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Disha Pandey

Disha Pandey

The dream of eternal life

Ever since man became religious, he wondered why the creation is subject to ageing, suffering and death. People want to live a happy life, free from worries, anxiety, ageing and death. Most of all he wants to be forever young and live a carefree life forever.


The Bodhi Tree

that Siddhartha Gautama sat under meditating when he became enlightened - a Buddha, is the symbol of eternal youth . The leaves and buds are always young regardless of the tree age and because man is made up of cells just like the Bodhi tree, there is no natural law that says that man must grow old and die. Most likely, it is the man's life field that create ageing and the life field are affected by how people think and live.

There is only one way to rise from the dead and it is by living united with God who is spirit and truth. One lives one with God that is holy spirit by loving one's neighbor and the truth of God is the joy that live spiritually. There is already an extraterrestrial civilization that have spiritual bodies and live forever. By being one with God can manifest itself in the body that is adapted to the living conditions of the respective planet and also determine the age and sex of the body that you want to appear with.

I am thinking of the ufocase Henry. In 2001 I saw two teenage girls at the bus stop in the center of Luleň who looked with interest at me. A week later, when I was on my way to my parents house, I saw two girls who looked exactly like the face as the two teenage girls. The only difference was that they looked younger in the face. It has led me to a theory that some aliens are much more advanced than what they suggest. But I also believe that there are extraterrestrial civilizations that have advanced technology and the need to adapt to our planet's conditions in terms of gravity and microorganisms.

Love means that you have concern for one's neighbor and the joy makes you are satisfied with life, without the need to enjoy things. One can live a spiritual life for God and all creatures.

A good life and then death

We in the industrialized countries that have work and high standard of living with good economics and good accommodation. Living a carefree life. As long as we do not have an accident, get sick, getting old or die.

Old age is associated with disease. But we die only when cells no longer can divide. The good thing with death, is that it concludes the aging process and prevent the emergence of overpopulation on Earth.

The future of energy?

The Earth's climate has become 1.5 degrees celcius warmer and it is because of emissions of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozon and water vapor that comes from the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. The weather has become worse and more precipitation that gives flooding in some places, persistent droughts in some places and more powerful storms in some places. Together, the result is that the crops are destroyed and that it leads to famine, violent riots and wars over food resources of the earth.

At the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, the countries agree not to allow the Earth's climate to heat up more than 2 degrees celcius compared to pre-industrial times. It requires investments in the clean energy and I am not thinking about sun and wind. They have the disadvantage that no electrical energy is produced when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow. What is needed is clean energy that constantly delivers electric energy.

One such source of energy is the fourth generation of nuclear power reactors and I am thinking of molten salt reactor fueled by thorium and produce its own fuel. It can not explode like a bomb. Additionally, it produces no long-lived nuclear waste and plutonium that can be used in nuclear weapons.

Fusion reactors are widely seen as the heir to nuclear power. Nearest a practical solution is the Focus Fusion. A 5MW fusion generator costs only $300,000 to build and the cost of electricity to the customer is 10 cents/kWh.

Another type of fusion reactors is Cold Fusion which atomic nuclei are combined at room temperature and produces excess heat. Closest to meet the requirements is Andrea Rossi with his low and high temperature energy catalyzer. A 10 kW E-Cat will cost $500 and fuel is $100/year.

Close second is the Brillouin Energy Corporation.

"Water will be the coal of the future" - Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island in 1874.

Brilliant Light Power using 5 volts and 20,000 amps to decompose the ice pellets into oxygen and hydrogen which give off light irradiated solar cells. A liter of water estimated to be enough to drive a car 30,000 km! As stationary energy of 10 MW Suncell costs $1,000,000 and fuel costs less than 1 cent/kwh!

Another inventor which split water into oxygen and hydrogen, is the Russian professor Philip M. Kanarev. But he does it at very low power surges - 20 milliamps. The hydrogen supply a fuel cell or burned in an internal combustion engine. The result is that it becomes possible to produce more electricity than is needed to drive the reaction to the cost of plain water.

New H2 Global is a company who claim it is possible to mix fuel with water and burn it. 5% fuel and 95% water is the maximum mix.

Phoenix Energy of Nevada (PENV), LLC is the company that claims that by induction can boil water that drives the turbines and get 10 times more electricity than is needed to heat the water by induction! All at a cost of 3 cents/kwh. The good thing is that you can convert existing fossil-fuel power plants and nuclear power plants to induction power plants.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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