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I live in Atchison KS where much of the local tourist business comes from the Amelia Earhart annual celebration. General C.E. LeMay was a friend of both Buck Nelson and Amelia until their deaths. To keep the locals off my back, I have removed the Atchison.nu website which Contained information on both. Mainly, it made locals MAD because of documents we own, which blow the common stories away.

On the Sunday in June 1954 when Bucky Nelson flew his saucer in front of over 1000 witnesses, LeMay was there in person. Colonel Gray of Project Blue Book was with him and rode in the saucer accompanied by "Springfield News & Leader" reporter Frank Farmer.

Buck Nelson got to meet President Eisenhower on an arranged trip to DC. The President's doctors learned how to do open heart surgery from Buck Nelson. They were able to save Eisenhower's life when he had his first heart attack. This was information given to Buck by the "visitors".

Many in Washington DC wanted Buck killed, but the General was a Friend that stood by Old Buck. He was as "HOT" as Area 51.

General LeMay was Asst. Chief of Staff under Eisenhower & was promoted to Chief of Staff of the USAF under John F. Kennedy in 1961. I got to meet him on some of his Fishing Trips to South Missouri.

BO the dog was analyzed, photographed and x-rayed by students from The University of Missouri, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1953. The Results showed his hair to be unlike standard dog hair, internal organs were also some different. He was said to look much like a giant Sheep Dog.

General LeMay directed the B-29 campaigns of WWII in the Pacific. In 1945, he arranged for Amelia to come back to the USA to live until her Death over 20 or so years later. A mutual friend bought a restored 1918 WWI Flying Ace trainer biplane from her in 1960. The plane was Sold to the Smithsonian Collection since it was Serial #1. Much of my Documented facts, BLOWS common opinion out of the water, just as the General loved to do throughout his life.

If you and your colleagues want some good information, find a copy of "Project Bluebook" by Colonel Gray published in 1957. One year after his Official "closed casket" funeral held by the USAF at Wright Patterson. Gray was flying "Experimental Aircraft" coming on radar at Mach 7 and landing in Hawaii in the 70's. His reaction time was said to be very quick, Almost un-humanly so.

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