary doctors on trial could use Colloidal Silver injections against resistant infectious diseases, TetraSilver-TetraOxide (Ag4O4) against AIDS, DCA Sodium Dichloroacetate, Salvestrols, Transfer Factors against cancer and MMS against Malaria.

Prayer Cloth for free from Svein-Magne Pedersen

Idea who pays off

Now that unemployment is rising and it is difficult to find meaningful employment for unemployed why not set up 1000 activity centers in Sweden's 1000 largest cities and villages? It would cost 1 million each and then go loose on the 1 billion annually.

Each activity centers bordes divided into five different rooms - Mechanics, Wood, Electronics and Internet, to check up on ideas already exist. And Secret Room where ideas evaluated to see if there is any idea to patent or design rights in time.

In every activity centers are at least person who is knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with machines and confidentiality - Energy School in Gällivare is a school that we should emulate. Maybe Swedish parliament politicians can take up the idea to debate?


The Uraniumfuel will only last for 10 more years, Thoriumfuel will last for 1000 years. Invent, Build, Test and Sell Thorium Plasma Devices now! Build Thorium Nuclear Power Plants now! India has three of them! Brilliant Light Power 70% Heat/30% Electricity, ideal for homes and heat demanding factories Andrea Rossi E-Cat SKL 95% Electricity/5% Heat ideal for automobiles


Seek International support in United Nation for an immedate stop for desolate the worlds rainforests. Replant the rainforest and plant new trees in the worlds desert and where it is a risk for landslides. Israel has the knowlegde how to turn deserts into forests.


International Support through United Nations for making rules that all food shall be locally produced and not in second hand sold to other countries through price dumping. All farms should be owned by the state and produce more food than the country needs, because the global weather now dries in some areas and flooded by water in other areas.

We can eradicate world hunger:

On Sunday, the World Food Day. It occurs in the shadow of one of the worst famines in years -13 million people are suffering from acute famine in the Horn of Africa. We can let ourselves be discouraged by this happening again and again. But our partner in Ethiopia urges us instead to see and learn from it, that led to today's disaster.

In addition to wars, political conflicts, drought and change in climate, is the sharp price fluctuations in the food of another major cause of famine in the Horn of Africa. The price of corn has risen sharply in the region, while the price of cattle has collapsed. It has made nomadic herders - living on selling livestock to buy grain at extreme risk.

At the same time day after day, a silent disaster around the world. Close to one billion people living in deep poverty that they do not have enough to eat. What we need to do to reduce the number of hungry people in the world can be summarized in four points:

First Develop small-scale agriculture. Most people who have too little food, live in rural areas and are in some way dependent on agriculture. With more and more assistance for small-scale farmers - particularly women - can develop agriculture and livelihoods strengthened in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Second The recent rapid price fluctuations and price increases have put hungerproblematikens core focus. The answer to rising food prices need not be to regulate prices - higher prices is a prerequisite to enhance farmers' livelihoods. People are hungry because they are poor and can not afford to buy enough food. Cash aid for vulnerable populations is a very effective way to reduce hunger. Experience from the support system of family allowances, pension and entitlement to relief work shows that the recipients use the money for the children's best interests and that malnutrition reduces especially among children.

Third The EU does not reduce world hunger by producing more food and sell it to poor countries, but by giving poor countries room to develop their agriculture. Competition from cheap food from the EU has long been one of the problems for farmers in developing countries Billings. The proposal for agricultural reform by the EU Commission announced in the days there are no signs that the EU - seriously - are taking their responsibility not to harm farmers in poor countries. Sweden must in the future negotiations push for mechanisms to visualize and prevent negative impacts in developing countries.

4th Mitigate climate change. Poor people have contributed least to climate change but the hardest hit when the rains are becoming increasingly unreliable, and the conditions for growing worse in many areas. Sweden and other developed countries have a heavy responsibility to reduce their emissions. Above all, political decisions, but also changes in our daily lives that make our ecological footprint is reduced. We can buy "fair trade" products, eating organic and more vegetarian and strive to go more bicycle and train instead of car and by air.

Swedish Church is working with churches and cooperations around the world in many ways to reduce hunger - through humanitarian aid, long-term development cooperation, and by influencing the decisions made by politicians and other decision makers. We let us not be discouraged, our faith calls us to action and strengthen our hope that change is possible. We wish for the World Food Day to remind you that hunger can be eradicated - if the political will is there!

Erik Lysén internationell chef för Svenska kyrkan Debatt, Norrbottens-Kuriren 15 oktober 2011

Negotiations instead of war:

The Arabian Spring shakes the goverments of Africa and the Middle East. But it is best to let the nations themselves solve their own problems. A small war can easy spread it self if the nuclear powers choose opposite side in the conflict. It is best if the parts inside the troubled nations, sit down close to the table and solve their conflicts through negotiations. Switzerland, Sweden and Finland can make an essential role as a mediator in such conflicts.

Europe of Nations instead of EU

Now that European politicians and international bankers would form the United States of Europe. European population are showing dissatisfaction with central governance by voting for nationalist parties in elections to the European Parliament. Instead of trying to change the European Union from the inside, so the best way is to abandon the European Union and instead form a Europe of Nations.

Each country must reduce international bankers influence by dividing banks into commercial banks, finance companies and insurance sector. Commercial banks shall be responsible individuals and company savings and loans. While the others may live on the casino economy and insurance. If the finance companies and insurance goes bankrupt, it does commercial banks nothing.

EMU - EURO is Europe's biggest mistake, because their economies are so different. Ideally, each country has its own currency printed by a central bank subject to political control. If a country into debt, they have three options: 1. Save (Which reduces taxincome) 2. Borrow (Which increases the debt even more) 3. Printing more money (Which increases inflation). It is strange that the U.S. and Japan have low inflation, even though they use the printing of money to pay off the debts.

Instead of centralized control of Europe's politics, I am in for advisory bodies in Europe of Nations. Each instance is advisory in one subject and where each country has one person who votes. Majority voting is forwarded to any country, where politicians are voting yes or no to each Majority. When the advisory instance totally agree they introduces the decision in each country, regardless of what politicians think of each country.

An example: Proposal to replace coal power with nuclear power, wind turbines and solar panels, which means jobs.

Energy instance: Upheld, after discussion.

Jobs instance: Upheld, after discussion.

The Swedish Parliament: Yes, build wind turbines in wind-rich areas, after brief discussion.

Germany's Parliament: Yes, build solar panels in the Sahara, after brief discussion.

Stefan Johansson, Universal Peace and Environment Labour Party - May 30, 2014

Time as Money:

Flygande skiva

The famous swedish contactee Ante Jonsson, learned from his extraterrestrial friend Jenny how to shop on other planets. When she shop an article, she inserted her creditcard into the creditcard reader that was on the shelf. But if she forget to insert her creditcard when she shop an article, the doors to the store will be locked.

When a person finished shopping in different stores. She goes to a bank on the same square. At the bank, she gives the credit card to an official who insert the card into a credit card reader. The official pushes some bottoms and out comes the credit card and a note. But it never shows any money. "We do not use money. We shop with time. "The note show how long you have to work on the fields or industries.

Every small city is a collective where all food and everything else is needed is produced. You do not need work more than two days a week to manage your life. But some industries, owns all cities together, and where you need to work three days a months. If I want to go and study the earth, then I work about three weeks in the common industries in order to get up to as much energy as is needed for a Earth round trip.

Nuclear disarming instead of Nuclear war:

"You will see evidence of self-destruction. There were people on an almost similar planet as those who began to manufacture nuclear weapons to fight each other. It started as of the earth in a war between different groups of individuals and ended with nearly all life was wiped out. What's there today is only the vegetation and a few stations that we have built to try to build a new civilization. this is what we will show you how you can understand what you are doing with yourselves and your planet. Others have already seen it, and now it's your turn. We have studied you for thousands of years back and the same pattern is formed in you as it did in deleferna.

"What you call God was a delef who put his son to tell you that you are barking up the wrong way. But he was not the only one of deleferna which were placed on earth. They existed in many other places but was not given such attention as, Jesus because he did some forbidden things to heal. It was not surprising because his father was a doctor on their home planet. When this happened, it was the planet already way ahead of you in all areas. Incas ancestor was a delef, in India and in Southern Europe were also several delefer. They taught not only in righteousness, but also a construction technology that you have forgotten today.


We leave the square to go home to her and get a bite to eat, it's time for me to return home. At home with her standing there a real feast laid out. While we eat, I tell you something about how we live with us, but I understand that they already know everything. One thing she can not understand, and that is that we can not get along without the need to hold on and fight with each other. "Did you not receive a warning when the first atomic bomb was dropped? If you do not rebel against it now, so will you and your children and grandchildren to experience bad things, and eventually cease to exist. Your planet will be a ghost planet, and such there are already too many. Try to get people to understand where they're going: You have seen what has happened deleferna, and others have also seen it. But it is hard for a few people to influence the rulers so that they change their minds."

"We also have guided, corresponding to what you call the United Nations. Though the governing body is not here but on one of the other 18 planets, and we must not intervene. We have tried to get in touch with you on several occasions, but you are always repellent. If you have got sight of us, you have only said that we do not exist. Or have you simply tried to destroy us. But you would not succed, because if we did so would: we blow up your whole planet to pieces in seconds. although we are against all that violence drives, so we have weapons, too far back used weapons of war even with us before we took our senses. Nowadays, we use our weapons only for peaceful competition and, for example, to destroy that which you call the garbage in space."

"But we have said, that the day you stop with nuclear weapons and the like, then we show ourselves to your rulers without being rejected. It has even gone so far that some of us have become captive of your soldiers and imprisoned, for then hushed up and forgotten. But we have taken them home, and many authorities already know that we exist. But they do not want to publish it, as they say it would be chaos if the public found out about it. But the real reason is that they are afraid that we would take over and they no longer have dominion over you. they believe, moreover, to be built for to rule the entire universe, as none would be as lofty as human beings. But they do not know how wrong they have, because you are not all that high-compared with races on other planets."

Ante Jonsson

"I should rather warn and protect you against the dangers which threaten it, as you may be exposed to. Whatever your plans so do not move from your homeland, that and some other nations are the only ones who can handle himself somewhat from the war that will to break out if you insist on upgrading at the pace you do. you will not be directly involved in it, but you get sensations of it, with rationing of various kinds, as well energy, you will be affected. you will be forced to receive massive refugeeflows of starving people who have unjustly suffered because some do not want to realize that neither of the two great nations will gain anything by starting a war of extermination."

I ask her if they could not do anything to prevent this from happening? "With your expertise and your method would not be that hard to put a stop to it, and there are other things too that you could help us with. You could warn us of disasters of various kinds, and help us to do something about the famine that prevails in much of the world, not to mention all the environmental degradation of our environment and our water! "-" that I can most easily answer that you must learn to take responsibility themselves. Should we intervene and manage you out of your difficulties, you know that it does not matter what you are doing, we stand behind and help you if things go wrong. Look at a social event, he need not do anything, just go get help at the welfare office, when he unable to pay their rent or their food. Where would it end if people did not try to solve their problems themselves?"

Jenny told Ante Jonsson, they too was a warlike civilization, before they organized themselves and and took control through elections in their democracy. It took two generation to destroy all the weapons on their planet. Now they use weapons only in competitions and to destroy space waste. The delef civilization was not so lucky. As on our planet the great war begun with war between groups and later between countries. To win the great war they begun to develop and use nuclear weapons. The resault was that neither side won the war. Half of their planet became uninhabitable and the other half not better.

"All those billions that your army will cost, why do you not take them and use them to grow up large desert areas, and build irrigation facilities and bigger and better treatment facilities for your industry? Then you responding well to it in that case would be high unemployment. But it would not be at all, it would instead provide jobs for generations to come. you'd see that your crime would be reduced and more and eventually disappear completely, and even the abuse of alcohol and drugs would eventually disappear . Sure, it would take a generation or two, but would not it be something to strive for? you want surely to your children and grandchildren, to get to know a meaning and security in life, without having to go and worry about the future!"

"Now I guess I can tell you that we once had the same problem as you. We were also a war of civilizations, but the people realized eventually that it was not right. They then took matters into his own hands, organized themself and seized power themselves. they destroyed all the weapons and the factories where they were manufactured. It took many years to set things right, but they were gradually they get the leaders with them and made them realize that they were going down the wrong path. As you know, it was not as good for deleferna, more than half of their planet became uninhabitable and the rest are not much better. those who could not escape to nearby locations were starved for many years, they lived in caves and fed themselves on what they could grow and caught some wild animals yes, they lived as primitive peoples."

After the talk about the rockets, she was not quite the same anymore, she was not the happy and lively Jenny that I had to deal with previously had. I've never seen her so serious and sad as she was now. "You should not rely too much on some nations' promises and fine speech on disarmament, I can tell you that there has never been so much rearmament of your land as now." she says. "What they're doing now, it's preparing for a war that will destroy you all. You must believe me Ante, sixty percent indicates that it is as (1988), and it increases by one-two percent every year if nothing radical is done."


The End of this Age Toward World War III?

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Contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations:

Jenny told Ante Jonsson that her civilization plans to openly contact earth. The date has already been set. "We have decided one night when people will be outdoors. Then we will give a colored lightshow that will last four minutes and then our UFO's will be bathing in the lightshow for one minute. We have decide to show ourselves on certain places. It will be our new spaceships and also flying saucers and other models. The flying saucers has been around for centuries, but they will serve so far.

Open contact with the extraterrestrials after 2020

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