Iswarya Menon

Iswarya Menon

Love: To me, unconditional love is the most important thing in life. To love my fellow men, despite their mistakes and flaws. But if a man is doing wrong, you should point it out in a friendly conversation with him. Tell him what the person is doing wrong and suggest that he can do it in another way. It is important to point out the mistakes a person does, otherwise there is a risk that he will continue to do them over and over again. Of course, unconditional love means loving all beings, including animals and nature. But they can be more difficult to correct if they make mistakes. For me, as Jesus Christ's follower, I naturally wish that all people should experience His divine love because it is the highest form of unconditional love.

My love: I want to get together with a nice girl who lives in Boden, because I do not believe in distance relationship. But if the nice girl is from India or from Space, she can live with me in my apartment.

Life: The most important is not to live as long as possible, but what you do with your life, as long as you live.

Problems: All people encounter small as big problems in their everyday lives. I recommend trying to solve the problems as soon as they arise, otherwise they may become a weight in the soul. The best way to solve problems is to turn to a famous Christian precher and ask for remorse for your problem while praying honestly and loud to Jesus Christ and the extraterrestrials before going to sleep. Then the prayers of the Christian worship co-operate with your own prayers. If you are ill, ask for a prayer cloth by the famous Christian precher.

Memories and development: You can see every human being like a vessel filled with ideas, thoughts, words and actions and memories of past experiences and the feeling of the body. One may feel bad if the future looks hopeless and you may feel bad if you are reminded of a laborius memories. I have experienced both ways in 2001, when I went on a psychological investigation.

At the beginning of summer 2001, I received smell hallucinations and respiratory distress against clothes washed in unperfumed detergents and the future looked so difficult that I thought of suicide. But in the fall of 2001, I received help by injecting Cisordinol 0.75ml/150mg every other week and I belong to the 1/3 that really gets helped by medicine. But still I may feel bad if I'm trying to washed clothes in perfumed detergents. Then I get breathing problems and it feels difficult.

The strange thing is that I got split personality already in 1996, but managed to study until the year 2000 when I went to the psychological reception for the first time to get help with my problems.

Today I am on heavy medication, which causes me to get up to 30 kg weight and sleep 12 hours a day, but I have almost no symptoms of mental illness and I feel good because I'm Jesus Christ's companion.

New To develop as a human, one must dare to break patterns by doing things in a new way. Make a list of what you want to achieve in your life and how to do it to get there. I have four goals with my life. The first to is to get extraterrestrial friends, travel with them to their bases and home planets, return to the earth and write a book about my experiences. The second is to get earthly friends. The third is to get together with a nice girl in Boden and if she is from India or the Space, she can live with me I have room. The fourth is to spread my teachings all over the world and the cosmos.

Silence and God: I get my best ideas when it's quiet and I'm writing on my computer or wondering how I'm should solve a problem. I have come to the conclusion that people who follow a religion is often slaves under scripture, interpreter of scripture and traditions. But for me who is a free thinker, it is of utmost importance to question the writing, interpreter of scripture and traditions. Otherwise one can be fooled. I have also discovered that the most important thing is to become a follower of Jesus Christ because you will experience the kingdom of heaven on earth and it happens because the ego dies and you help others. Unfortunately, too many Christian are slaves under Paulism, where the most important thing is to be saved and where deeds do not matter, which means that today's Christians are slaves under Paulism instead of Jesusism, where one's selfish life must die for God's higher thoughts and ways will manifest in your life and you become an ambassador to the kingdom of god on earth.

My awakening: I have realized that every person must develop himself so he does not stagnate. We need to find out on what we most of all want to do in life that does not hurt other individuals. Write down what you want to experience before you die and then think what you can do for to achieve your goals without damaging other living individuals. I have come to the conclusion that I develop paranoid schizophrenia because I did not accept being a follower to Jesus Christ and that I had not found a girl who could be my partner.

So my best advice for you who are alone is to do two things. The first is to becoming a follower to Jesus Christ and living so that the ego dies when you take time to help others. The second is that dating the individual you may be living for the rest of your life. Sharing your life with Jesus Christ and with a life mate is the most important thing you can do as a human being.

The future becomes what you and others makes and a person becomes what he experiences together with other individuals. This is the key to human development. Then it's easy to see that Data or TV games do not develop the individual because there is no exchange of love and feelings with other individuals, such as social games.

A wise person also limits his time in front of the computer and the mobile phone to a minimum and choose to hang out as much as possible with other individuals. If you do not trust people and are not allergic to animals, get yourself a dog or two cats and overflow them with love. Why you should have two cats is that they can have each other to play with when you're gone to work. It is also important that you train you to a job that you really enjoy and most of all, meet others people, so you can exchange love, emotions, thoughts and new ideas with them.

If you become a parent, you have a special responsibility for being present for your children. If you think the children take up too much time, contact someone in your friendly circle that has time who can spend time with your children or a single retiree who likes to be with children and makes the retiree your children's playmate against a modest payment.

Already now you realize that I have a religion that is the opposite of Paulism, because my religion emphasizes good ideas, good thoughts, good words and good deeds, and the evolution of humanity through unconditional love and exchange of love, feelings and thoughts between people while Paulus offers an everlasting heaven beyond death through faith in Jesus Christ.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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