Open letter to Barack Obama, Joe Biden,
Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev
September 10, 2016

Joseph Biden Vladimir Putin Barack Obama Dmitry Medvedev

No matter who is the president and vice president in the USA and who is the president and prime minister in Russia. The world can not afford another cold war that can turn into a hot war, because of choosen opposing side of a small conflict and by activating military alliances on both sides so it will end as a nuclear war with no winners.

A special working group with the worlds nuclear weapon countries should be formed that work for world peace, by having peace talks with the opposing sides in conflicts and upcoming conflicts. In this way earth and its inhabitans might grow more peacefully. A network of emergency telephone connections between the worlds nuclear weapon countries should be installed, so there is a chance to avoid firing nuclear weapons against each other.

The other way conflicts can accour is if the world became short of food, because of drought, submersion and hurricanes. The cause is the emissions of greenhouse gases. The only way to stop the increase of greenhouse gases is to go green and that includes to build more nuclear power stations, like the fourth generation molten salt reactor that can not explode like a bomb and can supply both electricity and greenhouse gases neutral fuel.

If you want to decrease unemployments rate, go green and work for the fullfilment of the 17 Global Goals.

Best Wishes, Stefan Johansson, Party Leader of Universal Peace and Environmental Labour Party.


Open letter to Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence,
Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev
May 15, 2017

Dear Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev,

Some months ago, before Donald J. Trump was elected president of United States of America. I sent him a letter with suggestions for him to do as a president.

As you know South Korea and North Korea has not signed a Peace Treaty, only cease fire. So the countries are still at war with each other and USA has choosen to be allied with South Korea.

My suggestion is that you contact North Korea's president Kim Jung-un and ask him what he can exchange for a peace treaty with South Korea. Can he give up Nuclear Weapons? or is he willing to accept a "United Korea with Two Systems" having common defence and economy, but two rulers North for Kim Jong-un and South for Moon Jae-in?

If Kim Jung-un accepts a common defence without Nuclear Weapons in exchange for a stop for military dry run between USA and South Korea.

You should have a four part conversation over the telephone as a start before meeting in person with Kim Jong-un, Moon Jae-in and Xi Jinping. No matter what happens on the Korean Peninsula. If a war breakout in Korea. Russia and China cannot take North Korea's side because then NATO will take USA side and the Valdres 1968 prophecy will be fullfilled:

Best Wishes, Stefan Johansson, Party Leader of Universal Peace and Environmental Labour Party.