Telepathic contact with extraterrestrial teachers

Rosiita Castiillo

Rosiita Castiillo

Ever since I started reading the Hare Krishna literature in high school, I heard voices in my head. They changed character since I read Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East in 1988. Instead of standing in contact with personalities in the Hare Krishna literature, I came in contact with the Masters by Baird T. Spalding books. It persisted until I got my first computer in 1996 and began writing about aliens on the Internet. I then began to stand in contact with the aliens in addition to stand in telepathic contact with the Masters.

It is only since I have read and publishing Ante Jonsson's letter from his extraterrestrial contact person - Jenny also known as Len from Loom I come in contact with new alien masters through telepathy. The new contact from space claim they have been monitoring me for months and want through telepathy to help in my spiritual development. They claim that I'm much happier when I read a chapter from the New Testament morning and evening and have a childlike faith and follow Jesus Christ exalted doctrine, than when I try to follow the masters' teachings.

The Space masters claim that the practice of the Masters teaching as described in Baird T. Spalding book series Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East means that I come in contact with evil spirits that pulls down my mood. It is better to believe that Jesus died for all the problems we humans have, and all the times we missed the target in our lives.

The Space masters claim that love in exchange between people is the right path to spiritual development and that deep love together with deep happiness affects the body so that it can influence other people to become idealized thoughts and healed. This is done by man, thinking that he is a Christ-Being. And that he lives out it by his actions in life. By visualizing, idealize, understand and bring forth that he gazes upon. If you chooses to love the surroundings and can not. You should start doing I AM affirmations and the mind centering method.

Man's task is to love his neighbor more than you love yourself and God. To love is the only path to heaven on earth. No rituals or spiritual practices can create heaven on earth. On the contrary, rituals and spiritual exercises delays the kingdom of heaven on earth. If everyone would stop buying the latest technological gadget and stop hunting experiences and instead love their neighbors, heaven would be established on earth.

- Hermes Atar Trismegistus

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