Life and Teaching of the Masters of The Far East- Baird T. Spalding

ISBN 0-87516-538-9

"Few people have awaken to the realization of what life really holds for them. We find the greater majority drifting through life, dissatisfied, dazed, chrushed, or uncertain.
Each must learn to lay hold of life and begin to express, from his own life center, with purposeful, definite action, the gifts that God has given him. Each must unfold his own life. It is not possible for one to live for another. No one can express your life for you, and none can say how you must express your own life.
'As the Father hath life in Himself, so hath He given unto the Son to have life in Himself.'
A soul cannot realize this and just drift, for the whole purpose of life reveals itself in the privilege and opportunity of expressing the God self within.
That man is, and shall be the divine image and likenesss of Himself is God's purpose for man. To express that God has conceived for him should be man's great purpose in Life."

-Volume 1, page 141-142.

"There is no question but these people have brought the Light through the long ages, and they prove by their daily life and works that this Light does exist just as it did thousands of years ago."
- Baird T. Spalding

New Todd has made an excellent research into the life of the American Mystic Bayard Spalding and it is my opinion that Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East should be renamed to The gospel according to Baird T. Spalding

Comments: Volume 1-3 describes Mr Spaldings and his research party's personal experince with the Masters, for three and half years. Althought as the name imply, it is hard to find any quote from the Scriptures of Far East. The Masters quote some bibleverses instead.
Volume 4-6 are personal writings by Baird T. Spalding. You might find some quotes from the Far East in them, because Mr. Spalding was born in India.
These books are counted as religious classics and they are a light not only for the spiritual minded, but also for psycologists and philosophers.
The Masters does not remember of any "seen on Televison Guru". Instead they are like grown children, who have develop themselves to true spiritual life philosophers, who prove their own theories in their own life.
These books will change your life, as it did for me- buy all of them. You will not be disappointed.
The six volume set cost less than 60 US Dollars, Just save 10 Dollars each month and after a half year. You will be lucky owner of them, but maybe not for a long time, becuse you want to lend them away. I have given away three set of these already. I suggest you give them away to poor people who else wouldn't be able to read them, less buy them. They get:
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------------------------------------------------------ Alexandria, Virginia, March 11, 2000

5 Stars! The best set of books I have ever read...and read.

Baird T. Spalding takes you on a wonderful, remarkable journey to meet the Masters and see the Truth they live in their everyday lives. As a Christian, I find these books to be in complete agreement with Jesus's teachings in the Holy Scriptures. Though the Masters are not Christian, they profess that Christ IS the Way.

The Masters take off the "religious" hat, and put on true Spirituality.
No New Age mumbo jumbo, just timeless Truth.

We are Children of the Living God as the Saviour taught, and the Masters teach and exemplify this in their day-to-day living. Spalding's writing is superb. I felt as if I were there on location with him.

After reading the Masters, I read the Bible in a whole new light. Christ's teachings come to life in these short, easy-read volumes. I would like to have some contacts and exchange ideas with other readers of these books and perhaps start a discussion group.

Diana Parsonage from New Zealand, 05/08/98

If you only read one set of books in your life, this is it!
This is the set of books I have been waiting for, these books take you right to the
core, no longer will your wade through New Age Mumbo Jumbo to find what
you've been looking for, these books offer food for the soul and as you read, you
recognise the deep spiritual truth, they lighten your world. If you only read a few
books in your life, this set has to be amoung them. Once your have read them
you will find yourself reading them over and over, and each time, you will read
something different, more meaningful to your own life experience! This set of
books leaves one with no doubt that this isn't how it is. These Master's have
done it, it is real, they show the way. As I was reading I thought this is what I
should have been taught, everything else in comparison is false knowledge.

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.
August 1, 2000 Reviewer: A reader from Knoxville, Tennessee

These were the first books my grandmother gave me to read when I was eighteen, a quarter of a century ago.

These obscure spirtiual tales of Nepal and Tibet, High Lamas and an International Metaphysics Research Team. All posturing that the Bible story miracles we grew up hearing are not only true, but true to our nature. Could this be the real story of Shangri-la? Didn't Jesus say of his miracles, "You will do this and more"?

For me, each chapter captures the imagination, challenges my concept of what is possible on a day to day basis, and inspires my heart with prayers and teachings that quicken my spirit. I've never found any prayers anywhere that are more "alive". When I am weary, they give me solice and immediate rejuvination. When I use them in a somewhat regular practice, I notice great accelarations in synchronistic flows, shifts into higher mental acuity, and sense complete ease.

Great Godly Goodies! That deep experience of full aliveness and being on track! It seems as if by being merely aligned with the concepts and prayers, my life is enhanced, "spritually turbo charged" in some way.

I don't know what Mr.Spaldings experience was. I chose, those many years ago to merely leave my mind open to the possibilities.

My experience has been so profound, consistant and longstanding, that I am prone to share the books again and again.

I am thankful to see them so easily available and so well recieved. Thank you GrandMother. --This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

This series of books changed the course of my life.
July 30, 2000 Reviewer: Bob God from Chino Vally, Arizona

In the summer of 1965 I wandered into a little bookshop almost by accident - or so I thought at the time. I was only eleven years old but had already begun a quest for spirituality that my deep involvement in my local church had left unfulfilled. A kind and generous woman at the bookstore recommended that I should buy and read Baird T. Spaulding's "Life and Teaching" series. She even adjusted the price so that I could afford to buy the whole set all at once.

This series of books changed the entire course of my life. The profound truths revealed in Spaulding's narrative account of his journeys through the Himalayas come fast and furious, one after another, until the reader is transferred to the remote mountain villages and wilderness in which holy men have sought enlightenment for thousands of years.

In the many years that have passed since my first reading of this series, I have bought the set whenever I could find a rare copy. I have given away more than a dozen sets of this remarkable series of books, always after re-reading them. Invariably, the persons to whom I have given them have all remarked that their lives have been changed for the better by the experience of having read this wonderful set of books.

This new paperback reprinting of Spaulding's classic series offers a remarkable opportunity for anyone seeking an insight into a truly spiritual existence. I believe that it is no coincidence that the reprinting comes at a time when unprecedented numbers of people are embarking on personal quests of spiritual growth. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

The book series that can provide meaning for your life,
November 12, 2000
Reviewer: RCS from Cleveland, Ohio

When a friend of mine gave me this series of books as a gift, he made me promise that I would read them. He knew that I do not have much time to read. He also knew that these are rather "deep", and therefore could not be properly read in ten minute segments fit into a busy day. I waited until a recent vacation, and I took the set of books along. Once I started, I could not stop. It took me over a year to fulfill my promise, and I blame myself for losing this year of my life. These books are absolutely incredible.

No matter what faith you have, or do not have, you will be inspired. Although the content is amazing and sometimes incredible, it is presented with such honesty and straightforwardness that it is believable. I found that I WANTED to believe it. And I NEEDED it to be true. All limitations have now been removed from my life, and I cannot fail in my renewed mission to serve others. Thank you, Baird T. Spalding. And of course, thank you, My God.

opened eyes,
November 28, 2000

Reviewer: eric_reevs from Eugene Oregon USA

From an early age I began my search for truth. I came from a strong religious background. In my twenties I became disatisfied with the teachings. I knew that there was more. In my search I came across "Masters of the Far east" or I should say the book found me. When I read the books they struck a chord deep within my soul that said this is what I have been looking for. This is the truth that the major religions do not teach. So simple and pure. These books changed my life. I highly recomend these books for those who are sincerely looking for truth.

Here's to the Quest for a Higher Consciousness,
September 7, 2000

Reviewer: Zabryna Guevara from Brooklyn, NY United States

I have begun the journey into Mr. Spalding's adventures and have come out completely inspired! I had been looking for a book that discussed spirituality but also gave validity to many questions that people have today. This not only celebrates the validity of seeking a more fulfilled existence it truly made me understand that the life and experiences of Jesus are very tangible and possible for one to achieve.

Mr. Spalding travels through Tibet among other places and lays out a landscape of magnificence in relating how some of these people here live the life of Jesus and don't really consider it a life "miracles" so much as simply and truly living. I have recommended the book since I read it and will keep on doing so. It has helped solidify my own spirituality and beliefs and reminds me there is a MUCH better existence awaiting us all if we just go towards it.

La Vie des Maitres, January 5, 2000
Reviewer: paul from canada, québec

..pour ceux qui parlent français....J ai lu la première fois ce livre en 1971. Une édition avec photographies. Quel découverte pour un jeune homme de 21 ans ! ....Ce livre m a inspiré depuis ce temps. A tous les jours le matin je lis un passage au hasard ou une phrase favorite, et a toutes les fois j y trouve une joie profonde qui me guide tout le long de la journée. Je conseille ce livre à tous ceux qui veulent découvrir leur vrai nature spirituel. Écris dans une forme simple et avec des mots de tous les jours. La Vérité toute simple, toute pure s en dégage...En faite on ne fais pas que lire ce livre..on le vis ....


God reveals it all in these books. No more mystery.
May 9, 2001

Reviewer: Barbara Dysart from Woodland Hills, California United States

I know these teachings to be true because I am living them. Because of my disbelief in death, I resisted dying, though I seemed to be doing just that. I was led to read these books. My body went through and is still going through the vibrations spoken of and I can see concrete evidence of my flesh turning from a material substance to a spiritual one. Words are inadequate for me to express my gratitude for these books. As a result of reading them and completely accepting the truths, I shall never see death. I intend to join Jesus and the Masters some day and help them with their work.

Imputrescible, April 25, 2001

Reviewer: Bruce Getrost from Pena Blanca, N. M. United States

It is inconceivable to me that anyone could read this set of books through and remain unchanged. The clarity and profound, yet simple, truths conveyed leave no doubt as to the veracity of the text. Mr. Spalding could not possibly have conjured all of this up! Everyone is free to think what they want even if those thoughts condemn a person to the life that most of us are raised to live. This point was brought out over and over again in this work. My favorite passage from the book is: "Their are not less than one hundred and thirty million(aproximate population of the U.S. in the 1880's) masters in the U.S. alone and further proof of this is that noone but a master could appear to be something he's not."

Truly Inspirational, April 1, 2001

Reviewer: A reader from Portland, OR USA

Having been raised as a Jehovah's Witness, Truth was a word that was beat into my head. But until I read these books the meaning of the word TRUTH never actually filled my heart or soul. These books answered questions that my subconscious knew needed to be answered, yet never knew how to ask. Jesus the man, the son of god, attained the 'Christ' status through the way he lived his life. A status that he came here to show US ALL how to achieve in this lifetime. God did not give to one what he did not give to all, and as children of god also, we can achieve this status as well. It is nice to know that we are not just mere servants to what most religions describe as a jealous, haughty, grudge holding God, attributes that would make a terrible 'man' let alone 'God'. The books are truly inspirational and I could never possibly do them justice.

Eye opener, August 26, 2005


Coupled with "A Course in Miracles" and a small handful of others, these are THEE most powerful set of books ever written. This is of course my individual perspective, but one must come to understand that we humans know close to nothing about the infinite world of the absolute. Considering the fact that we exist in the physical realm in physical garments, it is virtually impossible for us to know anything other than the reality "within which" we have been conditioned. Being that is the case, it is difficult for us to believe anything beyond our limited objective experience and easy to discount these books as untrue or fabricated... About half way through volume one (when reading it way back when)I found that I could not get into it, but I later discovered that I simply was not ready for it. A person must be "prepared" to handle the Truth contained in these books and such preparation involves a process of time, patience and assimilating it little by little. More importantly, it should also be understood that as powerful as these books are, they only share Truth through the written word. Real Truth comes to us in the "form" of Light and again, we can only assimilate extremely brief exposures to this light at a time. In other words, Truth coming to us through the written word is powerful, but it is not even the tip of the iceberg when assimilated directly through our being, as filtered through our soul.

I found myself being compelled to go back again and again to these books and I wound up reading, studying and formulating affirmations from certain sections because they were so powerful. While there is no way to confirm whether these books are fabricated or not doesn't matter because the real Truth is found only within one's being. I for one do not believe they are fabricated, but I can easily relate to other people's reservations. We all have free will to believe what we will. Another important point here is that people have much fear imbedded within them, much more than they care to know or could even begin to imagine. That hidden fear invokes a entire inner system of non-belief. Think about it. Jesus is alive and well in these adventures. Millions upon millions want to believe that and believe in His return as well. When it comes down to it, however, a Spiritual Being carrying such "Light Power," creates fear in those who could not handle "True Light" because light brings out darkness that we all have within us. That may sound a bit convoluted, but nonetheless, it is True. I highly recommend these books, but it also wise to accept the fact that the Real Truth, meaning Light, Love, Peace, whatever your definition, can only be found, brought out and expanded upon from within the soul, for that is where God's piece of Himself abides within us. It is the eternal flame within the heart.

The first week in July 2006. I received a letter by the secretary of Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine. Translated to English it said: " Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine has asked me to convey a warm thanks for the nice books, they will certainly be a source of both happiness and benefits."

Den första veckan i juli 2006 fick jag ett brev från Princessan Madeleines sekreterare. Det står skrivet: " Hennes Kungliga Höghet Princessan Madeleine har bett mig att framföra ett varmt tack för de trevliga böckerna, som säkert kommer att vara till både glädje och nytta."

Blanka Vlasic

Blanka Vlasic Highjumper


on the back of the photo Blanka Vlasic wrote:"P.S thank you for the books."

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